Paris 1328- French videos about modern Paris in the year 1328.

Paris 1328 is a a two seasons (and the next one is coming next year ) French YouTube series about modern Paris finding itself in the medieval era (and replacing old Paris) after a mysterious event called the vibration destroys a part of the infrastructure and wounds/kills half if the population.

The series is pretty realistic with a clear technological advantage from the future French even if the medievals still adapt and do logical choices ( ambush, smokescreens try and get the pope to declare a crusade).

To give an example, they’re frictions between the Parisian Catholic Church and the Holy See.

It follows many interesting pov characters such as the French president (made up as to not cause a polemic) a black doctor from Martinique, the leader of a group of farmers who was rioting on the Champs Elysées or the pseudo main antagonist a sociopathic historian.

The characters act reasonably ,the period is well characterized and the butterfly effect runs wild.

Heads up though, the series is obviously in French but they’re subtitles, and it’s faulty long (four hours in total)
having followed the series myself I can say that it is an excellent French ISOT, the author had after insistence of his community tried to see if he could adapt it into a series, unfortunately all of them said no, sometimes saying that it's not what he's looking for, so the author is going to make a book instead which should retrace the events of season 1 (the book should come out this year)
I don't think I'll listen through, but the idea is cool and the presentation is interesting. I think his mixing is a little awkward, as the music and sound effects are a little loud compared to the narration.