Peshawar Lancers Redux: Kingdom of Hawaii Revised

In 1996 Christopher G McNamara was re-elected both to the house and as Prime Minister. Six months latter his younger sister joined his staff and it soon became clear that she was learning the ropes so that she could one day run for the seat. Mary Elizabeth was a former teacher and the youngest member of the family. Chris met with her everyday and introduced her to the key people in government In April 2000 he met with the party leaders and informed them that he would be resigning from the House but would stay on briefly as Prime Minister for 1 Month as he was to hold a royal title Marquess of Oahu and an appointment to the Upper House.
Mary Elizabeth McNamara was elected with 85% of the vote. In May Christopher G McNamara and William Pearson traveled to the Palace where Christopher G McNamara tended his resignation as Prime Minister and William Pearson presented his papers naming him as the leader of the Polynesian Conservative Party Majority in the House.
The Palace announced the resignation and the appointment of Mr Pearson as the new Prime Minister.
Richard M. Nufro ran for a seat in the house in the 2000 election and was elected he came from a family that had served in the diplomatic service of the Kingdom of Hawaii for a lot of years. Richard Michael Nufro decided to challenge William Pearson for the Prime Ministers job. Richard had served in the Royal Hawaiian Navy for 10 years with the last three being in the Office of Naval Intelligence. He worked for the Royal Bank of Hawaii for 18months before leaving to run for his house seat. He knew about 2 dozen members of the House and was well regarded by them. He was also a big fund raiser . He decided to challenge Mr Pearson and when the vote came he won the majority.
He then travelled to the Palace to present his credentials and his proposed list of candidates.
Prime Minister Nufro supported an overhaul of the Hawaiian defense establishment. A decision was made to place the the large cruiser Hawaii in the Reserve fleet and to retire some of the older ships. Based upon a study by the Hawaiian Department of the Air Force and the Royal Hawaiian Navy Hawaii would purchase the Tomcat-21 for both the Navy and Air Force.. The Hawaiian Department of Defense was to study a replacement for the B-47 which was still operational but was regarded as obsolete.
The Royal Hawaiian Air Force announced the retirement of all of the Nations B-47s. As a stop gap measure the Royal Hawaiian Air F Force was purchasing 36 redesigned B-66 Bombers. The Royal Hawaiian Navy had retired the last of its all gunned warships. Prime Minister Nufro pushed through the purchase of the Tomcat 21 for the Air Force and Navy.
The Royal Hawaiian Navy had looked at what gun to mount on the new Admiral class destroyer and had opted for the 6"/60 when the bigger 8" single mount gun had run into some problems in getting it ready to passed all of the test. Thus the ^"/60 was available and ready to go.
Prime Minister Nufro met with the Chinese Ambassador to express Hawaii's concern with the aggressive actions of the Chinese President. He then met a day latter with the Republic of Korea Foreign Minister and then the next day met with the Japanese Prime Minister. Both Korea and Japan expressed serious concerns with the positions of the Chinese President.
The Royal Hawaiian Intelligence Agency was attempting to see if there was any opposition to the Chinses Presidents Actions in the Chinese Congress and within the business community. If there was might it be possible for forces within the Republic to oust him from power and thus prevent a war.
Hawaii's Prime Minister flew to Hong Kong for a Summit with the Chinese President. The Chinese leader was hoping to repair the damage that the disgraced former Chinese learder had inflicted on China and its relations with its neighbors and friends. Thus he hoped that Prime Minister Nufro would be a peace maker and help China to recover.
Hawaii's Prime Minister met wit the National-Conservative Candidate for President of the United States. They discussed China, Russia and the problems that the allies saw with the current Administration. Frankly America's lack of involvement caused the allies to believe that the current US President lacked the will to make decisions.
Prime Minister Nufro was always eager to hep anyone trying to understand foreign Policy and how countries interacted..Thus he explained why the failure of America's President to act had only made matter far worse.
Hawaii's Prime Minister consulted his military advisors regarding Neuva Granada. Hawaii had a considerable investment in the country but at the same time the Prime Minister didn't want to get sucked into a major land war. Luckily the situation began to stabilize. Hawaii's wiliness to do something combined with the US won friends in the country.
Prime Minister Nufro arrived in Chile for talks concerning a possible arms purchase from Hawaii. The Hawaiians agreed to sell two frigates to Chile and construct two more for them. Hawaii would also be selling the country 24 refurbished Huey helicopters and 4 refurbished PC-3 Orion's.
Hawaii had sold arms to the Empire of Brazil, the Central American Republic and now Chile.The Hawaiian House had banned arms sales to Argentina. So far Peru Bolivia and Paraguay had not expressed any interest and Hawaii had not expressed any interest in selling to them.
The Hawaiian-Israeli contract to upgrade 108 M60A3 purchased by Peru instead of Chinese tanks came as a surprise. The tanks would cost slightly more than the Chinese tanks. But the tanks would receive a lot of new equipment including a 120mm gun made by Hawaii.
Hawaii reached an arms agreement with Chile. Hawaii would be selling 3 frigates,1 destroyer and 2 conventional submarines and 28 modern 155mm Howitzers.It was the largest arms sale to Chile by Hawaii. Relations between the two nations was quite good. A new trade treaty was signed.
Hawaii offered to help mediate the border dispute problem between Neuva Granada and Peru in an effort to prevent a possible military clash between the two countries.Peru was willing to allow diplomacy a chance and Neuva Granada was still trying to avoid having to use a military solution after the recent violence in the country..
Militarily the NG Army and Air Force were more experienced and better equipped to fight than Peru.
Hawaii sent a team to the Peru-Neuva Granada Border region. They met with people and officials on both sides of the border ,looked at maps and satellite photos and then met with a commission formed with officals from both countries. On the whole the Hawaiian pointed out that the border adjustments had put things back nearly to where it was. The Hawaiians got eperts to look at things and then put out a minor change it the border . The agreement was signed and ratified by both governments.
Prime Minister Nufro was attempting to resolve conflicts by using diplomatic measures. The resolution of the Peru=Neuva Granada Border dispute was just the first of several efforts to prevent wars. Hawaii attempted to help prevent a conflict between Kurdistan and Turkey. It had helped to settle issues between Tibet and China.
The Hawaiian Prime Minister was to visit Russia in an attempt to hopefully improve relations between that country and its neighbors. He needed to make a decision on whether he would seek another term. In Public opinion polls the Prime Minister was well thought of by the public but they believed that he spent too much time on foreign relations and not enough dealing with issues closer to the hearts of the people..
The Prime Minister announced to the cabinet that he would run for another term. Former Prime Minister McNamara's sister had considered challenging the Prime Minister but had decided to support him instead.