Peshawar Lancers Redux: Kingdom of Hawaii Revised

Secretary of Defense Toros was proving to be a person that was flexible. He was willing to make cuts in programs if it made sense and look for savings. He proposed a smaller buy of the new strategic bomber cutting the purchase by 50 aircraft from 200 to 150 planes. He did listen to the Navy about a new nuclear attack submarine and recommended the construction of the first submarine in the class . He was looking at at Korean made MBT as well as a US design.
Hawaii's Secretary of Defense was looking at all of the proposed spending and saying to some of the proposal come back with a better idea as the nation can't afford this proposal> The Prime Minister knew that if he came up with a proposal to fund a Defense project he had studied all of the options . Thus the Prime Minister now knew that a careful look at domestic spending was needed. Hawaii signed a contract with Korea for the purchase of 300 Korean designed Main Battle tanks that would be far less expensive than the American,German or British options
The Hawaiian Department of Defense was now looking at the Korean Fighter as a possible purchase instead of an American Design fighter Aircraft. The Hawaiian Air Force was asked to look at the Capabilities of the ROK fighter regarding its capabilities compared to others. Also the Price of the aircraft was appealing. Hawaii had ordered 180 Korean Made Infantry fighting vehicles with an option to purchase another 240.
Hawaii was willing to look at buying weapons that met Hawaii's needs from countries other that the US.
A researcher was looking at the records of the government to see what was behind the decisions that were made during the administrations of the American Presidents Theodore Roosevelt, President Wood and President Boone.
Hawaii had had a good relationship with President Teddy Roosevelt and Woods administrations but they had been puzzled by President Boone. The Prime Minister had found the Administration of President King to be one that was likely to act before thinking things out. Hawaii question the decision regarding Mexico as it appeared to destabilize Mexico and endangered the Central American Canal
Hawaii was not unhappy to see President King defeated for re-election as President. Hawaii's Ambassador to the US praised the new President's move to improve relations with Mexico..Hawaii attempted to mediate problems between Mexico and the breakaway provinces which had been independent since the fall of the Mexican Dictator.
The airplane was beginning to have an impact on aviation. The airship had dominated thing but it was clear that powered flight might very well replace it. Hawaii, Great Britain, Germany however dominated the airship business.
The air Ship had dominated the transportation market for the pasted 30 years it had been able to move passengers quickly but it had not been able to break the market on shipping goods because of weigh. Still ti had gained a role as a recon and as a bomber for the military but the airplane was beginning o make leaps forward and the possibilities were there.
Hawaii as an island kingdom would need to be on the watch for anything that might endanger the island.
Hawaii had been testing aircraft with American and British companies.. There were problems and technology was not moving very fast> The Builders of airships stood to lose a lot if the airplane made inroads . The Military believed that the development would result in preventing airships from being i\used as bombers.
Hawaii had expanded during the Post Fall period swallowing up islands and consolidating them into the Kingdom of Hawaii. Hawaii was lacking in key resources and it decided to emulate the British Empire by using trade to gain what it needed. Hawaii made investments in both the United States and Australia.
Hawaii's Political leadership worked with Australia to cooperate into building a joint defense Manufacturing Industry in Australia which could build ships for both Australia and Australia and latter New Zealand join the group. Australia had the land and the resources that would allow the construction to become a reality. Australia also had a population that was eager for the jobs. Hawaii had developed weapons to arm the ships and designs.
The US also had a lot of resources and land and Hawaii had money to invest.
The Kingdom of Hawaii had developed a strong relationship with Australia and the United State Hawaii had invested in US companies that manufactured weapons that the Kingdom thought it might need. Technology was the coming thing. The Hawaiians had a good relationship with the Nationalist and Republican Parties but there had been some disagreements with the American Reform Party.President Gleason had moved in directions that the Hawaiian questioned still they tried to work together on those areas where they could
Hawaii's Prime Minister flew to the United States for a meeting with President Gleason..George W Kamehameha had taken the post that his late brother has held for nearly 40 years. He was still getting use to the idea that he was the Prime Minister. Hawaii had grown to be a major player in the Pacific and had grown into a considerable economic power...Hawaii had helped to create what was called The American Canal in the Central American Republic. Hawaii had made investments in at least three of the nations in Latin America; Central American Republic, Neuva Granada and Brazil. Those investments had paid for resources that Hawaii needed to grow
Prime Minister George Kamehameha had a good conversation regarding defense and the possibility of allowing the US to use Hawaiian facilities.
Hawaii signed an agreement with the United States allow the US to build a Naval base on the island of Truk. The agreement allowed the US to build facilities on the island and allow the lease to last 25 years. The US would pay the Kingdom of Hawaii an amount to be determine by Hawaii. Five years before the lease would run out the parties would meet and Negotiate a renewal
In Hawaii not everyone in the Hawaiian House of Representatives was happy with allowing the US to establish a base in territory belonging to the Kingdom> Hawaii's was Britain and Australia . But the belief was that ,according to the Hawaiian State Department that America was the growing power and Hawaii had lots of investments in the US.
The American Military was busy with the construction of a major military base .By September 1937 much had been completed in the first phase A lot of Hawaiians were hired to do jobs. The second phase was started and dredging began, Engineers were studying the construction of docks and an airport and material was being brought in


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Several of the leftist part of the Hawaiian Liberal Reform Party introduced a bill in the Hawaiian House that would stop the Americans from continuing construction on the Truk Naval Base. The Foreign Affairs committee rejected the bill and the Subcommittee of the Defense Committee rejected it also. Prime Minister George W Kamehameha stated that there were safeguard built into the agreement between the two nations.
Hawaii was working with its partners to develop a monoplane fighter it had a team consisting of Hawaiian, British ,Australian and American designers that had been playing with designs since 1934. Developing a design and the engine to power it had been difficult. Every time they felt that they had solved something another problem surfaced.