Peshawar Lancers Redux: Kingdom of Hawaii Revised

The Prime Minister decided to tackle some of the issues that citizens of the kingdom faced every day. That included encouraging agriculture and doing something to deal with the cost of energy. The Kingdom of Hawaii had two nuclear power plants. It was also developing geothermal energy
The Prime Minister proposed that the Hawaiian Government provide some seed money to help develop the Fuel Cell Industry. Turning it into a reality. The Hawaiian House passed a bill calling for an investment of 120 million dollars in the program. Royal Hawaiian Energy Corporation offered to match the government investment.
The Hawaiian Government passed legislation calling for the installation of solar panels on all government buildings in the kingdom in an effort to cut depandancy on the burning of coal and oil. The Royal Hawaiian Energy Corporation announced the construction of a nuclear power plant on Guam.
Prime Minister Nufro had kept Hawaii out of the Mexican Crisis. Despite Hawaii' connection with the Mayan Confederation and the Central American Republic he felt that this was not Hawaii's war. He had urged the Mexican government to reach an agreement with Sonora warning that they were playing with fire.
The Royal Hawaiian Petroleum Corporation bought 45% of the Mexican State Oil Co and made some investments in upgrading drilling and refining of oil. The Royal Hawaiian Petroleum Corp had an option to buy 5% more of the stock. Currently Mexico owed Royal Hawaiian 200 Million dollars.
Mary E McNamara had been asked by a number of National Conservative members to challenge Prime Minister Nufro in the next election or sooner. Many felt that it was time for a change and Mary Elizabeth was respected and felt to be a leader that would make the difficult choices. A lot of family members had serves and she had a lot of Political Connections.. Her brother had just returned to the islands from the United States after a long stay.
The return of the former Prime Minister to Hawaii with his family raised a lot of Questions but he had not returned to Hawaii to return to politics. He had run the families Defense businesses in the United Stated and the current rumor was that he would replace his mother as head of the Kamehameha Foundation. Katherine had been very active having served as first a member of the House and then as the longest serving Prime Minister. She had left politics to head the foundation replacing her fate\her when he became ill. Christopher had a meeting with his sister and also lunched with his friend Prime Minister Nufro.
Mary Elizabeth announced that she would seek the party's endorsement to become the next Prime Minister of Hawaii. The current Prime Minister had given no indication that he would not be running. Many worried that a split in the party might allow the opposition to win
The Hawaiian Conservative Party called an Convention of the Party to decide who the Party would support for Prime Minister. Mary Elizabeth began to gather delegates from Guam and the Marianas Islands, Nufro got support fro, the Caroline Islands and the Marshall Islands split. The former Prime Minister was named a delegate from part of Hawaii.
Tahiti supported the current Prime Minister but Samoa backed the challenger as did the western most island in the Kingdom of Hawaii. Christopher G McNamara had spoken to a number of the of those that would be representing the Hawaiian Islands. Some were supporting his sister and some the current Prime Minister but most had yet to make the final decision. George talked with both his sister and his friend Prime Minister Richard Nufro.
He was divided in his loyalties but he recalled that his mother always said that family came first but country a close second.
At the convention Christopher G McNamara address all of the people attending the convention. He urged compromise and unity. It was not in the interest of Hawaii that the party splinter into civil war. The result was a decision by the current Prime Minister that he would only serve 6 months of his next term and then resign as Prime Minister allowing the Deputy Prime Minister,his current opponent, to become Prime Minister.The resolution passed.
Mary Elizabeth McNamara was named by the Prime Minister to the post of Deputy Prime Minister. Just two days latter the Prime Minister was complaining of chest pains and was rushed to King Kamehameha Naval Hospital. Doctors quickly recognized it to be a heart attack and he receive treatment as the doctors prepared to operate. The Prime Minister's family was rushed to the Hospital. Mary Elizabeth became acting Prime Minister. The doctor's briefed her saying that the next 48 hours would be critical but they did not believe that he would be able to run again and she needed to inform His Majesty.
Mary Elizabeth called her brother and together they traveled to the palace. There the King asked some questions and signed papers making Mary Elizabeth the new Prime Minister. The King traveled to the Hospital and he spoke to the Nufro family
Mary Elizabeth now faced some hard choices she needed to appoint a new Secretary of State as Prime Minister had acted as his own Secretary of State. John Williams who had been head of the Foreign Relations Committee was asked to take the job and accepted. Former General William Kai Peters Royal Hawaiian Air Force Retired became the new Secretary of Defense. Charles B Kamehameha IV took the job of Director of the Budget
Hawaii's new Prime Minister proposed an overhaul of the taxes that the people paid to the government.. Some loop holes would be closed but the rates would fall and she proposed that the deduction be given an inflation kicker so that inflation would not put the people into a higher tax structure. She also proposed a review of the Defense Budget . She would be traveling to the United States and Australia to discuss a number of issues
Mary Elizabeth's meeting with President Palin went better than either person expected. The Hawaiian Prime Minister explained that she had not agreed with the former Prime Ministers position on some issues that had lead to a disagreement between the two allies but she wanted to make it clear that Hawaii regarded the United States as both an ally and a friend. She hoped that the two could repair any damage done and move ahead. Hawaii had encourage the new Mexican President tocontinue reforms and repair relations with its neighbors.
The Hawaiian Leader would be leaving for Australia for discussions with the Australian Prime Minister as well as the New Zealand leader To be discussed was the proposed warship construction plans.
Hawaii's Prime Minister reached an agreement with he allies in Australia and New Zealand. They had reached an agreement on the ship building program. Hawaii would be building a new strategic bomber. It would be unlike the American B-2. Some called it an enlarged updated version of the FB-111
The Prime Minister of Hawaii returned to Hawaii and prepared to tackle the budget. She wanted to totally overhaul the tax structure and make it so that people didn't end up paying more taxes due to inflation. She proposed that people be incouraged to save by granting a $1,000 interest deduction.
The Prime Minister had now begun a massive overhaul of the tax structure and an overhaul of some of the laws . She depended upon her National Security Advisor and the Secretary of State and of Defense to keep her advised on any problems in Foreign Policy and Defense. She had settled some of the problems with the alliance with Australia and New Zealand but there always seemed to be others on the Horizon.
The Prime Minister had to deal with a sudden crisis when her director of the Royal Hawaiian Intelligence Agency was killed on a flight to met with his counter part in the Philippines. The plane suffered an engine failure. It was able to make a crash landing near an uninhabited island in the Caroline Islands. Two ships of the Royal Hawaiian Navy were dispatched to the area.