WI: Yahoo Acquires YouTube

Yahoo and Google were both in the running to acquire Google in 2006. Apparently, Yahoo and Google executives met with Youtube's founders in a Denny's. Google won out in that meeting, mostly because:

Chen said that his meeting with then Google CEO Eric Schmidt was instrumental in the decision to go with Google. Schmidt basically promised the founders unlimited resources in return for an “infinite amount of happy users” and an “infinite amount” of good content; “Here are all the resources that Google has around the world, and you can pick and choose”

“For twelve months, whatever we wanted to do, we were allowed to do,” Chen said “It was tremendous courage from Eric, allowing this group of 20 year-olds to run the company.”

But what if, for some reason, YouTube's founders decide to go with Yahoo, and it is Yahoo, and not Google, that ends up purchasing YouTube? How does this change the future of YouTube, by then one of the fastest growing internet sites, and the direction of Yahoo, which seemed to be in a slow downward spiral since their peak at around 2007?
Well Youtube was already big by that point. Even though it had only been around like a year it really was the top dog video service. I don't know about you guys but before youtube I only remember waiting crazy long periods of time waiting for the video to play and then be very choppy. I think buying youtube would do a lot to boost yahoo, not sure how much and for how long though. Google already seemed to be a juggernaut back then.