Peshawar Lancers Redux: Kingdom of Hawaii Revised

Katherine was planning on retiring in 1972 but the King pleaded with her to stay on and insure that the Naval Construction plan was completed. The Plane saw the construction of 3 LHAs Marshal Islands.Marianas Islands and the Caroline Islands and a 4th CVA-N.
When the American President suggested the creation of the International Aeronautic Space Administration and Hawaii being one of the nations invited to join it most in the Kingdom thought it a good thing. The Liberal Democratic Party however immediately objected. It said that it believed that the Hawaiian taxpayers money would be better spent in the Kingdom. The result was it became a political issue in the 1976 election and saw the Liberal Democrats make a gain in the house.
Despite an address by Katherine McNamara to the people of Hawaii regarding the importance of joining with the US in the IASA and preventing another tragedy like the Fall
Voters question the need to spend large sums of money on Space when there were problems that should be addressed at home. The election saw the National Conservatives lose 5 seats and the Liberal Democrats moved from 130 to 150 seats in the House. It was estimated that the Independents might provide the Liberal Democrats with another 45-50 votes. Even King Edward made a speech urging support for the IASA.
Katherine McNamara left politics in 1980 and assume the post oft Head of the William Kamehameha Foundation and her husband retired from the Navy and went to work for Mallory Investigations one of Hawaii's largest legal and security Companies. Katherine's cousin ran for the seat and won it but in early 1984 she left it to become director of the Royal Hawaiian Intelligence Agency. The seat was vacant for a month until Christopher McNamara left active duty in the Royal Hawaiian Air Force and ran for the seat that had been held by his Great Grandfather, Grandfather mother and cousin. He was known in the district and won with 90% of the vote. The election of 1984 proved to be one where the public was ready for a change and the Liberal Democrats won 178 seats to the National Conservatives 212. the remaining 48 seats were held by Independents. The Liberal Democrats convinced 38 of the Independents to support their forming a government.
In March 12,1986 Queen Maria Summoned the Prime Minister and Rep Christopher McNamara to the palace. She then informed the Prime Minister that she was dismissing him from office and then informed Rep. Christopher McNamara that he was to form a caretaker government to serve until she would set a new election date and a new government could be formed. Second the size of the House was to be reduced from 438 seats to 420 seats. Prime Minister McNamara was to come up with a list of oofficials to run the cabinet. Her Majesty was appointing the former Prime Minister to the post Of Commissioner of the Royal Hawaiian Constabulary.
The Prime Minister ordered the formation of a commission to study the reorganization of the House based on the current population.It was believed that the true population was 38million meaning that a reorganized house would consist of at least 380 members.
The reorganization of the House resulted in a lot of the problems disappearing. The New House of Representatives was 380 members and the election was held in November1986. The Polynesian Conservative Party(formerly the National Conservatives) won 225 seats while the Polynesian Popular Front Party that replaced the Liberal Democrats won 145 seats with 10 seats being held by Independents. Christopher McNamara remained as Prime Minister.
The Prime Minister traveled to the United States after the election and met with President Catherine Elizabeth Longstreet. She had succeeded President Reagan and was the wife of former President James Longstreet IV.He met the Presidents daughter Elizabeth Anne Mahon Longstreet.
Elizabeth Longstreet and Christopher McNamara hit it off with their first meeting and he asked her out It was the beginning of a relationship which would change both their lives. Hawaii had settled down and the Prime Minister had discussed several issues with the President. He supported the goal of insuring that there was never another Fall event to be inflicted on the Earth. He would be returning to Hawaii and delivering an address to the Public regarding the Defense Plans for the Military as well as the overall spending and taxes.
Elizabeth Longstreet paid a two week stay in Hawaii and the announcement came from the White House of the engagement of the President's Daughter to the Hawaiian Prime Minister.
The Prime Minister passed the Big budget Fighter Purchase program. Which saw the Royal Hawaiian Havy and the Royal Hawaiian Air Force both agree to buy the F-14 Tomcat.
Prime Minister McNamara proposed establishing diplomatic relations with Russia. The Prime Minister proposed reaching out to the new Czar and rewarding him for trying to reach a peaceful settlement on a variety of issues. When the Prime Minister's proposal was made public the Polynesian Front embraced the idea and offered their total support.
The Prime Minister ordered a Defense review of the Hawaiian Military to carefully look at the needs of the Military with regard to the defense of the Kingdom of Hawaii.The White Paper would look at cost cutting. One proposal was to transfer 8 Destroyer Escorts from the Navy to the Royal Hawaiian Coast Guard.This would allow for the scrapping of 6 cutter which needed to be replaced while only spending funds on improvements to the vessels for their new role. Another proposal was to scrap two old light carriers as they were no longer needed and were cost ineffective. A recommendation was to save money by purchasing the F-14D for both the Royal Hawaiian Navy and the Royal Hawaiian Air Force.
The Polynesian Progressive Front was quite supportive of the new policies adopted by the Prime Minister The Defense White Paper would finally look at what was needed to defend the Kingdom and would place limits on the spending. Hawaii's establishment of diplomatic relations with Russia was warmly greeted by the Czar. The United States and Great Britain had no problems with it. Hawaii would be scaling back its base in Ireland turning more of the facilities over to the Irish Military.
Plans to upgrade the large cruiser Guam were halted as consideration was to be taken as to whether to scrap the ship, leav it in the reserve fleet or to partly complete the Upgrade. The HHMS Hawaii had completed an upgrade which improved the ships radar and upgraded the ships ability to strike. Phalanx guns were deployed to destroy missiles and Tomahawk Cruise Missilies were emplaced giving it the capacity to strike targets up to 1.000 mles away.
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George William McNamara was the Prime Minister's younger brother he had gone to the University of Hawaii and had graduated with a degree in Police Science. He had then served 4 years in the Royal Hawaiian Army as a criminal Investigator. He had left the Army and got a master's Degree in forensic science taking a post in the Royal Hawaiian Secret Service. He remained there for 5 years before being hired by the Royal Hawaiian Constabulary becoming a Chief Inspector and finally a Chief Superintendent in charge of the Forensic Science Department. He said that his great great Grandfather William Kamehameha's early career in the Royal Hawaiian Constabulary inspired him to seek a career in law enforcement rather than Politics
It would seem that the Attorney General of the Kingdom of Hawaii was concern with reports he was receiving from the Commissioner of the Royal Hawaiian Constabulary about a serious rise in criminal activity in the Kingdom. The Constabulary's Intelligence office was reporting that organized crime was attempting to smuggle drugs into the Kingdom, extort money from businesses and was involved in counterfeiting . The Royal Hawaiian Secret Service was also reporting attempts to steal classified information. The Commissioner of Police recommended an increase in the size of the force and a serious upgrade in technology available to it.
The Prime Minister was stunned by the uptake in come and ordered the Cabinet to come up with a course of action. He spoke with the Director of the Royal Hawaiian Intelligence Agency and the Director of the Royal Hawaiian Secret Service. Then he spoke with the Commander of the Royal Hawaiian Coast Guard. The Coast Guard had received the first of four renovated Navy destroyer Escorts and four more were in yards being converted. The Coast Guard had received 18 heavy duty helicopters and 8 which would operate from the new cutters. The Royal Hawaiian Marines would be deploying 180 personnel in support of law enforcement. The Royal Hawaiian Air force would provide photo recon and transportation for special police units.
The goal was to use what money was available wisely. The Prime Minister proposed spending an additional 56 million dollars in the current fiscal year and 245 million more in the next fiscal year over the amount to be spent this year.
Security was stepped up at the Legislative Office Building and the Palace. The Special Protective detail was increased as the war on organized crime entered a new phase.The Royal Hawaiian Constabulary with Royal Hawaiian Marines made a major drug bust in the Caroline Islands. A joint Royal Hawaiian Secret Service-Royal Hawaiian Constabulary operation in the Hawaiian Islands and Tahiti resulted in the capture of 27 criminals involved in counterfeiting 46 million dollars .
In a meeting with the Inner cabinet the Prime Minister made it clear that the current crisis triggered by organized crime was a grave a threat to the Kingdom of Hawaii as any foreign threat. The Prime Minister proposed a modernization of the Royal Hawaiian Constabulary with improved technology and an increase in both the uniformed and the civilian support . Thus the Royal Hawaiian Constabulary was to be boosted to 54,000 uniformed officers and 9,600 civilian support personnel. The Commissioner in Charge of the Royal Hawaiian Constabulary was to study the manner of personnel and if more were needed then he would support another increase. The Secretary of the Treasury would report back on what steps could be taken to safeguard the currency. The Department of Defense would provide support.
In a meeting 6 months latter the Prime Minister and the cabinet were briefed of the current status of the war on crime. Progress had been made but the Commissioner of Police stated that he believed that there was a need for more officers and support staff. As a resulted he was requesting an additional 12,000 officers and 4,400 more staff. The attorney General was recommending the hiring of 60 additional attorney and 120 staff as well as the construction of two new prisions and the staff to man it.
With the1992 election only months away the Prime Minister agreed to one more increase in the Royal Hawaiian Constabulary. It was now to total 84,000 officers and 18,000 civilian staff. It appeared that crime was finally coming under control. Justice was swift as the trial were moved forward.
In the late 1970s the Kamehameha Foundation bought a 25% share of American Motors and when the company suffered financial problems in the 1980 the foundation purchased the company and began a reorganization. The foundation owned a number of businesses among them was the Mark Randolph Engine Company and the Central Scientific Corporation. The Company was renamed the Kamehameha American Motors and by the late 1980s it was selling cars in the Kingdom of Hawaii and the United States.