taiping rebellion

  1. Taiping industrialize China like Stalin did Soviet Union

    Stalin industrialized the Soviet union by collectivizing agriculture and exporting it's output to gain the capital need to hire the experts and buy the equipment required for industrialization. Taiping rebellion also abolished private property and planned to adopt modern technology like...
  2. GameBawesome

    WI: Hong Xiuquan passes the Imperial Examinations

    Hong Xiuquan is most infamously known for being the guy that started the Taiping Rebellion against the Manchu Qing Dynasty, which devastated China with untold amount of casualties. He is also known for having visions, and proclaiming himself the Son of God and the Brother of Jesus Christ, and...
  3. Hong Xiuquan is a more generic rebel?

    The main leader of the Taiping Rebellion, which led to the death of at least twenty million people, Hong Xiuquan was a very unorthodox Christian who believed himself to be the younger brother of Jesus Christ. This belief came from a vision he had while suffering a nervous breakdown after his...
  4. What would a Taiping China look like?

    Like it says on the tin. Suppose that Hong Xiuquan passes the imperial Chinese examinations the first time (instead of trying four times and failing), and becomes a scholar-bureaucrat who holds an administrative post somewhere in Guangdong. This means he's not insane (or is at least less so than...
  5. the Imperium of Canada

    AHC: An American "Taiping Rebellion"

    So inspired by some only half-serious conversation over on the Your least favourite AH tropes & motifs thread over in Non-Pol Chat lamenting the lack of Mormon Taiping Rebellion TLs . So your challenge here is that with a PoD after 1770, craft a scenario in which the United States is torn...
  6. Onedotman

    天國春秋 - Spring and Autumn of the Heavenly Kingdom
    Threadmarks: 天王開國 - Founding of the Heavenly Kingdom

    Portrait of Hong Renkun. Hong Huoxiu (洪火秀), courtesy name Renkun (仁坤) was born in 1814 to a well-off Hakka family in Guangdong. From an early age, Hong had developed a special interest in scholarship; for this reason, his family had to made financial sacrifices to ensure that he had a decent...
  7. EIC conquers Qing during Taiping rebellion

    What if EIC used destabilization of china during Taiping rebellion to conquer it in the same way they conquered India
  8. GameBawesome

    Cultural Effects of a successful Taiping Rebellion

    (Sidenote: Kinda of piggy backing on this thread) So when reading about the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom, I thought some of the Taiping's Policy was absolute crazy, here are a few of them: So this got me thinking, what would happen Cultural in the aftermath if the Taiping took over China? Say the...
  9. WI: Zeng Guofan rebels against the Qing dynasty

    To help the Qing government put down the Taiping Rebellion, a Hunanese official named Zeng Guofan raised the Xiang Army, a massive force from his home province completely loyal to him. By the time the rebellion was crushed, the Qing dynasty had almost no military force left, and relied almost...
  10. WI: Hong Xiuquan passes the imperial examinations

    In early 19th century China, a young Hakka man named Hong Xiuquan sought to become a scholar-official. On four separate occasions, he attempted the imperial examinations, failing each time. After the fourth failure, he read some Christian pamphlets and believed they held the key to understanding...
  11. What would a Taiping-ruled China look like?

    Hong Xiuquan's combination of heterodox christianity and social reforms created a massive following, and his rebellion captured most of central China at one point. If he managed to defeat the Qing, would he found a new dynasty or create a theocratic republic with himself as supreme leader?
  12. GameBawesome

    AHC: Taiping Heavenly Kingdom Pulls a Meiji

    Challenge: Have the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom, ruled by the Heavenly King Hong Xiuquan, gain independence, and Industrialize over the decades along side Japan (Not modernize the Government, it would remain feudal, hey would never do that under Hong Xiuquan)
  13. Incanian

    AHC The Taiping Rebellion as a Han revolution

    The Taiping rebellion brought the Qing to its knees, however, it ultimately failed due to it being a Christian rebellion. While many fighting for the Taiping didn't really care for it being Christian, it failed to turn into a Han revolution because it was not based on Confucianism. In fact, many...
  14. AHC: Better 19th Century for Qing

    With no PoDs prior to 1834, how could the humiliations, rebellions, and demographic catastrophes that hit China in the middle part of the 19th century he averted - especially the Taiping Rebellion, or any calamity of its level? And before anyone suggests the seemingly easy answer:
  15. Kaiser Chris

    PC: An Independent/Separate Heavenly Kingdom of China

    In all the Alternate History scenarios of the site regarding the Taiping Rebellion, people either tend to gravitate to two extremes, a total success of the Rebellion and establishment of Hong Xiuquan as the new ruler of China, or the total defeat of the Rebellion along the same lines of OTL. In...