1. US Invasion of Java

    In 1944-45 Macarthur wanted to liberate Java with allied troops, but was ordered not to. What if, following the Borneo campaign, US Marines landed on the shores of Java? How would Sukarno, Hatta, et al react?
  2. What would a two terms (1948-1956) Douglas MacArthur presidency look like ?

    How would the initial and later Cold War mutate if he was President ? How Japan would be dealt with? Would NATO still be considered necessary to be created? Would the Stalin note be accepted? What would happen to Vietnam? What would happen in the Trieste crisis? What about Egypt in 1952 ?
  3. BiteNibbleChomp

    Patton in Korea/MacArthur in the White House
    Threadmarks: Part I, Chapter 1

    On December 23, 1950, a tragedy occurred in a land that had suffered a tragic six months. Korea, once colonised, now divided, was again a battlefield as the great powers fought for control of East Asia. Having consumed the lives of thousands of soldiers, and untold numbers of local civilians...
  4. SealTheRealDeal

    MacArthur in Europe/North Africa, Eisenhower in the Pacific

    As the tin says, what if MacArthur gets the European Theater of Operations, United States Army appointment, and Eisenhower gets the United States Army Forces in the Far East appointment? Yes you're welcome to express your disgust towards the first half of this switcheroo.
  5. DBWI: Yamato Dynasty Survives World War II

    The Japanese Imperial Family was abolished after Japan surrendered to the allied powers at the very end of the Second World War. This was a major stumbling block during the negotiations and caused some serious setbacks and stumbling blocks for negotiatiors on both sides. In fact originally...
  6. Harry_Z_Trumen

    Barefoot in the TL: A Strange and Psychedelic Saga

    Okay, I’ve just got five questions; What, When, How, Why and How? Care to be more specific? Fine, what’s this ATL going to cover? Oh, that’s easy. Inspired by Brian Aldiss’ Barefoot in the Head (but in no way connected to or associated with that experimental work), this ATL will be a wild ride...
  7. Big Commander in Chief: President Douglas MacArthur 1948 and Beyond

    This scenario will be a collaborative lore. Starts from January 1949 and continues to present day. Basically, Douglas MacArthur delays his presidential run 4 years, waiting to run in 1948 and becoming president. Only rule: No MacArthur dictatorship. Other than that, feel free to take this...
  8. LuckyLuciano

    WI: MacArthur elected President in '52

    Say Douglas MacArthur becomes the Republican nominee in 1952 after a deadlocked convention between Taft and Eisenhower, and then goes on to beat the Democratic nominee in the general election. What would his presidency be like? Most importantly, what happens in the Korean War? Would MacArthur...
  9. WI: MacArthur used nuclear weapons in Korea

    Assume that some sort of highly unprobable event (maybe Harry Truman had a heart attack and Alben W. Barkley decided to trust UN forces Commander) allowed Douglas MacArthur to use nuclear devices against both North Korea and China (Manchuria). Lets say its a January 1951 and American strategic...
  10. What if MacArthur became president

    Election night 1952 Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen, tonight we will find out who is elected president of the united states. We have the democrat's nomination Adlai Stevenson and his running mate John Sparkman. We have the Republicans nomination Douglas MacArthur and his running Mate Richard...
  11. WI: MacArthur killed during Operation Downfall

    Quick question: Say the Kjujo coup succeeds and the U.S. goes forward with Operation Downfall. If General MacArthur were to be killed at some point during the operation, say by a kamikaze attack on his headquarters, does Admiral Nimitz automatically take over as Supreme Commander? Or do they...
  12. Difference in the Philippines

    I know that a recent TL on this board asked what would have happened if Eisenhower and not MacArthur had been in charge of the Philippines when the Japanese invaded in 1941, but I would like to ask two questions based on some items Calbear mentioned in another forum. Let's assume that - for the...
  13. Crying

    WI: MacArthur is never born?

    As the title says, how would history have changed if Douglas MacArthur had never been born? And yes, I know that the POD is before 1900, but considering that he doesn't really do anything important until after 1900 I figured it doesn't really matter.
  14. Whiteshore

    DBWI: No MacArthur's Coup

    As we all know, General Douglas MacArthur launched a coup d'etat on March 3, 1935, which overthrew the US government and led to the creation of a Fascist regime in the United States which joined the Rome-Berlin-Nanking-Washington Axis in 1940 with said Axis crushing the Allies during the Second...
  15. A Question on the Competence of Generals

    Hello all, over the course of my time lurking on these forums I have noticed a general disdain for certain military figures that appears at the slightest mention of their names. The most prominent (at least post-1900) being Gen. Douglas MacArthur, most remembered for his botching of the defense...
  16. MacArthur dies. Who becomes COMSWPA?

    in the event Douglas MacArthur dies attempting to escape the Philippines, who are some likely prospects to become Supreme Allied Commander in the Pacific?
  17. WI MacArthur is not removed from command?

    Hello, What Dugout Doug will do after 1951 if he's not removed from command and the Korean War ends in 1951 by following a different path? Will the Big Chief retire in the comming years or goes to politics or private industry? Truman didn't like him so will he a search/find another pretext to...
  18. WI/AHC: Unsuccessful post-WWII Japanese Occupation

    With a POD in 1945, make the United States be unsuccessful in its occupation of Japan by either of the following: 1. Riots and strikes are too rampant for sufficient administrative power and jurisdiction; 2. The Japanese people at large remain hostile towards the US government and military; 3...
  19. What if: Early second use of the bomb?

    What if the United States use the bomb within ten years of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, i.e. in the Chinese Civil War, the Korean War (especially in late 1950!), the Suez Crisis, or another war or conflict before 1955/56? Would this defuse the Cold War? Would the USSR "conquer Western Europe", as was...