List of Alternate Presidents and PMs II

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Thought I'd try reversing and then rearranging some of the popular tropes of the presidents (but not the presidents themselves, necessarily) from Carter through the present day.

1977 - 1985: Gov. Jimmy Carter (D-GA), A Folksy Southern Governor Who Won Reelection Despite Foreign Policy Failures And a Weak Economy
V.P. Sen. Walter Mondale
Def. 1980: Fmr. Dir. CIA George H. W. Bush

1985 - 1989: Sen. Larry Pressler (R-SD), A Trustworthy Outsider Who Couldn’t Quite Hack It
V.P. Sen. Howard Baker
Def. 1984: V.P. Walter Mondale

1989 - 1992: Mr. Lee Iacoca (D-MI), A Celebrity Businessman Who Would Be President (D-MI) (Assassinated)
V.P. Sen. Sam Nunn
Def. 1988: Pres. Larry Pressler

1992 - 1997: V.P. Sam Nunn (D-GA), The Establishment’s Favorite Foreign Policy Expert Who Failed on the Home Front
V.P. Sen. Gary Hart

1997 - 2005: Sen. Pete Domenici (R-NM), A Dark Horse Candidate Who Survived A Barrage of Sex Scandals
V.P. Sen. Phil Gramm
Def. 1996: Pres. Sam Nunn
Def. 2000: Fmr. V.P. Gary Hart

2005 - 2013: Gov. Warren Beatty (D-CA), An Actor-Turned-Politician-Turned-President
V.P. Fmr. UN Amb. Bill Richardson
Def. 2004: V.P. Phil Gramm
Def. 2008: Gov. Mike Huckabee

2013 - 2021: Gov. Lynn Swann (R-PA), Our First African-American President
V.P. Sen. John McCain (2013 - 2018); Sen. Todd Young (2018 - 2021)
Def. 2012: V.P. Bill Richardson
Def. 2016: Sen. Sherrod Brown

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So, I'm not exactly sure what I've done, or why I've done it. But here it is, after months of sporadic imagining and re-imagining. I think I'll do some lists for other bands (and other countries), as well. Click on the EV tallies for election maps, made using Atlas.

Lyrical Leaders: LCD Soundsystem (US)


1989-1997: George H. W. Bush (Republican)
"You're blowing Marxism to pieces!" [1]
Vice Presidents
Dan Quayle (Republican)
1988: VP George H. W. Bush/Sen. Dan Quayle (GOP-TX/IN) def. Gov. Michael Dukakis/Sen. Lloyd Bentsen (DEM-MA/TX) (426-111-1)
1992: Pres. George H. W. Bush/VP Dan Quayle (GOP-TX/IN) def. Gov. Bill Clinton/Gov. Doug Wilder (DEM-AR/VA) (283-255)

1997-2005: Doug Wilder (Democratic) "Three, we have a Black president and you do not, so shut up" [2]
Vice Presidents
Evan Bayh (Democratic)

1996: Sen. Douglas Wilder/Gov. Evan Bayh (DEM-VA/IN) def. Sen. Bob Dole/Sen. Phil Gramm (GOP-KS/TX) (297-241)
2000: Pres. Douglas Wilder/VP Evan Bayh (DEM-VA/IN) def. Mr. Pat Buchanan/Gov. Tommy Thompson (GOP-VA/WI) (408-130)

2005-2011: Norm Coleman (Republican)* "And we don't waste time with love, it's just death from above!" [3]
Vice Presidents
George W. Bush (Republican)

2004: Gov. Norm Coleman/Sen. George W. Bush (GOP-MN/TX) def. VP Evan Bayh/Sen. Bob Casey Jr. (DEM-IN/PA), Mr. Ben Cohen/Mr. Scott Wallace (GRN-VT/MD), Mr. Pat Buchanan/Fmr. Asst. Sec. Alan Keyes (CON-VA/MD) (276-262)
2008: Pres. Norm Coleman/VP George W. Bush (GOP-MN/TX) def. Ret. Gen. Wesley Clark/Sen. Carl Levin (DEM-AR/MI) (322-216)

2011-2013: George W. Bush (Republican) "There shouldn't be this ring of silence, but what are the options / when someone great is gone?" [4]
Vice Presidents
Arlen Specter (Republican)

2013-2021: Michael Bloomberg (Democratic) "Your mild billionaire mayor is now convinced he's a king" [5]
Vice Presidents

Jay Rockefeller (Democratic)
2012: Mayor Michael Bloomberg/Sen. Jay Rockefeller (DEM-NY/WV) def. Sen. Connie Mack IV/Gov. Dean Heller (GOP-FL/NV) (303-235)
2016: Pres. Michael Bloomberg/VP Jay Rockefeller (DEM-NY/WV) def. Sen. Charles Boustany/Gov. Margaret Stock (GOP-LA/AK) (293-245)

2021-2029: Scott Walker (Republican) ". . . Scott Walker!" [6]
Vice Presidents
Nikki Haley (Republican)

2020: Gov. Scott Walker/Gov. Nikki Haley (GOP-WI/SC) def. Sen. Elizabeth Herring/Gov. Gary King (DEM-CT/NM) (317-228)
2024: Pres. Scott Walker/VP Nikki Haley (GOP-WI/SC) def. Gov. Beau Biden/Gov. Jared Polis (DEM-DE/CO), State Sen. Richard Ojeda/State Sen. Julia Salazar (SOC-WV/NY) (342-203)

2029-2033: Nikki Haley (Republican) "It comes apart, the way it does in bad films / Except the part when the moral kicks in” [7]
Vice Presidents

Pat Toomey (Republican)
2028: VP Nikki Haley/Sen. Pat Toomey (GOP-SC/PA) def. Sen. Natalie Tennant/Mayor London Breed (DEM-WV/CA), Sen. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez/Denver Schools Supt. Emily Sirota (SOC-NY/CO) (322-223)

2033-present: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (Democratic and Socialist) "Oh, the revolution was here / that would set you free from those bourgeoisie" [8]
Vice Presidents
Ro Khanna (Democratic)
2032: Sen. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez/Rep. Ro Khanna (DEM-NY/CA) / Sen. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez/State Sen. Amanda Curtis^ (SOC-NY/MT) def. Pres. Nikki Haley/VP Pat Toomey (GOP-SC/PA) (366-179)

* - died of lung cancer December 26, 2011
^ - appointed Secretary of Direct Climate Action

[1] - The August Coup succeeds and the hardliners return to power in Moscow, setting off a chain of events which leads to a Second Korean War won — albeit with terrible sacrifices — by the UN-backed coalition.

[2] - Doug Wilder capitalizes on GOP infighting and fatigue with 16 years of GOP rule to become the country's first Black president. When the GOP's "crazies" take the helm in 2000, President Wilder wins re-election in a landslide.

[3] - Taking office following the closest election in recent memory, President Coleman is immediately faced with the challenge of directing America's response to a catastrophic terrorist attack in London. A slow-burning "drone war" against "al-Qaida" and other terrorist groups is waged across the globe for the duration of Coleman's term, which ends early when he tragically succumbs to lung cancer.

[4] - The younger Bush is primarily remembered for the eulogy he gave at President Coleman's funeral, though it was overshadowed by the funeral oration of a grateful and emotional Prime Minister Blair.

[5] - The centrist, technocratic Bloomberg serves mainly to supplement the status quo of Republican economic liberalism and limited overseas warfare with social progressivism in both the domestic and international spheres. The Democratic base is unhappy, and the seeds of a rebellion are planted. Puerto Rico is granted statehood in 2017, perhaps the crowning achievement of the Bloomberg administration.

[6] - Scott Walker strikes a blow for the Republican establishment against a Democratic nominee deemed to be too far outside the American mainstream, and a nascent insurgency on the Democratic left ensures Walker's re-election. The Walker administration sees the threat of global jihad melt into the background, though a revisionist alliance made up of the world's losers — led by the PRC — waxes in power. Scott's second term is defined by his effective management of several severe hurricanes on America's Gulf and Atlantic coasts.

[7] - Nikki Haley's ill-starred administration witnesses the collapse of the neoliberal regime which ruled America for the past half-century. The economy is sent into a deep recession by a crash in the tech sector, and the Influenza M pandemic claims millions of lives as the American public health system is stretched past its breaking point.

[8] - The election of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez heralds a realignment in American politics, one spearheaded by an invigorated Left hungry for change after years of being relegated to the sidelines.
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(Member of the Gallifreyan Union)

1963-1969 William Hartnell/Patrick Troughton (Conservative/Freedom Party alliance)

If ever the phrase "unholy alliance" was more aptly needed then it would be hard to find a more diametrically opposed duo like Hartnell and Troughton. Indeed to teaming came as something of a shock on Gallifrey. When President Borusa found out his remarked to Chancellor Flavia

"By Rassilon they will be at each other's throats in weeks"

Against his reckoning the alliance held although it was somewhat fractious. Hartnell was in many ways the last of the old guard, Reactionary and disdainful of anything "different from the norm". He was also ill. He was diagnosed with arteriosclerosis in 1966 and resigned as FM. Under the term of the constitution Troughton took over.

His period was one of social and liberal liberty. Legalising abortion and homosexuality as well and axing compulsory military service led to Troughton being called "The First Minister of Swinging Earth"

However in 1969 he was faced with the "transmat scandal". Two years earlier Troughton secretly and illegally gave the French Hegemony transmat technology to deal with the insurrection in Indo-China.

Both Conservative and Freedom party assembly members resigned in protest. Troughton resigned and fled to the USA where he lived in exile until his death in 1987.


1970-1981 Jon Pertwee/Tom Baker (Earth Forward/Discovery alliance)

Many regard this period as the "golden age of the federation". Pertwee and Baker's popularity cast a shadow over their successors. Pertwee's tenure started in mixed circumstances. Following "transmatgate" Gallifrey looked to bring the federation under more direct control. Pertwee was told that there were certain boundaries he could not breach including not leaving Earth unless permitted to do so. He was angry about this and this was witnessed by his Science Minister Caroline John and Defence Minister Nicholas Courtney.

His tenure was also blighted by the repeated battles with the Free Earth Party led by Roger Delgardo, a separatist movement who wished to split the earth not only from Gallifrey but also from the Moon (renamed Lunar in 1971) and Mars.

But his greatest challenge was dealing with the renegade Omega who wanted to destroy the Timelords. Helped indirectly by a dying Hartnell, Pertwee was able to defeat Omega. Gallifrey rewarded him with lifting the restrictions on travel

Pertwee's last year as FM was one of expansion. He fought for peace and inclusion and achieved many successes including in 1974 overseeing the end of French rule in Indo-China. The London Peace Accord was his last major victory

He resigned in 1974 due to crippling back pain

Continued below
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(Member of the Gallifreyan Union)

1963-1969 William Hartnell/Patrick Troughton (Conservative/Freedom Party alliance)

If ever the phrase "unholy alliance" was more aptly needed then it would be hard to find a more diametrically opposed duo like Hartnell and Troughton. Indeed to teaming came as something of a shock on Gallifrey. When President Borusa found out his remarked to Chancellor Flavia

"By Rassilon they will be at each other's throats in weeks"

Against his reckoning the alliance held although it was somewhat fractious. Hartnell was in many ways the last of the old guard, Reactionary and disdainful of anything "different from the norm". He was also ill. He was diagnosed with arteriosclerosis in 1966 and resigned as FM. Under the term of the constitution Troughton took over.

His period was one of social and liberal liberty. Legalising abortion and homosexuality as well and axing compulsory military service led to Troughton being called "The First Minister of Swinging Earth"

However in 1969 he was faced with the "transmat scandal". Two years earlier Troughton secretly and illegally gave the French Hegemony transmat technology to deal with the insurrection in Indo-China.

Both Conservative and Freedom party assembly members resigned in protest. Troughton resigned and fled to the USA where he lived in exile until his death in 1987.


1970-1981 Jon Pertwee/Tom Baker (Earth Forward/Discovery alliance)

Many regard this period as the "golden age of the federation". Pertwee and Baker's popularity cast a shadow over their successors. Pertwee's tenure started in mixed circumstances. Following "transmatgate" Gallifrey looked to bring the federation under more direct control. Pertwee was told that there were certain boundaries he could not breach including not leaving Earth unless permitted to do so. He was angry about this and this was witnessed by his Science Minister Caroline John and Defence Minister Nicholas Courtney.

His tenure was also blighted by the repeated battles with the Free Earth Party led by Roger Delgardo, a separatist movement who wished to split the earth not only from Gallifrey but also from the Moon (renamed Lunar in 1971) and Mars.

But his greatest challenge was dealing with the renegade Omega who wanted to destroy the Timelords. Helped indirectly by a dying Hartnell, Pertwee was able to defeat Omega. Gallifrey rewarded him with lifting the restrictions on travel

Pertwee's last year as FM was one of expansion. He fought for peace and inclusion and achieved many successes including in 1974 overseeing the end of French rule in Indo-China. The London Peace Accord was his last major victory

He resigned in 1974 due to crippling back pain.

Baker's time emulated Pertwee. He exhorted the human's desire for travel and exploration. He poured millions into the Ministry of Offworld Travel making it a cabinet role and Louise Jameson a cabinet member. He also sought closer harmony between the homeworlds and established a ministry of Homeworld Affairs led by Elizabeth Sladen (previously Pertwee's Chief of Staff)

With Domestic affairs largely peaceful Baker concentrated mainly on expanding Earth's reach and making them more independent of Gallifrey. (Baker only visited twice and each under duress).

1979 proved to be the start of the end of the "golden age". It was revealed that Baker was having an affair with his Chief of Staff Sarah Ward. While marrying her in 1980 took some of the pressure off it was only a matter of time before his departure was due. It came in 1981. While visiting the Pharos Project in Herefordshire Baker slipped and fell breaking his leg. He took it as a sign and resigned triggering new elections.

1981-1989 Peter Davison/Colin Baker and Sylvester McCoy (Arrowhead/Global/Liberals)
Davison was hampered right from the start. A three party government with leaders who didn't get on either with each other or their colleagues was bound to be fractious. In fact it amazed journalists and even President Flavia that it lasted 8 years.

Davison was a very emollient character. He sought peace but rarely achieved it. Many of his "victories" were pyrrhic. The "Sea Devil" incident being the most prominent.

His attitude led to internal strife. He and Baker argued many times in Panoptican House and often refused to talk to each other leaving their respective representative Janet Fielding and Nicola Bryant to act as go-betweens

For Davison the pressure was too much. In 1984 while in talks with the Androzani Corporation he accidentially ate an uncooked piece of fish and was rushed to hospital with food poisoning. He resigned and Baker 2 and McCoy took over. He told Fielding "I've had enough, f-them"

Baker 2's arrogance led him quickly into trouble. Alienating many of his friends and colleagues it was just a matter of time before he gave those a reason to bring him down. In 1986 the assembly voted to impeach Baker and placed him on trial. While he was found not guilty his fate was sealed.

McCoy's tenure was also brief although for tragic reasons. His "split personality" of clown and cunning was developed because he could see danger as the Union's encroachment into other parts of the galaxy would be fatal. This was proven when he was killed by the Daleks when they invaded in 1989.


Would anyone like a continuation into "nu-who"?
Prime Ministers of the United Kingdom:

1945-1948: Nancy Astor (Conservative)
1948-1954: Anthony Eden (Conservative)

1954-1957: Herbert Morrison (Labour)
1957-1967: Harold Wilson (Labour)

1967-1974: Edward Heath (Conservative)
1974-1985: Margaret Thatcher (Conservative)

1985-1988: James Callaghan (Labour)
1988-1990: Bryan Gould (Labour)

1990-1994: Douglas Hurd (Conservative)
1994-2000: Bryan Gould (Labour)
2000-2001: Kenneth Baker (Conservative)
2001-2007: Kenneth Clarke (Conservative)
2007-2009: Michael Portillo (Conservative)
2009-2013: Boris Johnson (Conservative)

2013-2019: Jon Cruddas (Labour)
2019-2024: Boris Johnson (Conservative)

Now, who can work this one out?

1996-2005 Paul McGann/John Hurt (Peace Party/Reform Party)

The effect of what became the "Time War" were devastating for the Federation. In the dying days of the war Gallifrey was within an inch of being destroyed. In a last ditch attempt to survive. President Romana first ordered all Humans to retreat back to the Sol System and engage planentary defences. Then she accepted the help of a group of Timelords colloquially known as "The Doctors" to try and trap the planet in a locked off part of spacetime. This was achieved destroying the Dalek fleet but all contact with the planet was lost and all but the 12th incarnation of the Doctor returned to their own part of their timeline.

The Doctor accepted the offer of First Minister McGann to sanctuary on Earth. He was asked to become a member of the government but declined. Instead he chose to live at Auderley House under protection from UNIT.

McGann's tenure was one of the longest and perhaps one of the greatest in terms of reconstruction. As military minister during the War he had seen horrors that no man should ever see. As FM he oversaw the rebuilding of cities and worlds. He also loosened the grip that Earth had on Lunar and Mars. On the 1st Of January 2000 the Federation was abolished and replaced by the Alliance of Independent Worlds (AIW)

When McGann resigned in 2005 his deputy John Hurt announced that he would be a caretaker leader as he was dying. His brief tenure (3 months) was focused primarily on finishing McGann's work.

2005-2013 Christopher Eccleston/David Tennant/Matt Smith (Reform Party/Open Earth Party)

Eccleston's tenure was shockingly brief. FM for 9 months he resigned due to suffering from PTSD. His only real achievement was The Shadow Proclamation, an agreement that if one of the AIW was attacked the other would come to their aid

Tennant's time was more substantial. He primarily concentrated on ensuring the AIW's security. He also oversaw restrictions on genetic science seeing it as a threat to the human race.

Smith's period was dominated by the search for Gallifrey. Using technology left by the 12th doctor an AIW scientific force found and re-established the planet in its proper place in time and space.

2013-2019 Peter Capaldi/Jodie Whittaker (Open Earth/Unity Party)

Capaldi and Whittaker 's tenure have been dominated by the AIW's new relationship with Gallifrey. Capaldi has made it clear to Romana that the AIW will not be a lapdog. Gallifey was offered AIW membership but it has thus far refused.

Theodore Roosevelt/Leonard Wood (R), 1921
Leonard Wood/VACANT (R), 1921-1925
Leonard Wood/William Howard Taft (R), 1925-1927
William Howard Taft/VACANT (R), 1927-1929
James Cox/Oscar Underwood (D), 1929-1930
James Cox/VACANT (D), 1930-1933
James Cox/Al Smith (D), 1933-1937
Herbert Hoover/Styles Bridges (R), 1937-1945
Styles Bridges/Earl Warren (R), 1945-1953
George Marshall/Estes Kefauver (D), 1953-1957
Richard Nixon/Kingsley Taft (R), 1957-1965
Barry Goldwater/Spiro Agnew (R), 1965-1969
Spiro Agnew/VACANT (R), 1969
Robert Kennedy/George Wallace (D), 1969-1975
George Wallace/VACANT (N), 1975-1977
John Kennedy/Paul Simon (D), 1977-1981
George Deukmejian/John Anderson (R), 1981-1989
Ronald Paul/Dick Cheney (R), 1989-1997
James Carter/Walter Mondale (D), 1997-2000
Walter Mondale/VACANT (D), 2000-2001
Walter Mondale/Hillary Clinton (D), 2001-2005
Alan Keyes/Sam Brownback (R), 2005-2013
Martin O'Malley/Tim Kaine (D), 2013-2017
Nikki Haley/Sarah Palin (R), 2017-Present



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List of Prime Ministers of the United Kingdom
1997-2003: Tony Blair (Labour)

1997 def: John Major (Conservative), Paddy Ashdown (Liberal Democrat), Alex Salmond (Scottish National)
2001 def: William Hague (Conservative), Charlie Kennedy (Liberal Democrat), John Swinney (Scottish National), Richard Taylor (Health Concern)
2003 Euro Referendum: 52% Yes, 48% No

2003-2008: Gordon Brown (Labour)
2004 def: Iain Duncan Smith (Conservative), Charlie Kennedy (Liberal Democrat), John Swinney (Scottish National), Richard Taylor (Health Concern)
2008-2009: Gordon Brown (Government of All the Talents: Labour, Liberal Democrat, Independent Conservative)
2009-2014: Michael Howard (Conservative)

2009 def: Gordon Brown (Labour), Charlie Kennedy (Liberal Democrat), Ken Clarke (National), Alex Salmond (Scottish National), Nick Griffin (British National)
2010 Pound Referendum: 73% Yes, 27% No

2014-2015: Charlie Kennedy (Liberal Democrat)
2014 def: Michael Howard (Conservative), George Galloway (Scottish Freedom), Andy Burnham (Labour), Nick Griffin (British National), Alex Salmond (Scottish National)
2014 Bailout Referendum: 42% Yes, 58% No

2015-2019: Nick Clegg (Liberal Democrat)

In 2001, Tony Blair was re-elected with another large majority, albeit on a low turnout. Emboldened by this literal vote of confidence, he followed through on his plans to remove his combative rival, Gordon Brown, from the Treasury. Robin Cook was appointed Chancellor while Brown went, with bad grace, to the foreign office.

This was a swap with fateful consequences for Britain. For starters, Brown's determination to frustrate Blair in his every endeavour led him to disregard the so-called 'Dodgy Dossier' Blair had commissioned: when the UK did eventually involve itself in the Iraq War, it was in the form of medical detachments and training resources for the new, post-Saddam, Iraqi armed forces.

More importantly, Cook was more relaxed than Brown had been about the rigorousness of the Five Tests for Euro entry, and when the report came out, it was inconclusive - exactly the result that Blair had wanted. He therefore called a referendum to let the people decide. And with Labour and Blair still popular among the electorate (or more popular than IDS and some leftist backbencher called Jeremy Corbyn, at any rate), a surprise victory for the Euro capped off Blair's career. He resigned as Prime Minister and arranged for Brown to succeed him, as arranged years before. Although IDS had made up considerable ground during the Euro Referendum and the Lib Dems had benefited from looking as if they'd saved Britain from the War in Iraq, the Brown Bounce carried Labour over the line in a snap election the next year.

This was the last ever evidence of popularity for Brown. Almost immediately, the economy overheated as a result of Euro membership, which mainly took the form of the third, and largest, housing bubble in as many decades. In some parts of London, house prices were rising by 5% a month, comparable to figures in Ireland or Spain. GDP growth was incredible, but it wasn't sustainable... and, inevitably, the bubble was popped by the mortgage crisis coming out of America.

Northern Rock went bust. So did RBS. So did HBOS, Lloyd's and Barclays. As a Eurozone member, Brown had little option but to offer a full deposit guarantee which turned out to be larger than the country's entire GDP. His instinctive response was to use Quantitative Easing, but this was contrary to the Eurozone rules. The only alternative was several rounds of Austerity, carried out by a Government of All the Talents involving the Lib Dems and some civic-minded Tories.

Needless to say, there was little hope of re-election for Brown, and the Conservatives came back under the Eurosceptic Michael Howard at the next election. By this point, the UK was in dire need of a bailout, but the Eurozone and IMF demanded 'structural reforms' that even the Tories balked at - including the privatisation of the NHS. Howard was presented with a stark choice: make the cuts, or risk crashing out of the Eurozone. He chose to take the latter option, and his brinkmanship was rewarded with a bailout on his own terms, but which barely touched the sides. A referendum was held to leave the Euro and Britain (understandably, in view of the recent tribulations) voted overwhelmingly to leave. There was to be a two-year period in which the New Pound was loosely pegged to the Euro by the Exchange Rate Mechanism, after which it would be cut loose to float on its own - or sink, as the case might be.

As British currency couldn't be devalued during the GFC, the shock of the crash made itself felt directly in the form of unemployment. Youth unemployment hit 45% in 2011, during the ERM period when things should have been getting better, and Britain's disaffected youth joined a wave of protest in that year which spread from Spain to Ukraine and from Tunisia to Tottenham. The riots were put down brutally by police, but they were only the start of the crisis. The Northern Irish Troubles turned hot again, and a wave of Scottish Republican terrorist attacks marked the spread of nationalist fervour to Great Britain. In the May, the SNP government at Holyrood was defeated by the Liberal Democrats thanks to the growth of the Scottish Freedom Party, which was widely assumed to have links with the terrorists.

Finally, in 2012, the New Pound was able to find its own equilibrium. This turned out to be at approximately the level at which a small bar of Dairy Milk would cost sixty-three pounds, but at least, with the rise in employment, most people were earning now.

Unfortunately, the devaluation of the Pound meant that what money the Government (and other savers) did have was now pretty much worthless - Britain needed another bailout, and this would involve further demands of Austerity. Austerity which would set back the already-limited growth that Britain had been experiencing lately. Chancellor Osborne negotiated toughly to save the core of the welfare state, but he was outmanouevred at every step by bankers who were annoyed at Britain for collapsing their Euro dream (several other peripheral countries left in Britain's wake), and the offer on the table at the time of the 2014 general election involved the privatisation of the health service.

For the first time in a century, the Liberals won. With Brown's Labour discredited (and Brown himself replaced as leader by a dull robot who promised a lurch to the left and delivered nothing of the sort) and Kennedy the closest thing Britain had to an elder statesman, the Liberal Democrats attracted support from a huge swathe of the political spectrum - notably the increasingly radicalised young people on the Left. Kennedy, a centrist by inclination, didn't really know what to do with this support, and promised to satisfy these voters by renegotiating the terms of the second bailout. To hold the IMF and EU over the fire, Kennedy called a referendum on the deal. This didn't work: by the time the deal had been rejected in the (low-turnout) referendum, it had already expired. Kennedy was forced to go back and accept even harsher terms - some say it was this disappointment which sent him to a tragically early grave.

Since Nick Clegg succeeded Kennedy, there has been little fire in the bellies of the Liberal Democrats. They have kowtowed to the Troika at every stage. Our health system is owned by McDonalds and our schools by Elon Musk. Worst of all, Royal Mail is now operated by Facebook, meaning that you can now reply to a physical letter by putting a blue thumbs-up sign in a post box if the mood takes you. At least the pillar boxes are still red - they're sponsored by Coca Cola.

The last decade or so has seen every major party discredited in Government. At the election this year, will exhausted voters try the Tories again, in the hope that their perceived prudence will reduce Government Bond rates below 20% again? Or will they plump for a more dangerous alternative?
I just want to see if someone can guess the POD. This is a potential TL that I've had kicking around

Presidents of the United States of America (1993-202x)
42. 1993-1995: William J. "Bill" Clinton* / Albert "Al" Gore, Jr. (Democratic)
43. 1995-1997: Albert "Al" Gore, Jr. / vacant / Robert "Bob" Graham (1995-1997) (Democratic)
43. 1997-2005: Arlen Specter / George Deukmejian (Republican)
1996: Albert "Al" Gore, Jr. / Robert "Bob" Graham (Democratic), Ross Perot / Pat Choate (Reform)
2000: Sam Nunn / John Kerry (Democratic), Donald Trump / Richard "Dick" Lamm (Reform)

44. 2005-2013: Lynn M. Martin / William "Bill" Weld (Republican)
2004: Joseph "Joe" Biden / Tom Daschle (Democratic), Donald Trump / Ted Weil (Reform)
2008: Mark Warner / Bill Richardson (Democratic), Charles Elson "Buddy" Roemer / Angus King (Reform)

45. 2013-2021: Ed Rendell / Evan Bayh (Democratic)
2012: William "Bill" Weld / Jon Huntsman, Jr. (Republican), Ted Weil / Jesse Ventura (Reform)
2016: Christine Todd Whitman / John Thune (Republican), Donald Trump / Rocky de la Fuente (Reform)

46. 2021-20xx: Nikki Haley / Susana Martinez (Republican)
2020: Evan Bayh / Cedric Richmond (Democratic), Jesse Ventura / Clarence William "Bill" Nelson II (Reform)
A "V for Vendetta" TL, based on Film version, where it said that London Attacks happened in 2018, US caused many wars (in Iraq, Sudan, Kurdistan and twice in Syria) and utilized bio-weapons and in 2032 they are asking foreign aid with a civil war centered on Midwest.

43 George Walker Bush (R-Texas)/ Richard Bruce Cheney (R-Idaho) 2001
Def 2000 Albert Arnold Gore Jr (D-Tennessee)/ Joseph Isadore Lieberman (D-Connecticut)

"What does it means that there is a plane colliding with the White House?!? Oh...."

George Walker Bush was often considered as one of the most lucky and unlucky Presidents of US history. Lucky because, as a scion of a prominent conservative dynasty, he won the Presidency for few votes during a contested race in Florida against incumbent Vice-President Al Gore. Unlucky because few months later he was killed in 9/11 terroristic attack. The same killing is still the subject of controversies: Bush died when the White House was destroyed by fourth plane, shortly after Twin Towers and Pentagon hitting, but was unclear why the President was not immediately evacuated in a safe location or aboard the Air Force One. The official version stated that, in a incredibly confused scenario, Secret Service agents judged AFO and all air escape routes unsafe after the planes hijacking and decided to keep Bush in the White House until the establishment of a secure escape route. Confusion impeded to take in time GWB in the Presidential Bunker until the fourth plane destroyed the White House. However many contested the Rehnquist Report's conclusion and spreaded conspiracy theories about a role of Vice-President Cheney in the attack. The death of all witnesses in the White House destruction left the question in great uncertainty. Only one thing was sure: America would not be never the same.

44 Richard Bruce Cheney (R-Idaho)/ Vacant 2001-2003
Richard Bruce Cheney (R-Idaho)/ Colin Luther Powell (R-New York) 2003-2009

Def 2004 Howard Brush Dean (D-Vermont)/ Daniel Robert Graham (D-Florida)

"Where there is a disaster, there is always an opportunity..."

Dick Cheney was unknown as powerful. Almost immediately he called the nation to united against the new enemy, the Islamic terrorism. He declared a "War on Terror" and ordered to invade Afghanistan and Iraq, considered co-responsible of attacks. Taking advantage of the chaos, Cheney governed for almost two years with Presidential decrees, approving the controversial Patriot Acts and the National Security Emergency Act (NSEA), then easily approved by a Republican supermajority following the 2002 election. His choice of Secretary of State Colin Powell as VP was a perfect one: he was a popular black general, ready to run the country if Cheney would fall, and this allowed to replace him with SecDef Donald Rumsfeld and Rummy with Paul Wolfowitz, both of them strong Cheney's allies. When the invasion of Sudan happened in 2004, someone began to understand that Cheney was starting to exaggerate with his hawk attitudinal but nevertheless he won the election against Democratic anti-war candidate Howard Dean the same year. The second term was a little disastrous: the mismanagement of recostruction after hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans and 2008 Recession surely didn't help but the protests against the bloody repression of Kurdish Revolt and the invasion of Syria demonstrated the fatigue of American people towards foreign interventions. He was never able to avoided the suspects to have masterminded the 9/11 Attacks to take the Presidency and in 2007 narrowly avoided conviction when a New Democratic Congress launched an impeachment against him. His VP Colin Powell refused to run in 2008 to avoid to be forced to defend Cheney's actions and when he left the office he was considered as the most unpopular President of US History. However his successors would tried often to match him...

45 Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton (D-New York)/ Birch Evans Bayh III (D-Indiana) 2009-2017

Def 2008 John Sidney McCain (R-Arizona)/ Joseph Isadore Lieberman (D-Connecticut), Ronald Ernst Paul (Ind-Texas)/ Sarah Louise Palin (Ind-Alaska)
Def 2012 John Ellis Bush (R-Florida)/ Robert Francis McDonnell (R-Virginia), Donald John Trump (Ind-New York)/ Newton Leroy Gingrich (Ind-Georgia)

"Breaking the glass ceiling was the difficult party. Break the country was much easier"

Hillary Clinton made the History from the first day, becoming the first woman to become President of the United States. After this, her Presidency was a terrible sequence of announced disasters. She quickly renounced to make a great financial reform and a healthcare plan to try to save (unsuccessfully) General Motors from the bankruptcy. Under pressure from the anti-war faction of Democratic Party, she accepted to retire from Syria in 2011 but three years later she was forced to intervene again to stop the nascent Islamic State. In 2012 she barely survived to a challenge from Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders and her adversary Jeb Bush, a moderate former Governor of a swing state and brother of an American Martyr, was strongly favorite. All expected to have a third candidate, maybe Sanders himself, run to Clinton Left but was the Right to surprise. In 2008 McCain, wanting to show a sign of bipartisan unity after the divisive Cheney Administration, choose his longtime friend Joe Lieberman, who had take same credit in the Right when, with his vote, saved Cheney from impeachment in 2007, as running mate. But the radical Right was further radicalized during the clashes about Cheney and refused to support a ticket with two pro-choice candidates, so it bolted and run a third party candidacy led by Texas Rapresentative and former candidate for Republican nomination Ron Paul. In 2012, far from disbanding, this Alt-Right movement, informally called Tea Party Movement, run led by billionaire businessman and TV celebrity Donald Trump with a bombastic populist platform. The main media considered his candidacy almost a joke but actually he was able to take enough voters (and also some states, the first third party candidate since 1968 to do it) to allow a narrow reelection for Hillary. After a such divisive reelection, her second term was if possible worst then the first: the Nigerian Civil War and fallout from the Arab Spring destabilized Africa ant the Islamic World while the Russian Invasion of Ukraine almost caused a World War. When Hillary Clinton left the Presidency the US and the World had never been so uncertain...

46 Donald John Trump (Ind-New York)/ Michael Taylor Flynn (Ind-Rhode Island) 2017-2020

Def 2016 Bernard Sanders (Ind-Vermont)/ Jeffrey Alan Merkley (Ind-Oregon), Joseph Robinette Biden (D-Delawere)/ Julián Castro (D-Texas), Julius Caesar Watts Jr (R-Oklahoma)/ Randal Howard Paul (R-Kentucky)

"Oh General Mattis, I heard that Rebels will be soon destroyed. What..."
"In the name of the Senate of United States, you are in arrest, Mr President"
"Sad. Very sad. Are you threatening me, General?"
"The Senate will decide your fate"
"I am the Senate!"
"Not yet"
"This is treason then..."

The 2016 Election was the first open, four-way race (and only because Michael Bloomberg decided to not throw his hat in the ring to avoid to split anti-Trump vote) since 1860 and many see similitude with the last election before the Civil War. Trump ran again after spending four years to consolidate his fanatic base, expand his rethoric and ran a perennial campaign against Hillary Clinton. Bernie Sanders, the Peft idol, refused to participate to rigged Democratic primaries an other time and ran as Left independent. Secretary of State Joe Biden took the damaged Democratic mantle presenting himself as the "Good Old Uncle Joe". Republicans were in disarray as their base was being drained by Trump but try to fight back nominating one of the best candidates in the Party History, Oklahoma Governor Julius Caesar Watts. At the end Sanders won the popular vote but Trump stole enough votes to Republicans in enough states to win narrowly the election in the Electoral College. Trump was the first third party/independent President since 1860, an other sinister similitude with the Civil War era. Since the first day he was a controversial and polarizing figure, with his racist slurs and accusations to be a secret ally of Vladimir Putin. His Chief of Staff Steve Bannon openly led a far-right team that organize violent demonstrations. One of them ended in a massacre in Charlottesville, Virginia. Presidential rethoric was widely accused to instigate hate attacks, as Pittsburgh Shooting (against Jews), Islamberg Massacre (against Muslims) and Salt Lake City Slaughter (against women). During his first year the Republican Party (and its Congressional Majority) try to find a way to collaborate with the President on a common rightwing program and have some success in economy and domestic issues but it clashed often over his far-right propaganda and foreign policy. In 2018 however polls predicted an anti-Trump wave for Midterms and Trump increased his attacks while Republicans were under heavy pressure to stand against him. A series of biological terroristic attacks in London, starting an epidemic disaster called St Mary's Virus, gave him a pretext to call for a national emergency. When the new Congress refused to collaborate with him and Special Prosecutor Mueller announced to have find proofs of Trump's collusion with far-right criminals and Russian agents, opening the door to a bipartisan impeachment, Trump declared a national emergency, proclaiming martial law and effectively suspending the Constitution. The protests quickly escalates in the Second Civil War. With support from a strong part of US Army, Trump believed he could governing for life . He was right but failed to understand that he was only a lifetime President and he was killed during a coup attemp by General James Mattis.

47 Michael Taylor Flynn (Ind-Rhode Island)/ Vacant 2020-2034

"Our beloved leader, President Trump, is fallen but I can assure you then my determination has never been so strong. This bloody treason is the end of a unamerican society. The remaining rebels will be caught and defeated and all the Nations will recognize the power of United States. To assure a greater stability and a durable peace across our great nation, this Republic will be reorganized in a New Union, led by a Supreme Goverment. To have a country safer, and more powerful!"

General Flynn will be always remembered for his Islamophobic attitudes, his authoritarianism and his corruption. Chosen by Trump to show competence in Foreign affairs, he was later identified as a Russian and Norsfire agent by Mueller probe. As a member of military it seems as he known about the Mattis's plot but he didn't do anything. General Mattis was a dutiful soldier and he couldn't accept his country to be oppressed by a treasonous oligarch with megalomaniac tendencies and, when Trump decided to use biological weapons against Iran to retaliate for London Attacks despite the lack of proofs, he launched a coup that was able to kill Trump and many collaborationists but shortly after Flynn took advantage from this, defeating and killing Mattis and taking power. He continued to led the new Supreme National Government against rebels with Russian and UK support but he failed to defeat them. After twelve years of war against Rebels strongholds in New England and West Coast, America was on the verge of collapse. His "Pennsylvania Campaign" proved to be a major blow for his credibility and even the Sutler regime decided to cut aid. When the Rebeles started the "Midwest Operation" to reunite West Coast and Great Lakes/New England forces America fall in an food emergency and desperately try to find help from their former allies but they were rebuked. When National Armies were encircled and totally defeated in the Three Midwest Battles and Californian and Illinois soldiers shook their hands in North Platte, Flynn lost almost all his support and was removed from power by his Junta's colleagues. Shortly after he shoot himself to avoid to be caught by Rebels.

(As Supreme Leader of American Nation) Stephen Kevin Bannon (National White Workers's Party-Virginia) 2034

Elwood Blues "What's happening, Agent?"
Agent "They have taken the power and are proclaiming something about their shit"
Elwood Blues "They who?"
Agent "Some damned Nazis"
Elwood Blues "Bannon's Nazis..."
Jake Blues "I hate Bannon's Nazis!"

Steve Bannon was often called the American Goebbels. He masterminded majority of the illegal schemes of Trump Presidency an then the authoritarian measures of Flynn dictatorship. When Flynn proved to be a weak leader, he overthrown him and proclaimed intention to restore the dominion of "White Race". But this extremist shift caused the definitive collapse of American Regime: the last militaries choose to surrender to the Rebels as they marched towards Washington and the last Southern strongholds. Bannon was caught some days later while he tried to escape in Mexico (an ironic twist considering his opinions about this country) and was the highest ranking dictatorship official to be jailed, condemned and hanged for crimes against humanity.

(As General Coordinator of Free American Alliance) James George Stavridis (Union Government-Florida) 2034-2035

"Oh Mister Bannon, I suppose. I'm Admiral Stavridis, of Free American Alliance. I am glad to announce that I have orders to arrest you, to try you, to put a nice rope around your neck and say goodbye to your fucking regime. Now take this garbage away from my sight"

Admiral Stavridis was not in US when Trump declared state of emergency and he used his NATO connection to build an professional army to support rebels during the Civil War. As highest militaries of freedom movement, he declined the proposal to proclaim himself President but accepted the title of General Coordinator of all rebel forces. After Bannon's fall, he was effectively in charge until a civilian Goverment was formed, where he declined any positions to put an end of militaries-in-politics era. The 85 years old Admiral retired soon as a war hero.

(As President of New Continental Comgress and Head of Provisional American Goverment) John Glover Roberts Jr (Union Government-New York) 2035-2037

"Father of Laws, Fathers of Nations"

Chief Judge Roberts was in his house when Trump declared martial law and immediately reunited the Court to declare President's actions unconstitutional. However he was shortly after arrested and imprisoned. During Mattis coup, he was freed by plotters to give it credibility but, when it failed, Roberts was able to escape in Canada. A moderate, he was accepted at unanimity to led the New Continental Congress, often divided between contrasting radical leftwing and conservative forces and opposite regional interests, to write a new Constitution for a new American Community. The old former Chief Judge was exemplar in his duty and was remembered as one of the New Founding Fathers.

(As President of American Free Commonwealth)
1 Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez (Democratic Socialist Party-New York)/ Peter D'Alessandro (DSP-Iowa) 2037-...

Meghan Marghuerite McCain (Common America Party-Arizona)/ Benjamin Eric Sasse (CAP-Nebraska), Chelsea Victoria Clinton (Center Alliance-New York)/ George Prescott Bush (CA-Texas)

"Almost two centuries ago, a great man said that we should have been on guard to avoid to the Goverment of the People, by the People, for the People, to perish from the Earth. In an other speech the same great man said that only Americans could have destroyed America. He proved to be right. No foreign powers, no foreign enemies destroyed our country and subvert our democracy but it was the works of Americans and their plots were fed by Hate, Greed, Hunger of Power and Dissolute Ambition of a decadent system that spreaded corruption and immorality in our society. But American People stood up for its rights! Stood up for its duties! And stood up without doubts for Liberty and Democracy!
So, thanks to People itself and thanks to all silent heroes who participate to the most defining struggle of American History, now we can begin really to build the Govermnt of the People, by the People, for the People!"

Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez was the face of American Revolutionary Movement and was elected in a landslide as first President of new American Free Commonwealth. Often called "American Evey Hammond", AOC has now begins a new era of Recostruction and reconciliation...
35. Richard Nixon (Republican-CA) / Henry Cabbor Lodge Jr. (Republican-MA) 1961-1969
Def: 1960: John F. Kennedy (Democrat-MA) / Lyndon B. Johnson (Democrat-TX) , 1964: Hubert Humphrey (Democrat-MN) / George McGovern (Democrat-ND)
36. Nelson Rockefeller (Republican-NY) / George Romney (Republican-MI) 1969-1973
Def: 1968: Edmund Muskie (Democrat-MN) / Robert Kennedy (Democrat-NY)
37. Lyndon B. Johnson (Democrat-TX) / Hubert Humphrey (Democrat-MN) 1973-1975*
Def: 1972: Nelson Rockefeller (Republican-NY) / George Romney (Republican-Mi)
38. Hubert Humphrey (Democrat-MN) 1975-1978 / Jimmy Carter (Democrat-GA) 1977-1978
Def: George Romney (Republican-MI) / John Conally (Republican-TX)
39. Jimmy Carter (Democrat-GA) Walter Mondale (Democrat-MN) 1978-1981
40. Ronald Reagan (Republican-CA) / George H.W. Bush (Republican-TX) 1981-1989

Def: 1980: Jimmy Carter (Democrat-GA) / Walter Mondale (Democrat-MN), 1984: Jerry Brown (Democrat-CA) / Jesse Jackson (Democrat-IL)
41. Al Gore (Democrat-TN) / George Dukakis (Democrat-MA) 1989-1993
Def: 1988: George H.W. Bush (Republican-TX) / Dan Quayle (Republican-IN)
42. George H.W. Bush (Republican-TX) / John McCain (Republican-AZ) 1993-2001
Def: 1992: Al Gore (Democrat-TN) / George Dukakis (Democrat-MA), 1996: George Dukakis (Democrat-MA) / Bruce Babbit (Democrat-AZ)
43. John McCain (Republican-AZ) / Elizabeth Dole (Republican-NC) 2001-2009
Def: 2000: Bill Bradley (Democrat-NJ) / Bill Clinton (Democrat-AR), 2004: John Kerry (Democrat-MA) / Howard Dean (Democrat-VT)
44. John Edwards (Democrat-NC) / Barack Obama (Democrat-HI) 2009-2017
Def: 2008: Jeb Bush (Republican-FL) / Mike Huckabee (Republican-AR), 2012: Mitt Romney (Republican-MA) / Marco Rubio (Republican-FL)
"America Will Never Be A Socialist Country"-United States Senators, Circa 2049 (1)


Norman "Norm" Boggs (DSL): At 83, Norm Boggs is currently the oldest member of the DSL Caucus and one of the most interesting. A former hardcore Conservative and Christian, Boggs became an atheist after a near-fatal car crash in 2004. Shortly after this, Boggs became involved in the local Party for Socialism and Liberation and soon converted to a form of Trotskyism. While he has since moderated his views, Boggs still ranks among the most radical members of the United States Senate and his fiery manner of speaking (despite his advanced age) has made him a celebrity of sorts since he took office as a United States Senator in 2036. In his time in the Senate, Boggs has often served as the DSL's "frontline man", arguing feircely for Socialist causes, such as increased funding for agriculture cooperatives.

Marcus Zane (R): Young, African-American, and fiercely dedicated to science and technology, Marcus Zane is the face of a new generation of Southern Republicans. Formerly a businessman and amateur roboticist, Zane was a prominent member of Birmingham's small chapter of the American Transhumanists Association (ATA), a Republican aligned transhumanist organization. Frustrated with the way his state was simultaneously shifting radically to the left and firmly in a bio-conservative direction, Zane was convinced by another member of the ATA to run for the venerable senate seat held by unpopular DSL Senator Asa Watchcroft. Zane, although first considered an underdog in the race against Watchcroft, was quickly thrust into higher standings in the polls by both the 2048 Republican wave and his own charisma; Eventually, Zane would come to defeat Watchcroft by five points and was inaugurated this January.


Bridget J. Sampson (R): The former mayor of Anchorage and daughter of former United States Senator Alexander Sampson Jr. (2021-2025), Bridget Sampson is among the moderates in the Senate. An advocate of charter schools and austerity economics (and a prominent critic of the NAHP), Sampson was the quiet mastermind behind the Anchorage Small Business Revolution in the 2030s, which saw Anchorage become one of the few major cities in the United States where private businesses outnumbered cooperatives in most sectors. While her successes in Anchorage, along with her lineage, is generally seen as the reason why she was chosen by the Alaska State Republican Party to replace outgoing Alaska Senator Dan Sullivan, she has made a name for herself in her own right, advocating for a similar platform that she had instituted while in Anchorage. Given her popularity, some have speculated that Sampson is a potential challenger for the Republican Vice Presidential Spot in 2052, if not for President outright.

David Rencell-James (R): A Western Republican, born and bred, David Rencell-James brings a folksy charm to the Republican Party that is often viewed as desperately needed in an era where the party is dominated by white-collar professionals and mild-mannered technocrats. Born in Fairbanks and raised in the cold, barren regions of Northern Alaska, Rencell-James developed a very classic pull-yourself-up type of attitude from a very young age, as well as an interest in law. After graduating law school, he ran for and won the empty Alaska-at-large seat in the House, where he remained for eight years before recently defeating an unpopular incumbent Republican in the Senate Primary and easily taking the general. Currently fifty one years old and with approval ratings in the high fifties, it's unlikely Rencell-James is going anywhere for quite awhile and that is a blessing for the Republicans.


Jacob McCain (R): With a name as recognizable as McCain, it would be hard to believe if Jacob McCain was not in politics in some manner or another. Appropriately, the youngest of the McCain brood has inherited the Senate seat that his mother, Meghan, held before him and his grandfather, John, before her. Although he doesn't have the same intelligent charm of his mother, or the wise mannerisms his grandfather was infamous for, Jacob is the exact definition of a "fire-breather" and his rants against the Socialist policies of the DSL often reach view totals in the millions on NewsNow! Combined with his staunch conservative views and non-interventionist stances, Jacob McCain has become a leading voice in the conservative anti-war movement, alongside more liberal voices in the GOP.

Maria Allende (R): One of the few major LGBT Republicans, Senator Maria Allende is a former lawyer, LGBT activist, and up until three years ago, a United States Representative from Arizona. Although her soft-mannerisms and technocratic attitudes were rare in the Western Branch of the Republican Party, Allende was able to win a contested primary for the United States Senate in 2046 and subsequently defeat a DSL challenger to become a Senator from Arizona, bringing a liberal voice on issues such as abortion and LGBT rights in a region where such views are scarce. While Allende's liberal social views have earned her scorn from her fellow Western Republicans, she has earned the favor of her Eastern Colleagues, and has subsequently became the chair of the Senate Committee on Social Policy (Est. 2023).


Samuel "Sammy" Monroe (DSL): Among the most conservative voices in the DSL, Senator Monroe is a member of the DSL primarily due to it's anti-transhumanist stances, while his economic views would be more suited in the 2020s DSL than the 2040s DSL. While some more moderate Socialists would argue that his conservative stances have allowed him to remain popular in a lean-Republican state, he has still become a rival to the more radical factions of the party and his prickly, hard to work with personality doesn't exactly help that. Still, despite the views of the Dixie Socialists and Midwestern Radicals, it's undeniable that Monroe is a popular Senator and that many of the state's DSL chapter local successes are owed to him, from his days as a labor lawyer in the 2020s all the way up until his election as the first non-Republican Senator From Arkansas in decades in 2036.

Brooke Vale (R): Unmistakable due to her long blonde hair, I'm in charge here attitude, and her habit of wearing her former Sheriff's outfit to congress, Brooke Vale is a young conservative and former Little Rock Sheriff's Deputy, whom many have paralleled to the late David Clarke. Elected after a tense race against Socialist Representative Mark Thompson, an ally of Senator Monroe, Vale has served in the senate for four years now (five, if you count the three days of January, 2049), where she has become a prominent voice in the law-and-order faction of the Republican Party, a group largely dead outside of the conservative regions of the Upper-South. Many have hailed Senator Vale as the voice of modern conservatism and many of the remaining conservatives, including Senator McCain, have openly attempted to convince her to run for President in 2052.


Maggie Hasan (R): The former Lt. Governor of California, Maggie Hasan is a moderate ally of Senate Majority Leader Jess Aragon, who has become a staunch advocate against the Second Cold War arms build up, fearing a Japanese attack on the West Coast which could devastate her home state. This has made a darling of anti-war Republicans and Liberals in the Party. Or, at least, this is the image she puts up on the surface. What little in California know, with the exception of a few of her close state-allies, is that Maggie Hasan is currently running the California State Republican Party and the L.A real estate scene through shady backroom deals, intimidation, and good old fashion dirty politics. Multiple opponents of Hasan have either died mysteriously or retired unexpectedly; All swept under the rug of course, due to a little help from her allies in the Governor's mansion and the current California AG, Andrew Welles, who is, conveniently, her spouse. While she puts up the face of a Liberal Dove in congress and in public, behind the scenes, Maggie Hasan is really the face of California's corruption problem.

Yvette Zavala (R): While her colleague Senator Hasan may be pulling a farce, Senator Zavala is one of the few politicians in California that is actually running a legitimate operation in California. Her days as the DA of San Bernadino allowed her to learn about the deep rooted corruption with California's state government and inspired the young Yvette Zavala to run for Senate on a clean-government, liberal technocratic platform. This has made her an enemy of many, including Senator Hasan and she has been the target of multiple smear campaigns and harassment, all the work of the California State Republican Party. Still, Senator Zavala has remained a leading voice in the clean-government faction of the Republican Party, and many suspect that she will earn a large place in the next Republican Administration; Either to shut her up, or to actively fight against the corruption in many parts of the country. Time can only tell, though, if she will actually accept a position of the like.


Nathan "Nate" Foster (DSL): A Socialist Senator from Colorado is extremely rare in the 2040s, what with the state's decidedly white collar and conservative bent, so it truly is a testament to the political skill of Nate Foster that he has been able to serve three terms as a Senator from Colorado. Elected in 2040, Foster was once a virtually unknown activist from a small town outside of Colorado Springs, spending much of his teenage and early adult years agitating on behalf of immigrant rights. He was known by some in the Colorado DSL, however, and when Colorado's Fifth Congressional became vacant in 2036, a member of the state party offered to single handily fund his campaign if he were to run. Foster accepted the offer and proceeded to fight an uphill battle against his Republican opponent; A battle which he would narrowly win. Later, Foster ran for Senate, unseating Republican Senator Daniel Mason in a Socialist Wave Year. In his time in the Senate, Foster has caucused with the moderates, mainly focusing his energy on funding and expanding the Federal Immigration Relocation Committee.

Carter Ellis (R): Another member of the Liberal Technocratic faction of the Republican Party, Senator Carter Ellis is a middle-aged, but graying man who formerly worked in a digital consulting firm before running for and winning a seat on the Denver City Council and later, the Senate. Ellis has remained a quiet figure during his time in Congress, although that doesn't mean he hasn't been influential while in the Senate. He has drafted numerous pieces of legislation, covering everything from market deregulation to augmentation reform. This has given Ellis the reputation as a sort of "go-to-guy" for legislation when you need it done quietly and Majority Leader Aragon has enlisted the help of Senator Ellis several times when it comes to important legislation. The fact that Ellis can remain as unnoticeable as he is and not be in danger of loosing his Senate seat is an added benefit.


Sam Barker (R): A former Major in the Marine Corps and also one of the few congresspeople with a physical augmentation (his left leg has been replaced with a genetically engineered augment), Sam Barker is a leading figure in the pro-transhumanist movement within the Republican Party. Barker, who briefly served as chair of the Connecticut branch of the American Transhumanist Association, ran for Senate in 2042 after the passage of the Human Augmentation and Natural Boundaries Act of 2041. Barker ran as a pro-small business, pro-augmentation Republican and was able to defeat his opponent, who was a bit more conservative on augmentation issues, in the Republican Primaries. Since his election, Senator Barker has spent his time fighting against the expansion of worker's cooperatives (in favor of small private businesses) and expectedly, has attempted to repeal the Human Augmentation and Natural Boundaries Act of 2041 himself nearly ten times. Although his popularity has recently taken a dip, due to a very public and very messy divorce with is wife, Sam Barker is still very popular among transhumanist Republicans, African-American conservatives, and small business owners, three of the primary demographics in Connecticut.

Sarah C. Davis (R): Recently having celebrated her 67th birthday, many suspect that Senator Davis, who has served in Congress for nearly twenty five years, is on her way to retirement. In her nearly twenty five years, Davis, who originally unseated Senator Chris Murphy in 2028 (the last great New England Democrat), has paved the way for her fellow Black Republicans in the North East, sponsoring numerous bills designed to help Black and Brown citizens start up businesses and (in the mind of Davis, at least) wean the New English Black Population off of Welfare programs. Within the past several years, Senator Davis has also took a decidedly hawkish tone on foreign affairs, being one of the few Republicans in the Senate who support the American arms build up and the expansion of the Global Democratic Pact. This has put Davis is an interesting position of being liked by many Socialists and disliked by many (elected) New English Republicans; Needless to say, many in the Party are happy to hear that she may retire soon, although her voters certainly are not.


Elias Fortuno (R): The youngest scion of a very prominent and very powerful Delaware Media Family, Elias Fortuno recently decided to break from the path of many of his family members and enter politics, rather than take up the mantle as a co-owner of the family business. Although he is objectively lacking in charisma, being somewhat of an introverted policy wonk, Fortuno was able to use the influence and connections of his family to run for the Delaware State Legislator after he graduated from the University of Wisconsin Madison. With his four years in the State Senate were mainly uneventful, Fortuno decided to run for Senate in 2046, where he entered a surprisingly close race against Socialist State Representative Claire Owens, the daughter of Secretary of Energy Max Owens. Fortuno was able to narrowly defeat Owens in the closet Senate race for the Republicans in Delaware in a century and was inaugurated in 2047. Unfortunately for Fortuno, his life in the Senate has been almost as uneventful and boring as it was the Delaware Legislator, as he has mainly been relegated to the back bench; Majority Leader Aragon already has enough quiet policy wonks at her disposal, after all.

Ian Bridges-White (R): Unlike his counterpart Senator Fortuno, Ian Bridges-White is one of the well-known and more importantly, loudest voices in the Republican Caucus. Despite his moderate politics, which largely fall in line with the rest of the Northern Republican Establishment, Senator Bridges-White is a certified frontbencher due to his fire-breathing disposition. The only downside to this is that, to put it nicely, Bridges-White isn't exactly the sharpest tool in the shed. Before becoming a Senator, he had dropped out of college, worked as a plumber, and had only been able to win his Senate seat due to the fact that his father had been a prominent member of the Delaware Republicans. Due to this, Bridges-White has been sort of "useful idiot" for Majority Leader Aragon and her allies, who, in essence, tell him what to say and he says it, giving a bigger platform for Republican causes; Say what you will about him, but he is certainly useful for getting an audience.


Maria Gonzalez (DSL): Senator Maria Gonzalez was an unlikely perfect-fit for the Democratic Socialist Labor Party, who has been able to take herself from her harsh upbringing by a wealthy family of right-wing Cuban-Americans to become one of the most popular figures in America's foremost Socialist Organization. Having always had a rough relationship with her parents, Gonzalez had left home at the age of eighteen, where she used what little money she had accepted from her parents to study marine biology at the Universty of Tampa. After receiving her degree, Maria was unable to find work in her preferred field and instead came to work at a restaurant cooperative in Tampa. While she had previously been apolitical, her admiration for the functions of the cooperative she was employed at motivated her to seek a different career path, and after working at the cooperative for several years, she decided to run for mayor of Tampa, a Socialist stronghold in the traditionally Republican South Florida. She won and after a successful term as mayor of Tampa, ran for Senate, easily defeating her Republican Opponent, Representative Connie Mack IV. Her time in the Senate has led her to become involved in the Left Libertarian Caucus, becoming an ally of Senators Talia Reyes and Arcturus Stark.

Arcturus Stark (DSL): Serving alongside his ally and friend Maria Gonzalez, Arcturus Stark is a former United States Representative and a aircraft technician, before his life in politics. Stark is one of the most prominent members of the Left Libertarian Caucus of the DSL and has spent much of his time in Congress seeking to expand cooperatives in the Deep South. Senator Stark, additionally, is also one of the most anti-war members of the DSL, and has been a prominent critic of President Scott within the Party. This has made Stark an icon among the anti-war left and his charismatic, joke-cracking personality has only helped build his national profile. Many strategists and party activists have named Stark as the best candidate for 2052, although this idea has faced a lot of pushback from the Orthodox and Radical factions of the Party.


A former hardcore Conservative and Christian, Boggs became an atheist after a near-fatal car crash in 2004.
It usually seems to go the other way around, dunnit? I mean, I feel like it adds up better if he lost his faith in the Religious Right after Katrina or something (it hit parts of Alabama).
Boggs became involved in the local Party for Socialism and Liberation and soon converted to a form of Trotskyism
Hold up, I'm not up on my Commie Splinter Groups, but isn't PSL one of the Tankie Splinters?
It usually seems to go the other way around, dunnit

Yeah, usually. But in the case of Boggs, he kind of had this whole "How could god let this happen in the first place" type of moments and abandoned his faith.

Hold up, I'm not up on my Commie Splinter Groups, but isn't PSL one of the Tankie Splinters?

Yeah, although under Peta Lindsay, who became a Senator during the late 2020s ITTL, it moderated and was later assimilated into the DSL after the DSL took a more radical turn.
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