1. Levi_not_Eli

    YouTube Thumbnails from Alternate Worlds

    I had an idea and wanted to see if anyone else had the same idea so now I’ve decided to make it myself cuz I didn’t see it anywhere. Post YouTube thumbnails here from alternate worlds. I’ll post an example.
  2. Altremer: What if the 4th Crusade Sailed to Egypt? From Alternate HistoryHub

    A new youtub Alternate history series is coming Alternate History Hub Here is a trailer part of a larger video. Looks well made, coming on the 8th Of December.
  3. New Alternate History Video-South achieves Independence in the Civil War

    Hi Everyone! Just wanted to share an Alternate History video that I recently created. It is a brand new channel and my first video. I teach American History at the High school and college levels. I was interested in giving this a try, and would really appreciate you giving it a view. I plan on...

    WI/AHC: Channel Awesome is never founded

    Since Post-1900 is filled with pop culture what ifs nowadays, how about a go at a YouTube what if, or alternate history challenge. 5 years ago - the “Not So Awesome” document was leaked - detailing a horrible working environment at the web video company Channel Awesome, including sexual...
  5. What if the Mongols Attacked Central Europe an Kings & Generals Alternate History

    Here is part one of this story from they youtube Channel Kings & Generals, it is placed on their second Channel Wizards & Warriors. It has a documentary feel (no shock given they make youtube Docos).
  6. Paris 1328- French videos about modern Paris in the year 1328.

    Paris 1328 is a a two seasons (and the next one is coming next year ) French YouTube series about modern Paris finding itself in the medieval era (and replacing old Paris) after a mysterious event called the vibration destroys a part of the infrastructure and wounds/kills half if the...
  7. Mr_ Bondoc

    "Parallel Man": Youtube/ DUST Weekly Animated Series

    See: Having stolen the METACAR—an advanced transmorphic assault vehicle—from the leaders of the villainous ASCENDANCY, Agent Nick Morgan travels to our Earth to find at the trigger component of a weapon designed to stop the universe-hopping empire from traveling between dimensions...
  8. "What would WW1 have looked like had the US joined the Central powers in 1917?" Binkov video

    Sooo... What do you think? I'm honestly kinda puzzled how could such conclusion be reached...
  9. BlackentheBorg

    Videos and Media from Alternate Worlds

    Seeing as how this wouldn't really fit in any other thread, thought I'd start up an entire new one.
  10. James the AH Fan

    One Click Away: A YouTube Alt TL

    This will be a two-post mini-timeline. I'll do more if you want. One Click Away: A YouTube Alt TL POD: April 24, 2005 Current Date: October 26, 2019 In this TL, YouTube's history changes, such as no demonetization(or strict monetization guidelines), no abbreviated sub counts, and a slower...
  11. BCATR

    Cross-Pollination - A YouTube TL

    This timeline technically begins with some extra island archipelagos and land masses that came along hundreds of millions of years ago. In terms of Eurocentric history, not much is different. The POD lies in the Crowns of Aragon and Castile never uniting in 1469. A few years go by where...
  12. What do you guys think of this video?

    Personally,I think it could serve well as a prequel to The Man in the High Castle. It’s implausible in a good way,although the ending shows signs of being rushed.
  13. Incanian

    What if Jacksepticeye never existed?

    Jacksepticeye came about from when he as a small youtube channel, and he decided to enter a challenge by Pewdiepie, about showing him your channel, and he would look and see which channels content he liked the best. After Jacksepticeye got first place, and he got thousands of subscribers every...
  14. Incanian

    What if Logan Paul was terminated?

    So At the start of January 2018, Logan Paul vlogger uploaded a video called "I FOUND A DEAD BODY IN THE JAPANESE SUICIDE FOREST!!) Where during his vlogging in Japan (which he disrespected the Japanese culture) He went to the suicide forest, said some dumb stuff, and did some awful things, and...
  15. Incanian

    What if LeafyIshere became King of Youtube?

    So If you remember Youtube in 2016, The Youtuber LeafyIsHere was growing at an IMMENSE rate. One time I remembered he's gotten 1 million Subscribers in one month. Just so you know, 2 years of youtube time is a long time. Anyways, Leafy was growing so large and was taking on Youtube Juggernaughts...
  16. Incanian

    What if Pewdiepie never Existed?

    So I haven't seen many Alternate histories on Youtube subjects, and one I really wanted to speculate, is the effects on the youtube platform, and social media if Pewdiepie never came onto youtube. I'm gonna be posting a few more threads on alternate youtube scenarios, but I thought this would be...
  17. Yahoo accepts Microsoft 45 billion dollars offer in February 2008

    What would Internet look like today? Where would giants like Youtube, Google, Facebook, etc. stand today? Would general user experience on the Internet be better or worse? What about privacy protection issues?
  18. SlyDessertFox

    WI: Yahoo Acquires YouTube

    Yahoo and Google were both in the running to acquire Google in 2006. Apparently, Yahoo and Google executives met with Youtube's founders in a Denny's. Google won out in that meeting, mostly because: But what if, for some reason, YouTube's founders decide to go with Yahoo, and it is Yahoo, and...