1. With Liberty and Justice For All
    Threadmarks: 2 Emancipations

    This is my somewhat fanciful scenario of bringing Liberal Democracy to all the people of the world by the 1960s March 3, 1861 St. Petersburg, Russia Peasants gather to hear of their new freedom Tsar Alexander II issued a proclamation declaring all privately owned surfs are to be emancipated...
  2. Redrawing the borders of Prussia post alt-WWI

    So, before the usual Versailles hater/apologists leap in, this is a bit different. In a scenario where WWI ends in a white peace/limited CP victory/uti possidetis situation, how realistic is it to suggest Prussia may have territorial adjustments? Would, at the resultant Great Power...
  3. Gukpard

    AHC The HRE centralizes?

    Your objetive is to have the the HRE to centralize and to have the primogeniture sucession, effectivelly uniting it under one banner, the PoD is 1181 One observation is that a federal solution, like the german empire can also be accepted, but the empire must have only one dynasty with a...
  4. Aftermath of Central Powers victory: Migration between Mitteleuropa states, Lingua Franca, etc.

    Assume a Central Powers victory scenario in World War One, and the formation of a Mitteleuropa dominated by the German Empire, including Ukraine. Crimea, Latvia, and Estonia are the only areas that are directly annexed. The others are the independent states of Ukraine, Lithuania, Belarus...
  5. Whiteshore

    DBWI: A German Republic?

    As we all know, Kaiser Wilhelm II abdicated his throne at the end of WW1 but the Kronprinz, his son, became Kaiser of Germany, albeit with truncated powers, so, what if Germany became a Republic after WW1? Would said German republic be more or less stable than the German Empire historically...
  6. Kaiser_Jaeger

    Kaiser_Jaeger Map Thread

    A thread for me to post maps that I make. Any advice is greatly appreciated and conversation is encouraged.
  7. ZachMettenbergerFan

    AHC: The Kaiser of 1930

    Well, the title pretty much says it. How hard is it to keep Kaiser Wilhelm, or at least, his successor, in power after WWI? Could the Kaiserreich survive the Great War even while the communists rise in the east and democracy's power grows more powerful? What happens to the rest of the world with...
  8. NapoleonCorinII

    Wilhelm II is not kaiser.

    So I've been playing around with an idea in my head, what if Wilhelm II does not become the kaiser, say his father realized his hate for great britain and decided to give it to someone else. I was wondering if anyone had any ideas who might get it. I was thinking perhaps Prince henry(of Prussia)...
  9. What if The Treaty of Versailles wasn't as harsh?

    Unlike many other alternate history scenarios, we know the largest change that would happen if either A. The Treaty of Versailles wasn't as harsh or B. The Central Powers won the war. If either of these would have happened, the rise of Hitler and WW2 as we know it wouldn't exist. The reason...
  10. thezerech

    AHC Restore the House of Hohenzollern to Germany post-1945

    Pretty self explanatory. I'd also accept anything before 2020, though bonus points for pre-2008!
  11. WI: Hindenburg Orders the Kaiser's Restoration on his deathbed?

    What would be the consequences for the Weimar Republic if President Hindenburg called for the restoration of the Kaiser as the Head of State (while simultaneously renouncing and abolishing the presidency) on the eve of his death in 1934? And I'm not just talking about a line item in his last...
  12. German Phillipines

    I understand that Germany tried to buy the Phillipine Islands from Spain during the Spanish American War. If this is true how realistic is this possibility?