Affiliated States of Boreoamerica thread

I have created a map of some of the world of the ASB and PIC prior to World War 1 :
EDIT : fixed a few errors
EDIT EDIT : fixed three more errors
EDIT EDIT EDIT : fixed Italy-Cisleithania border
EDIT EDIT EDIT EDIT : fixed Patagonia
EDIT EDIT EDIT EDIT EDIT : fixed Cisleithania-Transleithania border, French Guinea's western border, Southwest Africa-Barotseland border, Tangier and Malta.

[not shown : Boer, Griqua, Baster, etc. protectorates in Sudafrique, Basouana and Southwest Africa and possibly also other places as well]
I apologise for the convergent borders in Southern Africa, Peru and Germany. I also apologise for not drawing in the various princely states in Anglo-Omani-Zanzibari-Tanganyika (thanks Jonathan Edelstein)
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Here is my idea on some of Australia and Indonesia (featuring a Nusantaran union that includes a portuguese dominion), the Dutch dominions of New Holland and East Nusa Tenggara, the French dominions of Terresud and *Tasmania, an Italian dominion (or part of it), the native states from above independent after Dutch decolonisation, and a couple of other countries I don't really have concrete ideas about)
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OK, I just realised something.
There is already a New Holland ITTL that I forgot about.
I am retconning my previous Australia post.

Now, in the southwestern corner of Australia, we have the Federation of Equinoctia, formerly the anglo-dutch joint colony of Equinoctia, consisting of the dutch dominions of Edelsland and Leeuwin, the english dominions of Auralia and Eyre, and the Free City of Vlaminghsport.

*Victoria is now the english Dominion of Tasmania
*Tasmania is now the french Dominion of Loutrouita
*Queensland is now the formerly spanish Republic of Capricornia
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the more I think about it, the more it seems that England should own more of western South Africa (Extending the eastern border of Southwest Africa to the ocean). Currently considering whether or not to change this.
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I have looked at Upvoteanthology’s West Africa map and some stuff there are cringeworthy.

Libertina? Really?
Ghana in the exact same wrong place as OTL?
Serer Sine in absolutely the wrong place (the Serere live in SENEGAMBIA IOTL, not eastern Mali)
Two states named “Fulfude” (that’s a language)
EDIT : Also, Abuja was a minor town named Sujeja until the 1970s, Benin is in the area of the map labeled “Edo” and not the one labeled Benin
I recommend renaming “Lower Ghana” to Asanteman, “Lower Fulfude” to Futa Toro, "Serer Sine" to Gao, “Upper Fulfude” to Songhai, “Benin” to Igboland, “Inland Nigeria” to Benue and “Libertina” to Saroland or Kruland or some variant of that. Oh, and merge Abuja into Inland Nigeria/Benue or rename it something else (Jebba?)
Actually, it’s even worse than I had thought. Neither Bornu nor Kanem is in “Kanem-Bornu” (which is actually basically just a big Wadai). Note also that both Kanem and Bornu are in “Kanuri”. IRL, the Kanuri Empire and Kanem-Bornu were the same thing as the Kanuri were the primary ethnicity of Kanem-Bornu.

I am adding “Bornu” --> Wadai, “Libertina” --> Mendeland and “New Ireland” --> Kruland to the list of renamings.

Also, I will soon add an annotated version of the prewar map at the top of this page.
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  1. Rupertsland is still a colony.
  2. The Province of Nezca and Kingdom of Salt Lake are beginning to fill up with people who have been displaced from the PIC (dissidents to Nezca, “troublesome” minorities to Salt Lake). This is a really great idea.
  3. Various Mexican protectorates
  4. Mexico still owns more of California.
  5. English colonies of Jamaica and Belize
  6. Spanish colony of Puerto Rico
  7. No united Antilles yet
  8. New Caledonia is also still a colony.
  1. The Dutch blockade of Klein-Venedig will actually help it, as it will allow it to prosecute its own war against Nuova Toscana rather than sending its troops to its doomed homeland.
  2. I will leave it up to you to decide what caused this border change
  3. Minor jungle state that accepted Italian protection to not get swallowed by more powerful neighbor
  4. New Providence remains a joint protectorate.
  5. No Amazonian Confederation here yet, either.
  6. This area is the most disputed on Earth, with each of the six neighboring countries maintaining bases in all of the others' territories (as shown on this map) and a slow six-sided proxy war being fought in the jungle. Although Nuova Toscana will quit after WW1, the war in the jungle will continue until 1945.
  7. Brazilian protectorate of Acre
  8. Ecuador, Peru and Charcas will all perish in their entireties in the fires of the birth of Soqtantinsuyu. (Also, Charcas and Paraguay look kind of like a very fat cat facing away from you.)
  9. Chile has its own colonial empire, which will save it from complete destruction when Soqtantinsuyu invades.
  10. The protectorates of Araucaria, Chiloe and Rapa Nui will be broken off during that invasion.
  11. Patagonie has a larger population than Y Wladfa or Patagonia Sur due to the latter two having rather low population densities. This, along with Patagonie’s use of French military hardware and the substantial Francophone populations of Y Wladfa and Patagonia Sur, explains how easily Patagonie will invade and occupy Y Wladfa and the parts of Patagonia Sur east of the Andes in WW1
  12. (the rest of Patagonia Sur will be taken over later)
  13. These islands, along with the *Pitcairn Islands, will remain loyal to the Chilean rump government in Magallanes after WW2.
  1. With the Danube Monarchy at war with the Ottomans, the Second Illuminati will coup the Bavarian government and declare the Bavarian German State. The Danube Monarchy will intervene in an attempt to strangle the Pan-German movement in its cradle, and the First World War will begin in earnest.
  2. The French protectorate of Lorraine is a member of the German Confederation.
  3. The Burgenland will be annexed from Pannonia after World War 2.
  4. The Danube Monarchy will be split between Germany, Italy, the Yugoslavian Federation (see below) and the “Unified Nation-State of Pannonia”, the first National Centralist regime in the world.
  5. Serbia and Montenegro will secure a separate peace against the Ottomans during the war and then will form the Yugoslavian Federation alongside the republics of Slovenia, Croatia, Slavonia, North Bosnia, and Herzegovina (these 5 states will be set up by italy during WW1). Serbia’s monarchy will be replaced due to the events of the Third Balkan War (contemporaneous with and arguably part of WW2)
The Third Balkan War will start in 1941 when a Bosniak is elected to be PM of Serbia. The king refuses to allow a government to form. This will cause a civil war, which will bring in the rest of Yugoslavia and Pannonia (supporting the PM) into a war with Romania (supporting the monarchy). During the war, Romania’s government will be couped by the Iron Guard, bringing about what is probably the only genocide in the last two centuries of TTL’s European history. After the end of the war in China, Germany will launch an intervention against both Pannonia and the National Legionary State. A conventional attack will quickly seize Pannonia’s capital, Pozsony-Pressburg-Bratislava, while the first nuclear bomb dropped outside of China will decapitate the Legionnaires.

6. The Kingdom of Bessarabia will expand to include all of Romania after the collapse of the Iron Guard regime, while Pannonia will be split between German and Russian occupation zones.
7. The Republic of Greece was created from Venice’s possessions in Greece during the formation of Italy.
8. Deep desert under intermittent Ottoman control
9. The PIC will make gains here during the war, while Persia will stay neutral.
10. Portuguese dominion of Malta
11. Hannover remains dynastically united with and formally allied to England, which will bring England into the war. Hannover was, in the end, reduced to just the german Frisian islands and Heligoland, while its possessions on the mainland were annexed to Oldenburg, which became the Kingdom of Lower Saxony within Germany.

  1. Spain and France dispute this area (yes, Spain says Morocco owns land which Morocco says France owns) but nobody cares enough to do anything about it.
  2. Transleithania wanted in on the colonial game. It only actually controls two cities. Transleithanian Africa will be taken by the Netherlands because nobody else could be bothered with it.
  3. French Senegal
  4. French Nouakchott (administered as a separate colony)
  5. The Tukulor Empire de facto leads an alliance of Fulani Jihad states (and the Fulani-inspired jihadist Wassulu Sultanate) that will survive after its collapse and form the nucleus of the West African Confederation
  6. Azawad’s resistence to the abolition of slavery has already taken a significant toll on the Empire, and it will be a major reason for its collapse.
  7. During decolonisation, Portuguese Guinea will break into the Republic of Guinea (which will join WAC) and the Dominion of Bissau
  8. English Guinea, consisting of the governates of Conakry, Mendeland, Kruland and Kpelleland and the protectorate of Dan
  9. The Kénédugu kingdom has not joined the Sahel League due to historical bad blood (although it has been invited). It will reconsider after only being saved from a nearly successful French attempt at colonisation by the onset of WW1. Although the ruling family is (mostly) muslim, they are rather pagan muslims who rule (as secular ruler) over a mostly animist population. This, along with the substantial Christian population of Kénédugu, will be a major factor in secularising the Sahel League enough to allow majority-christian areas to join during decolonisation.
  10. French Guinea (borders will change during the war)
  11. Anglo-Dutch Gold Coast and Ashante protectorate (stability : hazy, ask again later)
  12. English Nigeria, consisting of the governates of Lagos, Lower Nigeria, Lower Yorubaland, Ebiraland, Igboland, Tivland, Transbenue, Jebba and Upper Yorubaland and the protectorates of Igala, Benin and Dahomey.
  13. England’s last attempt to expand into the Sahel ended with it only being able to take Upper Yorubaland and Jebba from the Toucouleur and Kano (respectively), proving the utility of the Sahel League. England has mostly given up on expansion inland due to the massive difficulty that fighting the entire Sahel League again would have, and has started eyeing other countries’ colonial possessions. This is part of the reason why it joined in the war rather than abandoning Hannover to its fate.
  14. Spanish Central Africa : An exercise in mission creep and overextension
  15. Wadai still claims to be the “rightful” Kanem-Bornu Empire, stemming from their conquest of it in the mid-1800s. The conflict over this identity with the Kanem-Bornu that controls Kanem and Bornu prevents them from joining the Sahel League. They don’t really care, as the only colonial possessions which border them are Spanish Central Africa, which is not really a threat, and Italian North Africa, which cannot project power across the Sahara.
  16. Kanem-Bornu is once again under a Kanuri dynasty, after kicking out Wadai.
  1. Scottish Niyonga : “WE’RE IMPORTANT! WE HAVE A COLONY IN AFRICA!” (still less pathetic than Transleithania’s possessions, but that’s a really low bar)
  2. French Gabon
  3. Portuguese enclaves administered from Sao Tome
  4. Dutch Congo
  5. Kongo and Loango are portuguese protectorates, but have the longest leashes of any protectorate
  6. Zaire is doomed to collapse as soon as France leaves…
  7. As is Central Africa (it will get taken over during the war)
  8. Though the Kazembe Empire modernised enough that it should have been able to resist european conquest, it made the fatal mistake of overextending itself.
  1. Although Egypt has been nominally independent since the Italo-Ottoman War, it is largely a puppet of foreign business interests, like the ones building the (nearly complete) Suez Canal
  2. The kingdom of Darfur is an Egyptian vassal, but it wants out.
  3. The kingdoms of Malakal, Jonglei, Bahr al-Jabal and Turkana, although nominally vassals of Egypt, are de facto an area of competing influence between Ethiopia and France.
  4. Meanwhile, the kingdom of Gambela, another de jure vassal of Egypt, is solidly within Ethiopia’s sphere of influence.
  5. Eritrean coastal states : english protectorate of Tawlar, french protectorate of Massaoua, ethiopian protectorate of Mersa Fatmah, russian protectorate of Assab, italian protectorate of Tadjoura, portuguese protectorate of Djibuti, dutch protectorate of Warsangali (latter three not shown)
  6. french Eritrea will be taken during the war by the english. The english will return it to the french, the french will return Gambia to the russians, the russians will return Tadjoura to the italians, and the italians will return northern Brunei to the english.
  7. Ethiopia will technically remain neutral in the war. Although there will be battles in the disputed south sudanese states and along the border with France, there will be no declaration of war.
  8. Afrique d’Est will expand a bit into Tanganyika.
  1. English Nalubale Agency (consisting of 7 protectorates) will become French protectorates
  2. Anglo-Omani Zanzibar
  3. Anglo-Omani Zanzibari Tanganyika (shitload of protectorates, border gore not quite as bad as in the Raj)
  4. English protectorates of Mweru, Bemba, Chewa and Maravi
  5. English Zambezia
  6. Portuguese protectorate of Tete
  1. English Southwest Africa (soon to become Calaharie Francais)
  2. Portuguese Angola
  3. Barotseland asked for England’s protection when Portugal invaded. This was the result.
  4. The Caprivi Strip actually has a reason for existing ITTL!
  5. Matabele is actually a vassal of Basouana, which makes it a second-tier vassal of France, while Mashona is a first-tier vassal. Also, nobody is trying to set up a Rhodesia here.
  6. Basouana owns more in the south but less in the west.
  7. English Cape Town (soon to become french)
EDIT : fixed spelling of "Calaharie"
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So, if I'm understanding correctly, the First World War is France, Netherlands, Ottomans, Italy, and German Confederation vs Danubia, PIC, and England?
So, if I'm understanding correctly, the First World War is France, Netherlands, Ottomans, Italy, and German Confederation vs Danubia, PIC, and England?
The way I was envisioning it, the Netherlands is only at war with Danubia (Russia, Danubia and England are not formally allied) and there are constituent states of the German Confederation on both sides (the Pan-Germanists support the Entente, some of the others support Russia, Danubia and England, and some stay neutral/watching and waiting), but other than that, yes.
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