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This timeline technically begins with some extra island archipelagos and land masses that came along hundreds of millions of years ago. In terms of Eurocentric history, not much is different. The POD lies in the Crowns of Aragon and Castile never uniting in 1469. A few years go by where Christopher Columbus comes to Aragon to make an expedition. His proposition that the globe is smaller than it is hypothesized was taken as ludicrous, as he would most likely die out at sea trying to get to India. Exploration in the Caribbean had gained Aragon prestige among the European powers, which started motivating Castile to go out to make their own empire in America.

Centuries of war and progress that never happened in our TL occurred to the point where we are in 2012.

The major powers are the USA, Germany, the Natasha Federation (Russia), the Heavenly Kingdom of China, and Cajuterra (English Brazil).
The maps shown below are 1444, before the POD, and then 2012.


_____________801C Universe 2012 1.png
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