Peshawar Lancers Redux: Kingdom of Hawaii Revised

Katherine Kamehameha visited the capital of the United Stated with her military aide. They met her parents at the Hawaiian Embassy and Katherine introduced her future husband. Mr McNamara would cease to be the military aide and would take a post in the Hawaiian Department of Defense.
Katherine and James C McNamara were married in 1957 in a Catholic Church in Hawaii. Ambassador George Kamehameha gave away the bride. It was attended by family members and close friend of the couple. The couple Honeymooned in Texas and Hawaii. Captain McNamara reported to the Department of the navy where he worked on the new HHMS Polynesia Project. The ship was being built in Australia at the giant shipyard there. It was to be Hawaii's first supercarrier.
Katherine had decided to seek another term as Prime Minister. Polls indicated that she was quite popular with the Public. She had ordered a defense review and it seemed to indicate that the country would build 2 more super carriers The next carrier would be the King Kamehameha III and the Royal Hawaiian Navy was considering Nuclear power for it.
The construction of the King Kamehameha III became an election issue because the Liberal Reform Party made it an issue. The party objected to the cost and question the need to spend so much money. Katherine pointed out that the ship's power plant would be also used in Oahu Nuclear Power station.
Katherine lead her party to victory in the 1960 election although the Liberal Reform Party picked up two seats in the election. She had a comfortable majority in the House.
In the United States it became clear that Vice President Moseby had defeated Senator John F Kennedy for President. Moseby would be replacing President Dwight D Eisenhower.
Katherine found that she had to face another Crisis in China as the Han Kingdom triggered a full scale war between the two nations, The war threaten to drag Japan, Britain, Russian, the United States into the conflict. When the Han Kingdom used a biological weapon the Chinese responded with all out fury. Hitting back with all of the might that China had. Britain sealed off the Royal Crown Colony of Hong Kong after several cases of infections showed up' Medical experts believed that the infections were the result of a biological weapon.
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Prime Minister McNamara and President Moseby both agreed that there was a need to destroythe Han Biological Lab. the Us would carry out a strike using B-52s carrying special bomb capable of destroying and vaporizing the facility. Hawaii would strike the air defenses and the facility.. The USS Alfred E Smith and USS Midway would provide fighter protection.
The Hawaiian House had passed a new Naval Budget in 1963 It authorized advanced funding for the HHMS Charles Bishop CVA_N . The budget also called for the construction of guided Missile Cruisers and 5 destroyers.
The Hawaiian Prime Minister had decided to run for re-election . The problem was the recent conflict in China and Hawaii's role in it had caused some uneasiness in the public and there was a movement toward withdrawal from involvement in anything that could get Hawaii involved in conflict.
The election of 1964 saw the National Conservatives slip to 225 seats while the Liberal Reform Party held 190 and independents held the remaining 20 seats
After the election in Hawaii the situation in the Central American Republic began to worsen. Colonel Randolph McConnell Royal Hawaiian Army was the commander of the Hawaiian Military forces that maintain the Canal and Provided security. His force included 2 companies of Engineers, a Signal detachment 1stBn 8th Infantry Regt, Platoon of M-48A5 and a Helicopter Company. His HQ included an Intelligence detachment, MP platoon. With violence increasing he requested additional forces from Hawaii
The Hawaiian Department of Defense responded to Colonel McConnell's request for reinforcements by sending the rest of the Engineer Battalion,, 2nd Bn of the 8th Infantry Regiment, , an additional company of Military Police,Medical,signal and other support personnel .Brigadier General James Kakao arrived to assume command of the Forces in the Canal Zone he brought with Him the 3rd Bn of the 8th Infantry Rgt,plus an artillery Bn and a Special Forces Detachment.
The King and Queen went to both the Military airfield and the Naval Base to bid farewell to the 12th and 14th Infantry Regiments, the remaining battalions of the 4th Field artillery Regiment, remaining elements of the 6th Tank Battalion. This would bring all of the elements of the 4th Infantry Division together in the Central American Republic. 12 Cobra Helicopter gunships were also being sent as well as 18 A-4D Skyraiders. The 26th Infantry Division was now activated in Hawaii.
The Hawaiian Department of Defense announced the sending of the 1st Airborne Brigade and the Royal Hawaiian Marine First Brigade to the Central American Republic. An Hawaiian Navy task Force was now patrolling the Coastal waters of the Central American Republic.
Hawaiian Military forces had defeated three attacks on the Canal. Th Royal Hawaiian Marines had discovered and destroyed an insurgent base camp and had collected valuable intelligence. A combined Hawaiian Central American Army offensive had crushed the enemy. The Americans had cut off the flow of arms being smuggled into the country
Hawaii began a study on the requirements for the defense of the AMERICA CANAL. The Prime Minister ordered the Hawaiian Department of Defense to issue a White Paper Study on the matter. The Liberal Reform Party was known to oppose the amount of money and people that the last effort had taken. The paper was to be completed in 1 year with hearings to be held in 1968.
In March 1968 there were a series of attacks and demonstrations in parts of the Kingdom of Hawaii against the government. While the Prime Minister was concern she did not want to over react. But King Edward decided to use his power and order the Prime Minister to take action. He addressed the nation and clearly stated that he would not tolerate acts of violence and the breaking of law and order. The Royal Hawaiian Constabulary was ordered to take action. Those who broke the law or plotted acts of insurrection would face Criminal punishment. The election was postponed.
The King had mad up his mind that no group would use threats ,acts of terrorism or extortion to change the policy of the government.He had met with the Prime Minister, Attorney General Commander of the Royal Hawaiian Constabulary, Royal Hawaiian Secret Service and the Director of the Royal Hawaiian Intelligence service and had stated that they were to restore order and if he had to issue a declaration of Martial Law to accomplish that he would. Retired Admiral William Kamehameha had been appointed the King's National Security Advisor.
The Police and Security agencies began a massive effort to crush those that would attempt to undermine the government . after four months things had calmed down and the King announced that the new National election would be held in February 1969. The result of the election was that the National Conservatives won 235 seats and Independents took 70 seats. The Liberal Democrat Party won 130 seats. Katherine was named by the party to continue as Prime Minister.
In early 1971 Ambassador George Kamehameha notified the Hawaiian Secretary of State and the Prime Minister that he wished to retire from his post as soon as a replacement could be sent. He had received a call from his brother asking him to come home as the Admiral's health was declining. Ambassador Richard Nufro III arrived in the American Capital and met with George. The current Hawaiian Ambassador briefed the new replacement and then went with him to the White House. The President accepted the Credentials and Bid farewell to Ambassador Kamehameha. The Hawaiian Ambassador flew home with his wife aboard an Hawaiian Military Passenger plane.
George had serve Hawaii as its Ambassador to the US for over 15 years
In 1980 after serving 28 years in the house Katherine McNamara at the age of 50 had decided that she would retire from Politics. Her father wanted to turn the reigns of the William Kamehameha Foundation to the next generation. Katherine would replace him as the Chairman of the Board and Charles B Kamehameha IV , who had been elected to the House would serve as the Treasurer. William K Thompson was the Foundations Legal advisor and Katherine's First Cousin( his sister had been elected to the seat previously held by William Kamehameha and then his son George and finally by Katherine. The trust had grown over the years due to wise investments to the point that it was now worth 5 billion dollars producing 250 million dollars a year in income.
In late 1974 Admiral William Kamehameha II passed away and he was given formal state Cermony by the King. Present were all of the Family which included his son Vice Admiral William Kamehameha III RHN,Grandson Captain William Kamehameha IV RHN Katherine McNamara, Her husband James C McNamara retired Rear Admiral RHN,their son Lieutenant Christopher G McNamara RHAF and many other family members as well as the King and Queen of Hawaii, President James Longstreet.
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