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  1. Višeslav

    HW Bush second term foreign policy?

    So, let's say George HW Bush gets a second term in 1992. A lot of interesting foreign policy decisions had to be made by the US in Clinton's first term, how might Bush Sr. a much more experienced foreign policy leader handle them? How would this effect the world? The big issues...
  2. PlanetaryIceTea

    A Historic Victory: A 2004 Election TLIAP

    It was a cool autumn evening in Boston. It wasn't any ordinary day; it was election day, and pundits on cable TV all said the same thing. Democrat John Kerry and Republican President George W. Bush are neck and neck; the election is anyone's to win, and any small polling error could change the...
  3. Oliveia

    All the Way to Washington: Howard Dean and the Fight to Take Back America
    Threadmarks: Title Card & Introduction

    ALL THE WAY TO WASHINGTON: Howard Dean and the Fight to Take Back America On this day, 20 years ago, former Governor Howard Dean of Vermont let out a loud cry in an Iowa concession speech. This is where the story starts and ends for most people. The “I have a scream” speech, it was called at...
  4. Vidal

    Last One for the Gipper: Ronald Reagan and His Quest for a Third Term

    Last One for the Gipper Ronald Reagan and His Quest for a Third Term An Alternate History Timeline by Vidal This timeline is loosely inspired by the first American political timeline I read on this site: 1988: Defending the Reagan Revolution and a New Democratic Hope. The POD is much the same...
  5. PakistaniGuyUK

    WI Saddam Hussein ‘does a Gaddafi’ in 1998; agrees to co-operate fully with the UN and IAEA. Sanctions lifted and Iraq no longer a pariah

    Saddam Hussein for whatever reason decides to drop his anti-American and anti-Western stance (and by extension his anti-Israel rhetoric) agreeing to all of the demands of the UN and IAEA and expressing a strong desire for Iraq to return within the fold ‘of the civilized world.’ The United States...
  6. WI: George H. W. Bush never promised no taxes?

    Would he still win? If so, would he win reelection in 1992? What would the election of 1992 be like?
  7. Vidal

    Jimmy Two: America in Carter's Second Term
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    JIMMY TWO! America in Carter's Second Term 2023 Best Cold War to Contemporary Timeline This is not about creating some liberal utopia. If it were, Jimmy Carter would not be my choice. The archetypal “liberal” president deregulated industries at the expense of unions, decided to dramatically...
  8. CountofDooku

    Walker - a George Walker Bush AU TL
    Threadmarks: Chapter 1: 9/11 or September 11

    Chapter 1: 9/11 or September 11 Silence, shock, unbeliever was the best way to describe what went to the head of President George Walker Bush on September 11 2001 as he heard the news of the horrible attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon. President George Bush at the Emma E. Booker...
  9. The_Persian_Cat

    How could Iran-Contra have gone different?

    Hey all, So, the Iran-Contra scandal could have gone different in a lot of ways, a lot of which we'll probably never know. What scenarios about the Iran-Contra Affair would you think are most interesting? One obvious one would be if Reagan was directly implicated. Under what circumstances...
  10. PakistaniGuyUK

    ASB WI: In 2001 United States successfully predict cost of 20 year war in Afghanistan as $978 billion and decide to pay the Taliban instead!

    A few days ago I saw a tweet from a disgruntled individual bemoaning the American 'failure' in Afghanistan. It went along the lines of "Our (American) government sunk $978 billion on this pointless war and the Taliban are back anyway... might as well handed it to them instead so they invested it...
  11. Vidal

    WI: President Douglas Wilder (1992)

    Let's say the Gennifer Flowers scandal tanks Clinton- forcing him out of the race before Iowa. Carville is brought on to the Wilder campaign and encourages him to throw all his eggs in the NH basket. He comes in a surprising second place showing a la Clinton. Jackson endorses Wilder, encouraging...
  12. Rawhide Down: The Assassination of Ronald Reagan
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    Hello everyone, and welcome to the thread for my first official TL, Rawhide Down: The Assassination of Ronald Reagan. This main jist of the TL is to explore the aftermath of the successful assassination of Ronald Reagan on March 30, 1981, both domestically and abroad. I will post updates...
  13. shiny-teddiursa

    Teach Your Parents - A Walter Mondale 1984 Timeline
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    TEACH YOUR PARENTS - A WALTER MONDALE 1984 TIMELINE BASIC PODS: Reagan fires Volcker appoints Greenspan to chair the Federal Reserve in 1980. The economy doesn’t recover like it does OTL, because the Early 1980s recession, having levels of unemployment nationally of 15%, roughly 5% higher...
  14. shiny-teddiursa

    Teach Your Parents - A Walter Mondale 1984 Timeline
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    Find the timeline, here
  15. Rawhide Down!

    President Reagan Shot! - NBC News-March 30th 1981 Chaos. The only word that can describe the Capital today. All our nation holds it breath as it awaits an answer to this stunning development. Several citizens of the D.C. area were asked to give comment and the only words that were...
  16. Vidal

    Simba Roars
    Threadmarks: I am Simba, Hear me Roar

    I Am Simba, Hear Me Roar BY MAX RUSH || AUGUST 2000 Senator John McCain officially became the Republican nominee for President of the United States at the party’s national convention last week in Philadelphia. Just seven months ago, members of the Republican Party establishment and the news...
  17. DBWI: How Would George W. Bush Have Handled 9/11 and the Financial Crisis?

    I know this is relatively recent history, but just to set the stage for this DBWI thought experiment I'll recap the past 20 or so years of US history. In 2000, after a nail-biting election campaign, Vice-President John Kerry defeated George W. Bush and became the 43rd American President. Kerry...
  18. akagreenette

    DBWI: Joe Biden doesn't die in '88?

    Just the other day, I was watching this Netflix documentary (which I wholeheartedly recommend) on the life of the late Sen. Beau Biden and his run in 2016. While watching it however, I couldn't help but think about the similarities between he and his father's run in 1988, how both of them were...
  19. DBWI: No President Jackson in 88.

    OK, so Rev. Jesse Fucking Jackson. The best thing to come out of South Carolina since Mt. Rushmore. One of the U.S.'s best fucking Presidents, and not just because he became America's first AA leader just 24 years after the Civil Rights Act was passed. He and VP Ted Kennedy (RIP) did some...
  20. America Under Fire: A September 11th Alternate History Scenario

    Note: This is absolutely a work in progress, I just wanted to post the opening scene of it to gauge interest! The Beginning Tuesday, September 11th 2001, started off like any other day in American airports. Being the week after Labor Day, the number of business travelers flying that morning...