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  • Reagan fires Volcker appoints Greenspan to chair the Federal Reserve in 1980.
  • The economy doesn’t recover like it does OTL, because the Early 1980s recession, having levels of unemployment nationally of 15%, roughly 5% higher then OTL.
  • The Grenadan revolutionary and prime minister, Maurice Bishop never is overthrown by the military like he was OTL, instead be willing to comprise with the military which causes U.S invasion
  • The invasion of Granada fails because without the death of the popular Maurice Bishop much fewer civilians of Grenada feel the need to revolt. The U.S also underestimating Granda’s allyship with Cuba As well as a reluctance of Caribbean countries to combat the People’s Revolutionary Government of Granada.
  • Reagan’s dementia is more severe, making him in 1984, similar to the state of his dementia in 1988-1989
  • The Iran-Contra affair is happening, starting in mid-1982, and the scandal breaks in early-1984.
  • Walter Mondale never says “Mr. Reagan will raise taxes. And so will I”
  • Reagan refuses to practice for the 2nd Presidental Debate, despite the first one being almost universally considered a loss for him.
  • Mondale chooses Los Angeles Mayor, Tom Bradley as his Vice President, making Tom Bradley the first Black vice major presidential nominee.
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- The failed invasion of Grenada which cost the United States nearly 3,000 deaths was one of the first indications of Reagans faltering populairty. After the short lived war, In January 1984, Reagan's approval rating were down to 39%


- The flag of the newly founded nation, the "Republic of Grenada", yet another expansion of Soviet-aligned countries amongst the world, and a brand new close-ally of The Republic of Cuba.

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- The Iran Contra affair further hurt Reagan's approval rating, which fell to the lowest point of his presidency, reaching in late March the astounding 29%.

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Thank you for this historical background, it is very informative) I am now looking for help with my assignment in sociology, I describe such periods in the context of social change. I've already done a bit of work on this with and the topic turned out to be very interesting and non-exhaustive. After all, every period has its own impact on society.
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This still going on?

If so I would like to see a Mondale/Jackson ticket
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