A Game of Rats and Italians: an Atari Nintendo partnership TL

The Intro
Intro: It is 1984 and Atari is not doing too well, they were suffering their worst years yet and All of Atari was split off from Warner by the beginning of 1984 after suffering from major losses from the Video Game Crash of 1983. The 5200 was a complete failure and Atari needed something quick to save them from all the debt. Luckily for Atari; they had a potential partner in the form of Nintendo who has their own system in Japan called the Famicom that was doing extremely well in Japan and Nintendo was looking for a good partner to release the Famicom in America and Nintendo looked for Atari as their first potential partner. Ray Kassar saw this potential deal with Nintendo and saw the ongoing delays of the 7800 and made the executive decision to abandon development of the 7800 to focus on helping Nintendo's Platform. This Decision was initially very unpopular for Atari Engineers at first but Ray Kassar gave them a deal that the Engineers would be able to develop new technologies, new powerful arcade boards, and new computers with almost no restriction if the consumer divisions mainly focused on the Home Consoles. This deal that Ray Kassar had to satisfy the disgruntled engineers shockingly worked and the Atari-Nintendo Partnership started in June 1984 where they spent the next few months to make games for the Famicom, finish the design of the console, and market what will be known as the Atari Nintendo Entertainment System in Holidays of 1984.

This is a New TL about what if Atari partnered up with Nintendo and all the effects of gaming and tech if this one. This TL is similar to @MegaToon1234 Nintendo's New Groove but will go in a completely different direction compared to his TL in terms of what happens and the games that come out ITTL.

Here are some of the changes that Atari went through before 1984 ITTL.
  1. Chuck E. Cheese stayed with Atari past 1980.
  2. Atari bought two companies in 1984; General Computer Corporation and Big Five Software.
  3. A Slightly less bad 1983 game crash.
  4. Atari stays in one piece after being spun-off from (So the Arcade and Consumer divisions stay in one piece).

Welcome to the new TL: A Game of Rats and Italians and we will start with the Atari NES that was released in Holidays of 1984.​

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Atari bought two companies in 1984; General Computer Corporation and Big Five Software.
First time hearing about those, seems the former made chipsets and cartridge for Atari and the later games for their PC machines. at least that should keep the computer side quiet.

I would say 1984 is too late, as the original idea was 1983....before the engineers and kassar firing derailed everything