Flag of the United Kingdom of Scotland, Ireland and the Isles. Fairly simple idea - St Patrick's Saltire on a St Andrew's Saltire.
That's the one!

Aside from the uneven red bars (which I'm guessing are accidental?), that's pretty great. Reminds me slightly of an aircraft propeller; I might end up using a straightened-out version of this concept as an Air Force or airline flag. Thanks!
I would love to see more from this universe!

I'm not exactly sure about the arrangement either. If the idea is to give the crosses equal prominence, I would quarter them like this:
Initium Sapientiæ suggestion 01 [St. Andrew's Cross and St. Patrick's Cross].png
the state flag of the German Empire on sea.
Basically based on the idea on Freddy IV accepting the "gutter" crown and establishing a small 1848 Germany. The CoA of Prussia put on the war flag turns it into the state flag. And the war flag and state flag on sea is based on the OTL ensign and jack of the modern German Navy
A couple of flags for a SFR Yugoslavia that is more decentralised/has more republics:
Kosovo SFR.jpg
Krajina SFR.jpg

In order:
SFR Dalmacija
SFR Karaška (Carinthia)
SFR Herzegovina
SFR Kosovo
SFR Sandžak
SFR Krajina

John Waters

That is a very good point my friend! I should have realized that. I don't know why I thought it was "red sand."

I mean, regarding the whole ethnic tensions thing, one of the issues that the Soviets created in Central Asia was forcing people of varying ethnic origins into a set nationality that was defined (or re-defined) by them. Bukhara was always a multi-ethnic state; Uzbekistan, likewise, is a multi-ethnic state, but the Soviet Union basically told everyone in Uzbekistan--even those who weren't necessarily Uzbeks--that they were now Uzbeks. When compared to the Soviet policy of basically making borders and forcing people of different ethnicities to consider themselves to be one nationality (e.g., you live in the Turkmen SSR, so you must be a Turkmen, and not a Sart), Bukhara is a far more organic political entity. Obviously it would have some ethnic tensions and problems, and, no, it wouldn't be like Belgium, but you wouldn't see that horrible Soviet border gore that has caused so many problems for the independent nations of central Asia in recent decades, nor that sort of artificial nationalism that has sprung from the USSRs nation-engineering.

If you would like to see a modern flag, I could make one. I think it would be a different-looking one, however, although I think it might use the same color scheme.

EDIT: Perhaps I will make a completely new flag, but here is a lazy version.

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This is one of the best flags I've seen
No way socialist flag would feature a crown, otherwise great stuff
Its unlikely but not impossible. Also the context is that Krajina has a strong historical connection to Croatia (the capital Knin, was the medieval capital of Croatia, hence the crown of Tomislav) whilst the majority of the population is Serb. So the crown of Tomislav is more of a appeasement move to Croatian nationalists.