1. Ideas for Alternate Decade Aesthetics?

    I'm currently working on a large and complex alt-history project. I recently had a rather weird idea for the project that I'd like to impliment and that idea is giving the 2000s, 2010s and 2020s different aesthetics than what they had in reality. This includes alternate car designs, fashion...
  2. The_Persian_Cat

    Alternate "Renaissances"

    Hello all, So, the Italian Renaissance was (more or less) a renewed interest in Italy's Classical Roman heritage, mostly in aesthetic and scholarly fields. This interest in pre-Christian culture and philosophy led to new developments which went hand-in-hand with the preeminence of the Catholic...
  3. AltoRegnant

    Art In Lasting Latin Empire?

    Hello; so this is pretty overtly a "help with my timeline" thread because I don't actually know a lot about art history. But, in my tl, the Latin Empire/Empire of Constantinople/Catholic ERE has managed to establish itself to the holdings in dark red over the last century, with these being the...
  4. Light Jammings

    Q: Would Hitler still be the man we know if he wasn't kicked out of art school?

    Yes yes. I am the funny. Anyway, I remember reading somewhere that because of Hitler being kicked out of art school, he would eventually be active in politics and become the mass murderer we know today. If Hitler wasn't kicked out of any of the schools he attended, what would have become of...
  5. Visual art alternate history discussion

    You know what we don't see a lot of here? Discussion of visual arts in alternate history. Sculpture, painting, drawing, etching, architecture, fashion, ceramics, and countless other media are rarely touched upon here. We've gotten quite a bit about literature, theater, music, film and other...
  6. WI: Socialist Realism not made official art style of USSR

    I was reading up on the history of Soviet art, and a pretty obvious question came to me: what would it be like if the USSR never adopted the "Socialist Realist" art style as official, and therefore never suppressed alternative art styles? If you don't know, after the Russian revolution a variety...
  7. Starforce

    Flag Thread V

    The previous flag thread, listed here is dangerously closed to hitting the 500 page limit. I have created this one to function as the next flag thread when that time comes. The previous flag thread is linked here: Long live...
  8. AHC: Create a new Sub- or Microgenre

    I'm a bit interested in small obscure genres or subgenres, whether films, games, music, or literature. The goal of is to make up one of these, kind of like my Whateverpunk thread. Gathering Metal: A genre combining metal with indigenous american instruments, typically drums, and highly...
  9. What Would Norse Horror Media Look Like?

    Okay, so I was inspired by this wonderful video by leftist YouTuber and media analyst Renegade Cut, where he analyzes how the horror genre in the western world is heavily influenced by Christianity, often making copious implicit or even explicit Christian (typically Catholic) imagery, monsters...
  10. DBWI: Stanley Kubrick Never Makes "Napoleon"

    Stanley Kubrick's "Napoleon" swept the 1972 Academy Awards winning Best Picture, Director, Original Screenplay, Cinematography, Costume Design, and Best Actress for Audrey Hepburn - who came out of retirement to do the film. Starring Jack Nicholson as Napoleon, Hepburn as Josephine, and Malcolm...
  11. AH Artworks

    Much of this stuff was done for RvBOMally's work by myself, but I decided to post it here for the convenience of everyone.
  12. Duke Andrew of Dank

    Top Museums Never Created

    This is essentially a spiritual successor to my Top Locomotives Never Built thread. Only now with museums ranging in subject from art to railroads or even video games. Go nuts.
  13. POINT (Various) Repository

  14. Evolution of art, philosophy and architecture without the world wars

    How would the pre ww1 artistic trends have developed without the disruption of the world wars? Would futurism become even more important? Does modernism still arise? What about art deco?
  15. DBWI: Hitler fails to get into art school.

    What if the legendary but controversial artist Hitler had failed to get into art school. I mean he only just scraped in. What effect would this have on artistic culture? What would of happened if he had gone into politics? If he had become chancellor?
  16. WotanArgead

    Need help - Alternative and Art of the 19th century.

    Good day. A friend of mine now writes a timeline, and he needs to sort out some cultural issues. I would like to know if anyone here understands the Art of the XIX century? I would be happy if anyone could help!
  17. AHC Make Eurythmy a standard and accepted part of performance art by our present day

    Eurythmy is a type of performance art, pioneered by Rudolf Steiner, an Anthroposophist, in which people are encouraged to respond to hearing particular lines of poetry, and/or riffs of music, with either contorted or gymnastics-like bodily movements in a group. This behavior supposedly has...
  18. WotanArgead

    Souls of the Soviet era in painting.
    Threadmarks: 1920s

    The 1920s Shtenberg Irina Valerianovna (1905-1985). "In the box." (Yes, these are the ones you thought about.) Actually, for NEP, it's a common thing). Sergei Luchishkin "The ball flew away". 1926 year. Sergey Luchishkin. "Pipes". 1925 "Tankmen". Pyotr Shukhmin. 1928. Konstantin...
  19. WotanArgead

    Soviet Fantastic Painting
    Threadmarks: Alexei Arkhipovich Leonov

    Last week, Russia celebrated Cosmonautics Day. Also recently a relatively good Russian film "The Time of the First" came out on the screens, about the first human entry into space. As some probably know in the 60s, in the USSR there was a boom of fancy fantasy, and a space theme in principle. Of...
  20. Witch0Winter

    Witch0Winter's Artwork

    Yay, I have my own art thread now. Mostly gonna be maps. In fact, almost all maps. Enjoy. The Nation of Brotherly Love: 1808 The basic premise is that Philadelphia, rather than Washington D.C., becomes the nation's capital and largest city by the present day, leading a very pro-British and...