1. GameBawesome

    Peaceful Reunification of CSA and USA?

    We're all familiar with CSA victories scenarios. One key detail I've seen in some of these stories or even in discussions about the idea is that the CSA gets reconquered by the USA eventually, or the CSA collapses in on itself. One of the most famous stories to do the latter idea is Harry...
  2. How bad can the ACW get?

    as far as I know, there was a chance for California to secede during the war and Oregon apparently had an independence movement too- how much can the US unravel during the ACW?
  3. GameBawesome

    Views on the Founding Fathers after a CSA victory.

    The Founding Fathers were the leaders for the Thirteen Colonies during the American Revolutionary War, breaking off from Britain and forming the United States or America, and later on form the Constitution. The seven commonly famous members included are George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, John...
  4. Oba Cahokia

    How long would the Civil War last if Kentucky joined the Confederacy but New York also seceded under Mayor Fernando Wood?

    The Purple/Blue (Colorblind) is the Union, Red is the Confederacy and the Orange is New York. Apparently New York City or at least the Mayor also thought about leaving the Union to keep economic ties with the Confederacy and this got me thinking. How long would this Civil War last and what be...
  5. GameBawesome

    WI/AHC: An even more chaotic American Civil War

    (Based off multiple things, 1) This thread I made, 2) A post I made in this thread. 3) This second thread I made, 4) This image I made.) We all know the factions of American Civil War. It was fought between the North - The United States of America and the South- the Confederate States of...
  6. Nothing For Which to Apologize: Ambition and Loathing in the New South
    Threadmarks: Preface

    Preface Years ago, I started work on a novel, The Devil and Harvey Hill, that told the story of a Confederate victory from the eyes of four historical characters: Robert Smalls, Confederate General D.H. Hill, OTL spy and probable Lincoln conspirator Sara Slater, and an obscure carpenter and...
  7. Effects of Confederate Victory in ACW on European imperialism in the new world?

    There are hundreds of threads ctalking about the american civil war, and how if it had gone differently, it would have affected america. But, I am more interested in what a divided US means for Europe. OTL, France used the turmoil of the American Civil War to intervene in Mexico, and Spain used...
  8. Oba Cahokia

    What is life like for American Indian, Freedman, Indian Freedman and Enslaved African Americans in a Confederate Oklahoma?

    What would life look like for these for groups what would be present day Oklahoma? Do American Indians get a seat in the national legislature? Do Freedman and Indian Freedman get left alone and stay in their own little corner of the state? Do enslaved people revolt in these areas? What happens...
  9. Just a Turteldove Fan

    Bluegrass turned Red - A what may have been TL
    Threadmarks: Prologue- The loss of the commonwealth

    Bluegrass turned Red - A What may have been TL By: A Just a Turtledove fan Prologue- The loss of the commonwealth September 2nd, 1861 Mayor General Leonidas Polk received a telegram from the Tennesee Governor to hold his invasion plans in Kentucky [1]. Polk's first reaction was one of anger...
  10. Oba Cahokia

    Who Would the CSA go after first, Cuba or Northern Mexico?

    I'm thinking about doing a Socialist Confederacy TL and I came up with a idea for it. I just wanted to know your guys' opinion.
  11. Stonewall Jackson Dead in August of 1862

    During the Northern Virginia Campaign, Stonewall Jackson came extremely close to death. On August 26, at Manassas Junction, a Union soldier aimed directly at Jackson and fired, but missed his shot. But let's say the bullet finds its mark and Jackson dies nine months early. What would be the...

    Demographic of TL-191 Part 2: 2022 extended

    This is an Sequel of 2007 Thread about the Demographic of Southern victory so I made this Thread to Continue this discussion of what’s the population and demographic in TL191 series’s What Population between the USA, CSA, Germany and Ottoman etc in This World? What’s your best guesses guys and...
  13. AHC: Britain recognizes the C.S.A, but the Confederates still lose

    If Great Britain recognizes the Confederacy for whatever reason, could the Union still win? Parliament was leaning towards recognition before Antietam, and again after Chancellorsville. Perhaps they extend recognition after Chancellorsville, but the Confederates still lose at Gettysburg. The...
  14. GameBawesome

    WI: Hippos... in the CSA?

    Alright. This idea is going to sound batsh*t insane, and kills thousands of Butterflies... But hear me out. However, before we get into the scenario, some context around “Lake Cow Bacon." In 1910, Louisiana Congressman Robert F. Broussard proposed a bill, to fund $250,000, in importing hippos...
  15. GameBawesome

    How Plausible is the rise of Socialism/Marxism/Communism in the CSA?

    This idea seems like a neat idea, that came from the Alternate History Writer, Harry Turtledove: The rise of Communism in the CSA, where in Southern Victory, black communists rosed against the Confederates during the Great War. So, this got me thinking, how plausible for...
  16. How different would a second war between the USA and CSA be in the 1880s?

    Assuming the Confederates States gain European recognition to back their independence be 1862-1863, how differently would a second war between the USA and the CSA be fought if conflict broke out in the 1880s?
  17. Calcaterra

    Union-Entente Alliance in a CSA Victory Scenario?

    The usual assumption made in a CSA victory scenario is that the Confederates win due to European (i.e. British/French) interference in the Civil War, followed by an Entente-Confederate alliance, parallel to one between the Union and the German Empire. I suppose my question is, then, in two...
  18. WI: POTCS George Bolling Lee

    Assuming the CSA wins it's independence and survives for at least a century, what would it look like if George Bolling Lee, grandson of general Robert E Lee, was potcs during the 1920's? What I know about about him is that he lived from 1872-1948, he was a gynecologist, and that's pretty much...
  19. Osman Aga

    Southern States leave the Union before 1846

    I have some sort of interest about US history despite not being American, especially in the period of the Civil War. Most of it developed after watching some movies but any attention is good attention am I right guys? Anyway... I was thinking about it. The South had a lot of influence on the...
  20. An Excuse To Get Rid Of Mississippi: A Confederacy Wins TL
    Threadmarks: Chapter -1

    What the heck is this? A TL where the confederacy wins. So another TL you create that you'll abandon? Are you always this much of a jerk? Isn't recent history more your forte? Yes but I have noticed a lack of good Civil War TLs that focus on the time after the war. Isn't this format usually used...