1. MemphisC

    A Game of Rats and Italians: an Atari Nintendo partnership TL
    Threadmarks: The Intro

    Intro: It is 1984 and Atari is not doing too well, they were suffering their worst years yet and All of Atari was split off from Warner by the beginning of 1984 after suffering from major losses from the Video Game Crash of 1983. The 5200 was a complete failure and Atari needed something quick...
  2. WI: Bill Gates Actually Assassinated in 1999 ?

    Just like the mockumentary Nothing So Strange what would happen if Bill Gates was murdered in 1999?
  3. What If / History Question : Axis technological cooperation during World War II ?

    What would happen if the Axis countries extensively cooperated on technology, shared it between themselves (such as aviation,naval and weapons technology and their schematics/plans/blueprints)? Were there any serious proposals before and during the war?
  4. Alternate “Big Four” Big Tech companies (United States)

    Today, there are four “Big Tech” companies based in the US that bare the brunt of antitrust and regulatory scrutiny: Amazon, Google, Facebook, and Apple (Microsoft is also Big Tech but rarely gets scrutiny nowadays) with a POD sometime in the 90s or 2000s: Imagine a US with an entirely...
  5. WI: Digital Equipment Corporation never bought by Compaq

    In 1998, the venerable DEC, after almost a decade of struggling, merged with Compaq. How long would Digital have lasted had they not merged with Compaq? They were already on their way out, but it's possible they could have lasted a few years longer.
  6. Crunch Buttsteak

    DBWI: Intel Abandons Tejas and Jayhawk in favor of Conroe

    For those who don’t know what Conroe is, it would have been Intel’s first attempt at a mainstream dual core chip that they had been developing in 2005/2006, which could have easily had the potential to outperform AMD’s Athlon 64 X2 chips, with far lower TDP than the infamous Pentium V chips that...
  7. ChadMachine999

    Nazi SAMs

    IOTL the Third Reich had a program to build SAMs How would WW2 be different is this system was operational, reliable, of similar quality to the S-25, and mass produced by January 1st, 1942.
  8. coffeebreakcigarette

    AHC : Technology Advanced As Ridley Scott's Blade Runner & Alien By The 1980s/1990s Or Like Fallout 1,2,3,4

    With a POD starting the first of January 1900, you have to make a world where technology is advanced like the 2020s of Ridley Scott Blade Runner and/or Alien or like the Fallout series. Excluding replicants.
  9. AHC: Earliest possible Panama Canal

    Inspired by a recent game of Eu4, where I managed to build the Panama Canal as the Aztecs in 1767! Obviously that specific scenario is very implausible, but what's the earliest possible time the canal could have been built? The only rule is technology has to progress at the same rate as OTL.
  10. Dragonmeat on Rye

    Gettin' Jiggy Wit' It: A Collaborative 90's TL

    Hello and welcome to Gettin' Jiggy Wit' It! The 90's TL where anything about the 90's is up for grabs, whether it be pop culture, politics, sports, or fads. Let's begin! January 1990 In Sports - Crimson Tide wins the Sugar Bowl January 1st - Life is just a bowl of sugar for the Alabama...
  11. KuboCaskett

    Possible Weapon Innovations and Inventions from a 1980's Conventional WWIII?

    For my TL which will feature events set after a WWIII in the first half of the 1980's (that stayed mostly conventional mind you so the total nuclear exchange is off the table), one thing that needs to be addressed are the possible innovations and inventions that spawned from the conflict so they...
  12. KuboCaskett

    Techological Progress with a Continued Cold War? While we know of some technological progress made during the Cold War (and that I gathered from this forum that the Cold War possibly held back progress in some fields), how advanced would TTL's 2017 be in comparison...
  13. KuboCaskett

    AHC: Have Tech stay in the 1980's/1990's Level by 2030

    Inspired by this thread: So with a POD no earlier than 1900, how can technology stay at a late 20th century level by the year 2030 (barring minor advances of course). Bonus...
  14. Sersor

    WI: Museum/University trend in 3rd-2nd century BC?

    What could happen if the Museum(university/library) of Alexandreia was a trend in lets say 200 BC and several other museums pop up in that era. There is the example of Pergamon library but its more of a library than a museum. So what if Seleucids,Syracuse,Macedonia,Rhodes,Rome,Carthage etc...
  15. SlyDessertFox

    WI: Yahoo Acquires YouTube

    Yahoo and Google were both in the running to acquire Google in 2006. Apparently, Yahoo and Google executives met with Youtube's founders in a Denny's. Google won out in that meeting, mostly because: But what if, for some reason, YouTube's founders decide to go with Yahoo, and it is Yahoo, and...