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  • Kayin Dreemurr

    Kayin Dreemurr

  • A query, as someone who enjoyed what they read of What Dreams may come and is feeling a brief spike of inspiration while reading Dark Destroyer's The Gift...

    Would it be alright if I dm ya about a story idea I have that's sort of similar but not (as while it involves an SI, it also involves them having been in the Trek universe for a while, albeit in the STO era) and get some feedback from ya?
    Joshua Ben Ari 1
    If you like, you can send it to me. I'm not sure when I'll be able to review it and give feedback, but I will try to get it done if you're still interested
    Kayin Dreemurr
    Kayin Dreemurr
    sadly I dumped the idea in question a week or two ago. And decided on a DS9 SI story a few weeks after I left the comment hehe x3

    I can link that timeline here though if you're up for taking a look at what I've done so far! Dark Destroyer's been helping out!
  • kallas

  • Sad to see your stories deleted on Ao3, the haters are always more vocal than the enjoyers. I usually didnt comment, cuz english aint my first language and its somewhat difficult to me to convey what i think/feel without sounding premade/repetitive.
    kallas 2
    Anyway, i loved your work and was absolutely hooked to MOFM, i was actually re-reading it for like the 4th time when your work went down. Hope you eventually repost them and complete em, you're a fantastic writter and i'd love to see more of your work.
    Joshua Ben Ari 1
    It’s never fun when the haters get so loud. But between comments that were just plain insults to needless bashing, it just… it wasn’t fun for me. So I deleted them. You can take a look at how MOFM would have ended on my test thread, though!

    And that’s okay! When I post other stories on AO3, you can comment in your native language! :)
  • David.P

  • So any reason to delete your stories? Something happened od? And will you post them again and continue? I am sure many people would like that
    Joshua Ben Ari 1
    I just wanted to delete them. Plus quite a few commenters were bashing it rather needlessly so it was a “okay, let’s take these down and never look at them again”.

    I might eventually repost them, but for the immediate future there’s no plans.
    David.P 1
    Oh i understand that, i read few of those comments and i get it. Could you write quick version of how the Am i my Brother keeper?, would end? I get there Is change you wont Finish it and lot of people who wanna to know how it end, how it would end up with Daphne and that letter and how it would end up with Marcus. And about writing completely, are you planing to write a new story or?
  • Teiichi

  • All of your stories disappeared from AO3 earlier, I was re-reading mofm because you updated and then went to the next chapter and everything was gone. Is something wrong or happen with the site?
    Joshua Ben Ari
    Nothing happened with the site, I just deleted both fics yesterday. What chapter did you leave off on for MOFM? I can send you the chapter through here.
    I was on chapter 12 I believe and as for a quick review while there were a number of elements that were trite with other stories doing the same things, it was well written and I typically view things like that as a means to move a story along and I quite liked the story itself. I do thank you for writing, its a talent I don't have but you do and i thank you for sharing it with us.
    Joshua Ben Ari
    I'll see if I can post the chapter here just so you can finish re-reading it. I might eventually come back to both MOFM and AIMBK?, but for right now both are off the table.
  • omi

  • Hi can i get the link to your A03 profile intrested in my brothers keeper
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