Epidemic at the Land of the Morning Calm - Expanded TL of Seoul Station and Train To Busan

60 Minutes Interview with Seong-Kyong (Part 2)
Seong-kyeong: To our dismay however, some of the survivors entered the wrong vehicle. The one's with the Infected in them. This included Su-an, the daughter of the businessman, a baseball player's girlfriend, and an elderly couple. It was a tense moment as my husband, the businessman who I learned later whose name was Seok Woo, and a baseball player named Yong-guk prepared to rescue them. We only had a few weapons with us, namely baseball bats and some riot gear my husband captured. My husband didn't arm himself as he was an expert MMA fighter. I was worried for him. It was a tense as the moment they entered the vehicle full of Infected, there was no telling if they would come out or not. It would be another 20-30 minutes till they returned. They were able to use the cover of darkness once the train entered the tunnels since the Infected were blind in the dark. They appeared to also be attracted to sound.

Steve Kroft: Was the rescue successful?

Seong-kyeong: It came at a heavy cost, including my husband [Tries to wipe hear tears]. One of the older women, someone named In-gil, sacrificed her life so that we could get to the other cars safely. However, some passengers lead by a paranoid businessman named Yon-suk rallied the remaining passengers thinking we were Infected. We were shunned at first while my husband tried to hold them off. That was the time he was bitten on the hand. Yet he fought until his body gave in to the virus just as the Infected piled up on him. That was when the bastards on the other side decided to let us enter. Seok Woo confronted the selfish Yong-guk and demanded answers why we were left behind. The passengers began to riot as they voted to lock us up in another train car. [A single tear falls from her cheek]

Steve Kroft: We may end here if you feel uncomfortable.

Seong-kyeong: No it's alright. I need to continue. The world needs to know our story.

Steve Kroft: Alright. So how many of you were locked up in the other car?

Seong-kyeong: There were six of us. Aside from me, in it were Seok Woo and his daughter Su-an, Yong-guk [the baseball player] and his girlfriend Jin-hee, and a homeless man whom I would never know his name. It turned out to be a miracle for us in disguise as one of the disgruntled passengers, the sister of In-gil, let the Infected in as payback for what the paranoid passengers did to her sister. Today, no amount of sympathy exists from me for them except for In-gil and her sister Jong-jil. What happened next was a near collision with another burning KTX train at East Daegu Train Station meant we had to disembark. This was where the homeless man made his stand, sacrificing his life so that Seok Woo, Su-an, Yong-guk, Jin-hee and I could escape. I will never forget his selfless act. However, the Infected were hot in pursuit. This was where I last saw Yong-guk and Jin-hee separate from us. I assume they were killed as the Infected overrun the place. We managed to get on one of the trains that were moving as the Infected held on to it. Seok Woo was able to fend them off. Wondering who was the one driving the train, we were all surprised to see it was the greedy Yon-suk who was showing signs of the virus. He somehow got infected. Before he turned into one of the gumiho, he actually begged us to take him to his mother down in Busan. When he turned, there was an alterceration with Seok Woo. There, Seok Woo was bitten before he threw the infected Yon-suk to the ground. Bitten, the man was in the stages of grief while Su-an and I could only watch with pure sadness. However, Seok Woo knew he had to go. He did not want to be a burden to his daughter. So he jumped off the train, sacrificing his life so the both of us could continue down into the Busan Safe Zone.

Steve Kroft: That must have been horrible. I'm so sorry to hear that.

Seong-kyeong: Once the train stopped, both of us disembarked. We passed by a wreckage of another train, one that looked like it was shot by the military. Bodies were seen in the river below. There were more bodies as we approached the tunnel, where barricades and electric fences were erected. I was holding Su-an by the hand as she sang "Farewell to Thee" in Korean just as soldiers from the ROK Army rescued us. We were then screened in a medical tent along with the rest of the refugees that made it to the Busan Safe Zone. Once it was cleaned, some military officers and authorities asked about our ordeal. I told them everything from the start of the journey from Seoul all the way down here to Busan. We were then processed in the zone where I later would bring Su-an to her mother. It was a tearful reunion, obviously bittersweet since her father was now dead. The medical authorities decided to transfer Su-an, her mother, and I to Jeju Island where the United States Forces Korea where assisting the ROK Armed Forces set up a safe-zone for the critical. I was due to deliver the following month. On August 18, 2016, I gave birth to baby girl that I named Soo-nam.

Steve Kroft: What was it like here in Jeju?

Seong-kyeong: While Jeju was cramped with refugees and foreign tourists that were stranded, it was much better than Busan I suppose. While I was there, I was waking up terrified that the Busan Perimeter would fall. Thankfully, that was not the case. The virus did bring some positivity for once. The Japanese, once our most hated enemies, even lent a hand of assistance. The Japan Self Defense Forces were deployed to Jeju to assist in setting up humanitarian efforts. It was the first time the Japanese set foot in the Korean peninsula. Of course, we had another problem. The North. The Glorious Leader up there was obviously up to no good. Once he realized our nation was weak, he prepared to take over us in the name of uniting the peninsula. I would never forget his threats to the South, Japan, and the United States. The world's focus was on our nation that was destroyed by a virus that should only exist in science fiction. Even the 2016 Olympics in Brazil was overshadowed by the events that occurred here along with Kim Jong-un's threats of invasion.

Steve Kroft: Do you remember the days leading to the Second Korean War?

Seong-kyeong: Yes I do. From the time on the 27th of August when North Korea fired several ballistic missiles into the sea. Panic was everywhere from the Busan Safe Zone down here to Jeju Island. The RIMPAC fleet from Hawaii was here to assist us of course in the hopes of deterring North Korea but the madman seemed to never end his rants. On the fateful night of September 2nd, 2016, I would never forget the footage of North Korean artillery and rockets raining down on Seoul all while KPA tanks and armored vehicles crossed the DMZ. It was the day every Korean feared since July 27, 1953. It did backfire on Kim though, as the superior forces of the U.S., ROK, and the rest of the RIMPAC fleet managed to repel the invasion. What Kim inadvertently did was almost create a second outbreak when his foolish KPA got infected and attempted to retreat back into North Korea. That's when he showed his true madness when he unleashed a nuclear missile on the town of Paju while attempting to use the Infected to be airdropped as weapons into the Busan Safe Zone. It was when the Chinese had enough of his madness and promptly disposed of him on September 5th, 2016. The madness was over at that time and the world could breathe a sigh relief even if the problems weren't really over yet.

Steve Kroft: Following the end of the Second Korean War, do you currently have plans to return to the mainland.

Seong-kyeong: Not as of now. I fear for the safety of my child. Even though I heard the U.S., the UN, and the ROK have slowly retaken Seoul, it's best to remain here. Jeju is an island surrounded by water. Plus, I feel its like paradise. I also fear for radiation levels from the nuclear strike on Paju. I want my baby to grow up healthy. So that's it, I'll stay for a long as ever. The good news I have heard is that the North may reunite with the South soon but this may take time, a lot of time. It could be years or even decades. However, it is the start of things getting better at least. I'm still in contact with Su-an and her mother. All of us are just glad to be alive and well.

Steve Kroft: Thank you for your time Mrs. Seong-kyeong. It is a pleasure for you to be here with us to share your account in this unprecedented era of human era.

Seong-kyeong: Of course. Thank you too.

- 60 Minutes Special Interview, Broadcast Date: February 23, 2017
@Ukron, I plan to write the next part as my personal testimony what happened post-outbreak such as how the U.S. Presidential Elections occurred in this TL [and how I saw it on the morning/afternoon of November 9, 2016] as well as the "infamous kissing incident" of November 13, 2016 (Yes it occurs in this timeline)

Coming soon as DBWI chapters for this TL, a series of personal events unfolding in-universe:
- Election Day
- Welcome to USC-M
- Sirao-Budlaan Hike
- Graduation
- To Enter Medical School or Not?
Election Day
Note: This is a DBWI chapter.

On the morning on November 8th, 2016 (evening in the Far East), the U.S. Presidential Elections opened in full swing. It was the one of the biggest headlines for 2016, counting Brexit and the K-Z Virus epidemic and the Second Korean War that followed. Republican candidate Donald J. Trump faced off with Democrat candidate Hillary Clinton days ago in the final debate. The K-Z outbreak in Korea was a staunching factor of the elections, as it garnered Trump more voters in regards to the controversial subject of refugees and illegal immigrants. While the situation in both Koreas already stabilizing with 99% of the Infected having perished, only the reconstruction and the subsequent decontamination of the the peninsula following the North Korean nuclear attack on the town of Paju. Across the world, millions of people watched on their TVs, smartphones, Twitter Feeds, Google, and elsewhere on what the outcome would be. The Koreans too despite their current situation were watching from TVs set-up stretching from reclaimed towns and cities all the way down to Busan and the Jeju Island safezone.

Evening of November 8th, 2016
(Morning in the USA)
Cebu City, Philippines

Gillan: How are things there in Virginia?

Alexander: Votings have begun. I'm boycotting this election though.

Gillan: Why?

Alexander: I think both of Clinton and Trump are bad candidates.

Gillan: What about your parents? Are they pro-Trump?

Alexander: Last time I heard they are gonna be voting for Trump.

Facebook chat between Gillan Baclayon (Cebu City, Philippines) and Alexander Wallace (Williamsburg, Virginia) on the morning of the elections in the U.S.
Gillan: Hey guys, what do you think of the election now? How it would affect the Scotland Says "Yes" timeline?

Nathan (Winchester, United Kingdom): Same as OTL I guess, the Scottish too would be watching.

Alessio (San Salvatore Monferrato, Italy): In my opinion, I think Trump will win. He's got too much voters now especially following Brexit and the outbreak in Korea.

Nathan: Agreed, Trump used the outbreak to gain more voters. There is a very slight chance of Hillary winning.

Gillan: Alright, we shall see. All eyes on the TV or whatever your platform your watching

Facebook Group chat on the Alternate History of Scotland Says "Yes"
The next morning...

November 9th, 2016
9:00 - 10:00 AM
University of San Carlos - Talamban Campus
Cebu City, Philippines

It is enrollment period, the period when almost all students would flock to the whatever computer is within reach to process the enrollment. It is a common thing in my university. This one however, is no ordinary semester for me. It is the final five months of me as an undergraduate here since I am expected to graduate by April of next year.

Today is an ordinary morning I suppose but this year was very eventful for the past months. In the Philippines, Duterte became the President and we won the arbritation against China in regards to the Scarborough Shoal issue, but not that didn't do shit. Duterte is somehow pro-China and pro-Russia. Nothing has changed. This was followed by Brexit, then a truck attack in Nice during Bastille Day, then a coup attempt in Turkey, then finally a real-life zombie-like outbreak in South Korea. It shocked the world the most since zombies are only supposed to exist only in horror films and science fiction. Thanks to our pop-culture and the quick reaction of the international community, a global pandemic was averted. But that did not end things since North Korea under Kim Jong-un decided it was the best time to invade South Korea after the country was weak as the outbreak decimated much of them. At that time, I was on a retreat with my graduating batch when we got see the final showdown between North and South. While the Second Korean War as they call it only lasted around 3-4 days, never before in my lifetime as well as my friends would expect to see the North Koreans fire a nuclear warhead on modern day. The world was just as shocked as we are. Then came the Chinese that disposed of the madman, finally ending the war. The Korean peninsula today is still gonna undergo decades of reconstruction. Thankfully, the United Nations and the WHO states that most of the Infected would have been wiped out by Christmas this year. A sigh of relief indeed. Today, while the world's eyes are still in Korea, it is looking at the elections on the other side of the globe.

I kinda felt like today was like the U.S. elections, as the long lines of students waiting to be enrolled resembles that lines at the polls today. Even though we are in the Philippines and the bearing of the U.S. Presidential elections have no bearing on us not counting our historic alliance with America and the possible shift in foreign policy, almost everyone I saw where on their smartphones getting updated with the news. Even the university student publication, Today's Carolinian, was providing election updates as they came via their Facebook page.

"Hey Clinton is initially leading." One guy in front of me said.

"I doubt it, Trump has a greater margin." Another replied.

As I checked my Facebook, almost all of the major news networks were sharing a map of the United States with both the colors of red and blue. Clinton was still leading this morning..for now I suppose. A few moments later, it was my turn to enroll. The office of the Department of Biology was teeming with activity. Several students including those with biology-related subjects as minors too were there, waiting to enroll in Zoology 1 and Zoology 2. I only had to enroll the remaining majors I have left: Evolutionary Biology, Parasitology, and Histology, along with a few remaining minor subjects. Then after this semester, I'd be marching on stage with a toga and cap. I still have five months left. I thought. Pfft, five months isn't so long if you think of it.

"Hey Gillan, how's your enrollment?" My friend Denzel came.

"Well, I'm done now. Thank the Lord bai." I replied.

"So where are you going right now?" He asked.

"I'm gonna head over to the Engineering building since my friend from high school, her name is Mia is asking for help for directions. She isn't from this campus since she is from the downtown campus but I guess she figured enrollment would be better here." I said.

"Ughh sure, catch you around later." replied Denzel. Along the way, I met my friends Daniel, Michael Angelo, Lawrence, Mark, and Jan who were also lining up for enrollment. We exchanged some jokes comparing it to the U.S. elections as well as some news about Korea. It's just been roughly two months since the nuclear attack on Paju but everything felt so fresh. 2016 is definitely surreal. I thought. So much headlines that defined this year. The results of this election would definitely be added to that list.
A few minutes later, I walked to the second floor of the Engineer Building where there was a big computer room to process the enrollments. To our dismay ever, the line was still full. I received a text from my friend Mia that she was on her way here. I told her the bad news that was full but I'd be waiting for her here to help her. A voice then called me out from the crowd as a petite girl with long, black hair clad in a grey T-shirt and black jeans approached me.

"Oh hey there Mia." I said as we both embraced, having not seen each other since the first semester. "How are you now?" I asked.

"Like everyone else. Stuck at enrollment." Mia replied with a laugh and a smile. Mia was my classmate in high school. We were both close friends since we were classmates since kindergarten but like almost all, we parted ways after high school due to the different track we chose. She'd always come to me if she needs help here in college, of which I gladly assisted her without anything in return. We both then sat at lockers as we both waited to be admitted inside the computer room. We talked for things for a while, about life and the news currently gripping the world.

"This year has been crazy, Mia." I added. "Everything is like a clusterf_ck they said. From local politics to that viral outbreak in Korea then now followed by the elections in the States."

"Tell me about it Gill." Mia replied. "2016 is an odd year."

"Definitely has to be." I replied right as I took out my smartphone and decided to film the line on my SnapChat.

"Can't believe we almost saw a zombie apocalypse." Mia added. "I always think they were fictional. I'm just happy we won over the threat. I remember back then in high school, you were addicted to the zombie genre so much."

"I ain't ready if it happened here Mia." I said. "Hopefully, it does not happen again." I added, noting to the fact that the K-Z Virus might emerge anywhere without warning despite the UN assuring the international community that the epidemic was 99% under control. They were just waiting for the remaining Infected in Korea to die of starvation and exposure to the elements. Still, we could not afford to let our guard down. The fact that the North Koreans tried to use the Infected as biological weapons terrified the world that terrorists could use the virus as a bioweapon. Thankfully, nothing has happened since the Second Korean War ended with the Chinese toppling that madman. I hope it stays that way. I muttered.

"I envy you Gill, you're about to graduate." said Mia.

"I'm kinda attached to this place now, LOL." I replied, though I did not want to be attached to this place as well. "Last five months, better make this count." I said. I had a thought of joining the USC Mountaineers even I did not join during the first semester. Hmm, I'll think of this later on the day. I said to myself.

Finally, it was our turn to go in the computer room. As we entered, it was a crowded as ever. Some of the browsers crashed, forcing the students to refresh them. This is one of the problems of enrollment week, hence the term "Enrollment Wars." as browsers, the server, and even the department get flooded with the amount of students trying to enroll all at once at the same time. Well, my role here was just to accompany my friend Mia, so while I used a computer to watch the news of the election. Clinton was still leading according to the Google Map of the United States, but Trump was slowly catching up. Looking at the people in the computer room, it did oddly remind of the polls in the States. I then decided to film the ordeal on my SnapChat. I placed the caption: "Feels like the election here, USC edition." Scrolling past the search results, several left-wing media were already smearing Trump. Checking my Twitter, my feed was mainly composed of election-related news. Sadly, the browser crashed again due to the amount of students trying to enroll at the same time. It was almost lunchtime. Mia then approached me, apologizing to me she that she would take long.

"I'm so sorry Gill, but I'll be staying longer here." She said.

"I can wait for you, you know." I said, being polite. "I really don't mind waiting here."

"I suggest you go ahead of me, I really don't know how long this would take." She insisted. Though I did not want to leave her, she insisted I was better off going ahead. Well, can't argue with a lady.

"If you say so, then I'm gonna get some lunch now." I said. Before leaving however, I had to be courteous and polite. "Goodbye Mia, you'll be able to enroll eventually. Text or call me if anything happens." I said with a short chuckle.

"Bye Gillan." Mia said as we both embraced. And then I left to get some lunch at the dormitory cafeteria. It was a long walk but it would be worth the walk since I get to have some sizzling fried chicken. Yum, I thought. As I paid for lunch, I passed by the dormitory's TV which was showing the current U.S. elections in a local Philippine news channel. In the corner of my eye, I saw that Trump took the lead. "Oh boy, this is it." I said just as my plate of sizzling fried chicken arrived.
Donald Trump has taken the lead.
- @CNN on Twitter

Republican Donald Trump takes the lead from Clinton as of 11 pm EST.
- @FoxNews on Twitter

- Jackson Boon (Queenland, Australia), Facebook

Crybabies spotted at the Hillary Clinton HQ in New York.
- Paul Joseph Watson (@PrisonPlanet), Facebook

Zombies are much better than Trump winning! Someone better fix this shit right now.
- Miley Cyrus on Twiter
How sick of you to say that! Many South Koreans died in that outbreak and the war that followed. Have some respect for our service that died in Korea.
- Robert O' Neil [former U.S. Navy SEAL] reply on Twitter.
"Hey Gillan, thanks for accompanying me today. I'm enrolled now." [incoming text message]

"Oh hey, that's good to hear Mia. And you're utterly at most welcome. You're my friend after all. Have a nice day. :)" [outgoing text message]
The thing I like about enrollment week is that the professors don't attend classes for like almost the entire week. I'm not saying all, there are still some that enter. For today however, we were mostly free so we were slacking off and just listening to the news. I was around 2:00 PM or 3:00 PM - a beautiful sunny afternoon indeed - when I heard student scream and shout in the hallway. I was with my friend Denzel and Jenny just chilling the floor beneath the Biology Department when we heard the scream. We decided to investigate and as we ascended the stairs, we saw one of the liberal Filipino-American students screaming and having a breakdown right here, in the hallway. A small group of people and passerbys just looked at the scene. I took me time he was from liberal Washington State and his breakdown was because of the inevitable: Donald J. Trump just won the Presidential Elections. I checked my smartphone to see if it was true. My Instagram, Twitter, SnapChat, and Facebook all said the same thing. Trump was going to be the POTUS by January 20th, 2017. Even the local news networks here in the Philippines were posting or tweeting about it. Today's Carolinian made a post about it as well. The Filipino-American continued with his breakdown at the hallway while people were watching him as they passed by. The rest of the country did not really mind who won at all since the Philippines has its own problems to deal with. Still, many that followed the mainstream media were caught up in this "anti-Trump" hysteria, even those people outside the United States. In fact, I could say that student having a breakdown in the hallway was one of these. There were already reports of protests and riots occurring in some cities across America. The hashtag #NotMyPresident then became trending on Facebook and Twitter.

"Bullsh_t! This is bullsh_t!" Denzel ranted in anger. Turns out he was also anti-Trump. Jenny and I just watched. "Wake up America, why did you vote for this idiot?!"

We kept silent. There was nothing to say. In fact, the elections in the States is not our problem at all.

Later, I realized that Trump's victory was indeed inevitable, fueled by fear of refugees bringing diseases. The outbreak of the K-Z Virus in South Korea just fueled things up to eleven. Donald J. Trump won both the majority vote and the electoral collage. Clinton already conceded as it was a clear victory for the Republicans. Yet, there were those that could not accept the results of the elections. They were calling for a recount despite the count already favoring for Trump. I then shared the map published by Fox News showing the almost clear difference between Red and Blue. Most states were Red, though the northeast and the three states of the West Coast plus Hawaii remained Blue.


Results of the 2016 United States Presidential Election in this alternate timeline.​

With the big news having been broken, I don't really have much to say now. This is 2016 now. I said to myself. Trump has no effect on me, that's for sure. What is called The Great Meme War has became a victory for the conservatives. Nothing much left for this year except Christmas. The WHO is still months away from getting the vaccine for the K-Z Virus; that would definitely make some big headlines. I then checked my social media accounts noting both reactions of pro-Trump and anti-Trump networks on the Internet. Truth be told, it was funny to read them. I then decided to join USC-Mountaineers even though I did not know anything mountaineering-related.
Gillan: Hey guys, I'm sorry I've never showed up in first-sem. You see, I was busy with my undergraduate thesis. I hope you guys understand.

Tresha: Oh hi there. Yes it is ok to join. Can you join the pre-panelling interview this Saturday and the team-building activity this Sunday?

Gillan: For sure, yes I can.

Tresha: Alright, that's good to know.

Marco: Just bring your hardbound as proof.

Gillan: Look guys, I'm really sorry ok? The whole first semester was a trauma conga line for me and I barely made it.

Tresha: It's alright.Studies first.

Gillan: Thanks for understanding.

John Jeffrey: *thumbs up emoji*
Seen by Anther, Grace, Leigh, Gaille, Justin, and 3 others

Facebook group chat of USC Mountaineers Applicants+Rookies+Members 2016-2017

I stayed late until sundown here in the university. Many were still shocked of the results of the election. Others well did mind since we are in the Philippines. The Internet however, was abuzz with activity. The Elections became the most trending topic online; it was expected to last for the next few weeks to come. It apparently even beat the records of how trending the K-Z Virus Outbreak and the Second Korean War. Later, when I went home, I talked to a store owner who was also following the news as with everyone else. "This is life now, life has unexpected plot twist. Trump winning was one, so was the outbreak in Korea that surprised the world."

I could not agree more on what he said. This is 2016 now. I repeated to myself. I then looked forward to meeting my fellow co-applicants this weekend. At this point, I didn't even really care if I'd look like a dummy in front of everybody else.
Gaille: Come here guys
[posts a pic of food being cooked in a camping stove]

Aubrey: [posts a pic of more food being cooked].


Gaille: Come here! Come Evan, Scott is looking for you. Oh wait it was Simon hahahahaha, joke.

Evan: Hahahaha is it alright?

Gaille: Of course! Hahahaha

Airiese: Oh how delicious

Ann: That looks good. How long was that?

Gaille: [posts a picture of Tresha sitting down in sofa]

Ann: Hahahahahaha. Hi Sham [Tresha's nickname]. The chicken looks good. Where are you guys?

Gaille: We're in James' place.

Aubrey: We are in James' The Handsome dude's place.

Ann: Too bad I can't come, I have a curfew.

Gaille: That's too bad.
Seen by Gillan, Justin, John Jeffrey, Mikaela Isabel, Tresha, Herman, and 7 others
Facebook Group Chat of USCM APPLICANTS ONLY!!!, 7:34 - 10:04 pm
November 9th, 2016
8:00 PM Philippine Time (Morning in the USA)
James Ariola's Residence
Mandaue City, Cebu, Philippines

A group of friends meets in a nondescript house in Mandaue City. They are applicants of USC-M. Today, they were "studying" some mountaineering principles as the members of the organization will give them a quiz this Sunday. They invited all the applicants, including the newbie named Gillan but it appears some could not come due to other reasons. However, the newbie assured them that he will appear on Saturday and Sunday.

"Hmm, I have a feeling I now this guy." James Ariola, the owner of the house and "leader" of the applicant group said.

"Who? Gillan?" Tresha asked. Currently "second-in-command" of this group, she oversaw the fried chicken being cooked by Aubrey, Gabrielle, and Simon.

"Yeah, we were neighbors before." James added. "He lived two houses away from me."

"Small world eh?" Gabrielle added.

"Couldn't agree more Gaille." James replied, referering to Gabrielle's nickename.

"I wonder why he could not appear." Gabrielle asked.

"He was busy with his thesis. Don't worry, he'll show up this weekend." Tresha added. Behind her, the flatscreen TV was on CNN showing the reactions of millions of Americans to Trump winning in the elections. It was already morning in the United States but it was late in the evening here in James' residence.

"Change the channel!" Demanded Gabrielle. "I'm not interested in that political shit." The girl said, tired of listening to news of the Trump's victory that flooded almost all TV news networks and social media accounts. First it was the K-Z Virus Epidemic then the Second Korean War, then finally this.

"Will do ma'am." James replied.

Half an hour later, John Jeffrey arrived in James' house on a bicycle. "Hey, sorry I'm late. So what's for dinner?" JJ asked.

"Here's some fried chicken." Aubrey offered the plate.

"Thanks!" JJ replied. "So it is really true we have a new guy on board?"

"Yup, we'll see him this weekend."
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Well, i can't wait Train to Busan 2...
The sequel will be known as Peninsula. It must probably involve North Korea. Since this is fanfiction anyways, nice to see how the original canon will diverge from the ending as compared to my fan TL.

Also, next chapter is how Infamy Day occurs ITTL. It'll probably be the same as OTL but with references to the outbreak and the war obviously ;) :p
I am waiting for that chapter. And by the way, how would Korea's zombie pandemics would have affected pop culture?

Infamy Day is just a personal DBWI chapter from the perspective of my OC as a 20-year old senior college student. Won't have much interesting story at all.

As for the Korean epidemic, it would have drastically altered pop culture. For one, Kpop takes a beating initially (I would take some actors/pop stars survived while some didn't) but it would gain traction from survivors as reminder of better times. For sure, we would not see Momoland rise. Survivalist genre of games would see fame, though games such as Resident Evil 2 remake, World War Z (2019), and Days Gone may be delayed or completely butterflied away. Superhero movies in the DC and MCU would be even more successful as people tend to watch superhero movies in times of disasters to give a positive outlook where the heroes win over the villains.
OOC: I haven't returned to this timeline recently due other work. Technically it is finished since last year but I wanted to add my personal testimonies as a form of DBWI The next entries would be the perspective of me DBWI self-inserted into this TL known as "The Last Five Months: Personal and World Events Before I Graduated."
Testimony #1: Where were you during the outbreak? (Senz, France)
OOC: Feel free to write your testimonies where you were during the outbreak in South Korea on July 20, 2016. This is written by @Ukron

Since today is the third year anniversary of the K-Z Virus Epidemic, we thought to gather some testimonies of people in Korea and around the world when the virus showed up. This testimonies include from your everyday average man, diplomatic personnel, military personnel, and politicians who have withnessed the outbreak first hand or have seen it on TV.

How did I join the army? Tt does not seem very obvious finally but after the attacks of November 2015 in Paris, I already had this feeling of wanting to make me useful to my country. This idea was reinforced by the events of July 2016 in South Korea. I remember that day quite well, the summer of my 17 years and famous breweries, immediately after my first baccalaureate. The night between July 20, 2016 and the 21 was to be an unforgettable date, when the first pictures of South Korea reached us, many of my friends and I had been hit by the July 14 attack in Nice but we were going to be a lot more shocked. At 10 PM, the French media reported violent riots and the massive deployment of the South Korean army in the cities of Incheon and Seoul. For me and my parents, it was obvious that South Korea would be the victim of another war with its northern neighbor.

A few hours later, when we returned from the party, at around 3 AM, the news was much more confusing and the media was already insisting on the violent aspect of what we called "the rioters", It's a few minutes later. Later that the BBC released a video showing one of these bloody "rioters", half of the face blown off by a bullet attacking a South Korean soldier.

"How is that possible?" I asked my father

"They may be drugged?" Answered my mother

"What the hell is that?"

"How do you want a drug addict to do that?"

Euronews' journalist began listing lists of South Korean cities where the phenomenon had occurred, recalling videos of filmmakers filmed in Seoul showing the Korean army firing live ammunition at a horde of "rioters" leaving dozens of dead bodies in the streets.

- Testimony from a man named Jules from Senz, France as he saw the outbreak live on TV from across the globe
Testimony #2: A ROK Soldier's testimony
Here in South Korea, every boy at the age of 18 is expected to serve in the military. It has been mandatory since the time at the end of the Korean War. Its purpose is to instill nationalism in the defense of our freedom and democracy and to add a pool of manpower to our 600,000 strong ROK Armed Forces in the case of war against our northern neighbor, the Democratic People's Republic of Korea. They have 1.5 million troops and have advantage over us since they possessed nuclear weapons. We only have our anti-ballistic missiles to defend but anyone who is a no-brainer know even the best defenses would hold up to 100% most of the time.

The night of July 20th, I was deep into my service near Busan when our commanders called us for mobilization. It was not a drill. We thought we were at war, the day every Korean feared since July 27, 1953. Even then, my parents and grandparents lived through the Cold War, the 1969 DMZ Conflict, and other possible flashpoints. I was still in elementary when North Korea tested their first nuclear weapon in 2006, along with the sinking of ROKS Cheonan, and the 2013 crisis. I feared this was it. We were going to die in a "sea of fire" if we had to as the mad man up there says. Later at the mess hall, all of us soldiers were gathered at the TV where we saw KBS broadcasting footage of "civil unrest" in Seoul and Incheon. We were all shocked at first. Who could be rioting at this time of day? Sure many of us did not agree with our then-President at that time, but the fact riots appeared at night on a seemingly ordinary workday. Then we noticed there was something wrong with the rioters. They did not look normal. They ran at great lengths and could survive injury. I saw one took five rounds to the chest before going down. The veins around their faces gave out that they weren't normal. My fellow soldiers and I thought it was some kind of drug. That was all we thought until we were told that these people were infected with a some kind of mutant version of the rabies. It all seemed so surreal. We were going up against the gumiho we see Western media. They were the fast type like the ones in Left 4 Dead, 28 Days Later, and the movie version of World War Z.

We were to be deployed to Busan which was designated as a safe-zone and the provisional capital of the ROK as the President headed here. It reminded us of days of the Battle of the Second Pusan Perimeter during the Korean War. It what is called the Second Pusan Perimeter, our forces successfullyIn just 16 hours, 80% of the country fell to the Infected except for a few isolated parts and some outer islands. Ultimately, we held the line, just like our ancestors. We were able to rescue some refugees as well, including a pregnant woman and a child whom we later found out that they were the only two survivors of the last train the left Seoul for Busan in the morning of July 21st.

I remained in Busan guarding the safe-zone with our American and other allies even at the time when the KPA crossed the DMZ on September 2nd, 2016. Though we and our allies pushed back the North while the Chinese disposed of that madman up there, I was horrified of the fact the he ordered a nuclear attack on Paju to stop the hordes he foolish unleashed and increased with "liberation campaign". Those were the darkest days of my life as well as many Koreans.

Three years later, I consider myself lucky for being in Busan at that time. Many I know aren't so fortunate being nowhere near a safe-zone or many have just simply given up in life with the horror and trauma created from the outbreak and the Second Korean War. One thing I know for sure is our problems here in Korea are from over even with all the Infected being all but wiped out.

- Pvt. Hong Joo-Won (21, then-18) from Jeju Island, Republic of Korea
American Voice Actors react to the outbreak
Here's some Twitter posts by American voice actors reacting about the K-Z virus outbreak in South Korea.

I very hope that the Korean people is going strike back against the zombies
- Erica Mendez (@tsunderica), Twitter

Please pray for them in Korea
- Xanthe Huynh (@ItsXanthor), Twitter

Hope that any American people living in South Korea are alright.
- Sandy Fox (@SandyFoxWorld), Twitter

Zombies are real in Korea, this is terrifying!
- Christine Marie Cabanos (@ChristineMCVA), Twitter

For anyone in Korea, please be safe
- Johnny Yong Bosch (@johnnyyongbosch), Twitter
retweeted by tara platt, Cassandra Morris, Stephanie Sheh, Patrick Seitz, Bryce Papenbrook, Steve Blum, Erika Harlacher, Kira Buckland, and 17K Others

I'm saddened & devastated to hear the horrible news about the zombie outbreak in South Korea. Sending thoughts and prayers.
- Michelle Ruff (@MichelleRuffvo1), Twitter

A zombie outbreak? I hope D.Va can kick some zombie butt!
- Erin Fitzgerald (@ErinFitzgerald), Twitter

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Here's some Twitter posts by American voice actors reacting about the K-Z virus outbreak in South Korea.

I very hope that the Korean people is going strike back against the zombies
- Erica Mendez (@tsunderica), Twitter

Please pray for them in Korea
- Xanthe Huynh (@ItsXanthor), Twitter

Hope that any American people living in South Korea are alright.
- Sandy Fox (@SandyFoxWorld), Twitter

Zombies are real in Korea, this is terrifying!
- Christine Marie Cabanos (@ChristineMCVA), Twitter

For anyone in Korea, please be safe
- Johnny Yong Bosch (@johnnyyongbosch), Twitter
retweeted by Tara Platt, Cassandra Morris, Stephanie Sheh, Patrick Seitz, Bryce Papenbrook, Steve Blum, Erika Harlacher, Kira Buckland, and 17K Others

I'm saddened & devastated to hear the horrible news about the zombie outbreak in South Korea. Sending thoughts and prayers.
- Michelle Ruff (@MichelleRuffvo1), Twitter

A zombie outbreak? I hope D.Va can kick some zombie butt!
- Erin Fitzgerald (@ErinFitzgerald), Twitter

First time expanding your TL anyway.

These are nice sidestories. Thanks for contributing. Feel free to expand it on what toy want.
November 2019
The ongoing process Korean Reunification, November 10, 2019. Tomorrow November 11, 2019 will mark the second anniversary of Kim Jong-Un's death penalty which was view by millions around the world.

ROK and Provisional DPRK officials meet for another round of negotiation.

Pro-reunification South Koreans hold a protest burning effigies of the late Kim Jong-Un in the Busan Safe Zone, November 10, 2019. (AP)

ROK Army soldiers in MOPP gear monitoring for radiation levels near the ruins of Paju, which was destroyed by a North Korean nuclear weapon as hordes of Infected brought by the retreating KPA followed them there. (KBS News)​
Here is some news of the Peninsula, the sequel to Train to Busan. This is where my fanfiction timeline diverges from the movie cannon. The article states the following:
“Government authority has been decimated after the zombie outbreak in Korea, and there is nothing left except the geographical traits of the location – which is why the film is called Peninsula,” he explained.

The story will feature Gang Dong-won as former soldier Jung-seok, who returns to a zombie-infested South Korea on a mission to retrieve an item and finds more survivors of the zombie apocalypse.

Peninsula will be the third film set in the Train To Busan universe, after the release of the animated film Seoul Station, which is set the day before the story of Train To Busan takes place.

Compared to my timeline which followed the same period as 28 Days Later in style of outbreak and thus more hopeful, it appears the world has indeed abandoned South Korea for good for four years. The question remains what really happened to the Democratic People's Republic of Korea in the official timeline.