Hi Everyone! Just wanted to share an Alternate History video that I recently created. It is a brand new channel and my first video. I teach American History at the High school and college levels. I was interested in giving this a try, and would really appreciate you giving it a view. I plan on continuing the series in the near future. I know this is a common topic of Alternate History but, I have a real interest in the time period.

Thanks everyone!

Episode Link: What if the South won the Civil War?

Episode Description:
In this alternate history, the American Civil War takes a very different course, resulting in the independence of the CSA. This is simply one interpretation of how the Confederacy could secure independence in the civil war. In this version of the Civil War, the conflicted will marked by a few significant events. These include the early assassination of Abraham Lincoln in 1862, the lack of a decisive battle in the east, the southern capture of Harrisburg, PA, acknowledgement by the European powers, and the election of George McClellan in 1864.