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  1. Matador de Lagartos

    How far could a Denguist North Korea go?

    How far could a Denguist North Korea go? Assuming everything goes the same up to the Korean War, except after the stalemate the Kims are ejected from power and a reformist market socialism oriented faction comes to power in North Korea, how much better than OTL NK could this regime go? Of...
  2. Bush vs. The Axis of Evil - TL
    Threadmarks: It's Too Quiet

    Bush vs. The Axis of Evil 'It's Too Quiet' Excerpt from Christopher Hitchens in the debate ‘Was the War on Terror Unavoidable?’ “The dawn of the twenty-first century promised the dawn of a new era. Colonialism, Fascism and Stalinism had all had their intellectual and moral foundations...
  3. TheDoofusUser

    WI : Tiananmen Square is more Successful and Kim Jong-Nam succeeds Kim Jong-Il instead

    In our own history, the Tiananmen Square Protests erupted largely calling for a soft form of liberalization and government reform only to be brutally supressed, eventually leading to the leadership of Xi Jinping. Meanwhile, south of the Yalu River, Kim-Jong-Il had three sons - Kim Jong-Nam, the...
  4. TheDoofusUser

    WI : Mao dies in the 1950s but Stalin survives another Decade, what happens to China and the USSR

    so I've been reading a few threads on what if Mao died and if Stalin lived another decade and so, I've come to ask everyone here this question - What if it was Mao, not Stalin, who died on that day in 1953. Who is his immediate successor? Is there a possible way for China to leap slowly but...
  5. Marklin

    AHC Make Communism collapse in East Asia at the same time as Eastern Europe in the late 80s/1990s

    I suppose it would be more accurate to title this "Make the PRC and DPRK collapse at the same time as the Eastern Bloc" but this is easier to make into a shorter title. Basically what it says on the thread: The challenge is to find a way to make the Communist countries (or at least, countries...
  6. Marklin

    North and South Korea reunify under Seoul at the end of the Cold War

    Let's say that, at the end of the cold war (to be more specific, sometime between the fall of the Berlin Wall and the fall of the USSR, maybe Kim il Sung's death at latest), North and South Korea manage to reunify under the Southern government. What would make this possible? What kind of effects...
  7. Marklin

    North Korea without the Kims

    Basic POD is that the Soviets put someone else other than Kim in charge of North Korea. What other options are there and how would their leadership affect the development of North Korea compared to OTL?
  8. Marklin

    AHC Make North Korea fall with the death of Kim Il Sung

    What kind of POD or changes would be necessary for the DPRK regime to (begin to) fall or reform rather than continue down the OTL route upon the death of Dear Leader Kim Il Sung? What effects would this have on the 21st century?
  9. Political Ramifications of a decisive US Korean War Victory

    Let’s say the Chinese offensive in the Korean War is a complete disaster and the US/UN coalition annihilates them and holds serve in Korea. How does the US domestic political landscape change? Truman would be a sure fire victory in 1952 as I don’t think Eisenhower would run in this scenario...
  10. wasp_

    AHC/WI: No Jucheist North Korea

    As the title said, it's gonna be like any normal ML country. POD is also included at any year.
  11. North Korea and South Korea: One country two systems

    What if the Korean war actually ended in TTL (in OTL it did not, just a very long ceasefire going on today) with the country being unified under the Communist North, but the south still has it's own system similar to how Hong Kong supposedly used to have it's own seperate system from China up...
  12. Would North Korea ally with Romania if Nicolae Ceaușescu won

    ITTL Nicolae Ceaușescu wins and stops the revolt and continues the communist path. Would North Korea and Romania Become Allies or would they ignore each other? How would this impact international relations? Would Air Koryo have flights to Bucharest? Also vote in the poll.
  13. KuboCaskett

    Effects of a North Korean Victory on Asian Politics?

    It's been long established that a victorious North Korea in the Korean War (at least with a POD where either the USA doesn't intervene heavily early on or messes up in the war) would go on to unite the peninsula and yet have a different kind of regime that's less like OTL's hellhole yet still...
  14. Democratic North Korea and Totalitarian South Korea

    Say Park Chung-Hee is never assassinated and Kim Il-Sung is overthrown in a Chinese backed coup by generals who don't want North Korea to turn into a monarchy. If North Korea successfully reforms into Democratic Socialism (successfully as China will allow anyway) while South Korea turns to...
  15. SunKing105

    WI: No North Korea?

    Instead of having a POD after 1945 or a South Korean victory in the Korean war, what if the Soviets never reached Korea in the first place? What if the Japanese forces in Manchuria had held out a little longer, and a little better, meaning that by the time of September 2, 1945, when the official...
  16. SunKing105

    WI: Park-Chung-Hee assassinated in the Blue House raid?

    One of the most intense incidents between the two Koreas since the end of the Korean War, the Blue House raid was a failed plan to assassinate South Korean president and de-facto dictator Park Chung-Hee. Unit 124 was entrusted with the mission, and left their garrison at Yonsan on January 16...
  17. AHC: Higher population for DPRK?

    Like the title says, the challenge is to make a higher population for Democratic People's Republic of Korea or known simply as North Korea, a country with population of over 25 million. The POD is set after the Korean War. How would this impact on the Korean peninsula and perhaps the world as...
  18. Gillan1220

    Second Korean War in 1997

    I just recently watched the film Murder at 1600 on TV. Part of the side-plot involves a USAF E-3 plane being shotdow over North Korea and the airmen being held prisoner. The hawkish U.S. military generals want to wage war with North Korea unless they handover the prisoners peacefully. However...
  19. WI: Pueblo Incident Had Occurred in a World Without the Vietnam War

    If (disregarding butterflies and all that) the USS Pueblo incident occurred in a world where the US wasn't busy with Vietnam, would America have taken a harder line with North Korea (either in terms of measured reprisals, rescue efforts, or even a general escalation)?
  20. Goats-&-Bolts

    Jerusalem of the East turned Red – Or What If there was a “Christian Korean People’s Republic”? One of the North Korean Christians who fled south during the exodus was...