1. TV & Film Cross-overs that never happened

    In the spirit of the film and TV threads I thought I'd start one for cross-overs that never happened. * Father Brown - A Marple In Kembleford (2014) While visiting her old friend, Mrs McCarthy (Sorcha Cusack), Miss Jane Marple (Julia McKenzie), assists Father Brown (Mark Williams) in...
  2. Jay_Maxu

    Ease on Down the Road: A Motown-MGM Timeline
    Threadmarks: Side A: The Two Lions - Track A1, Encountering the Backlots

    Berry Gordy Jr. and Suzanne de Passe. ("" and "") … How the start of Motown’s next, bold era is often simplified. Often, it’s simply put as [Berry] Gordy having always had his idea and simply done it. As it usually is, however, the truth is far more complicated...
  3. DBWI What if Michael Bay sucked?

    Hey guys, this idea came to me after Micahel Bay won an Oscar for his movie last year, Notorious. You know, the Biggy Smalls biopic, I like how the director used his "impressionist filmmaking" style to make the movie feel like a music video almost, Bay's rapid cutting is a good fit for a hip hop...
  4. Best Pop Culture Licenses That Never Happened (or haven't happened)

    Inspired by these three threads: Ever watch an anime...
  5. Greatest Movies Never Made Redux Mark II

    Just in time for it's 30th Anniversary next year the return of the Thread for Movies that Never Were (but We Wish they Were) returns with The Elongated Man (1994) Come see the movie that kicked off Ralph and Sue Dibney's series of Elongated adventures across the DC Universe!
  6. Rwby

    Rwby is 2005 live action show created by George Lucas
  7. Godot

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  8. WI: Black Panther wins Best Picture at the 91st Academy Awards?

    So what if Black Panther won Best Picture at the 91st Academy Awards? Would this have a significant impact on the direction of the movie industry?
  9. THeaven

    Fictional Presidents from books, Movies, TV..etc

    Questions for the ages What fictional US President would you actually voted for? And what fictional President do you think had the best chance of getting elected
  10. TheAltHistoryGuy

    TheAltHistoryGuy's Fictional World of Media
    Threadmarks: Introduction

    Ladies and gentlemen... Welcome to TheAltHistoryGuy's Fictional World of Media! A pop culture timeline spanning various movies, video games, and TV shows from 1942 to the present day, inspired by American Magic and American Magic Redux. I hope you all enjoy this timeline of fantasy and...
  11. MNM041

    DBWI: Back To The Future

    The Back To The Future movies are some of my favorite movies to come out of the 80s, but did you guys know that the script had to have some notable rewrites? See, I'm sure most people are aware of this, but in case you're not, Michael J. Fox was the guy that was always in mind for Marty McFly...
  12. DBWI: No Zack Snyder’s Squadron Supreme

    So as we all know after Zack Snyder was replaced with Joss Whedon, he decided to go to Marvel recreate his original vision as best he could with the Squadron Supreme. What if this never happened? Would we actually get a “Snyder Cut” of Justice League?
  13. CrashBandicam

    AHC: Earlier DreamWorks

    So, your challenge here is to have DreamWorks Pictures be founded at a plausible date earlier than 1994.
  14. Kantai Kessen

    AHC: Save the Michael Bay Transformers films

    This is a bit different from what I'd normally post. :) Basically, make the Bayformers movies good and well received, both critically and in other departments.
  15. WI/Collaborative Timeline: Movie Night Weekly: 2013-2018, 5 Years Of Superheroics, Through The Lens of Lifetime Movies and More...

    Note: This is my first go at a collaborative timeline, and is written from an in-universe perspective. It's a shared timeline, so contribute as you want to, provided it's done from an in-universe perspective. If you're writing out of universe, at least state so in the post. But other than that...
  16. Western Shared Universe

    Your challenge is to create a scenario that includes as many Westerns as possible. For example, the 1960 film The Alamo takes enough liberties with history to count as honorary AH. Fannin's men are defeated and wiped out during the siege of the Alamo rather than simply remaining in Goliad, the...
  17. AHC: Better Matrix sequels

    General consensus is that, while the first Matrix film was good, the other two were... not so good. There's another movie in production, but as of right now, none of us can know if it'll be good. Your challenge is to improve the other two films of the trilogy.
  18. Modern Feudalism

    What might the culture of the modern world look like if feudalism was still the prevalent form of government? I'm talking about a society where the hereditary nobility and royalty still hold significant powers but the world's tech level is about the same as OTL. What would media and pop culture...
  19. George-Alexander

    Pure Imagination: Pop Culture’s Different Path

    Pure Imagination: Pop Culture’s Different Path
  20. GrandMaster

    WI: Illumination Entertainment was an independent company

    What would the animation industry look like if Illumination Entertainment were an independent company, and not just a sub-studio of Universal Pictures?