1. Would the US recognise the South even if they won?

    In discussions about a Confederate victory in the Civil War the question of recognition is dominated by whether or not the UK and/or France would recognise Southern independence, given how crucial that would be for the war. But I think there's an equally important question that is being left...
  2. What if Taiwanese Aborigines created an Extensive and Durable Civilization on Taiwan?

    (Realm of the Siraya Confederacy) The Taiwanese Aborigines established a state-level Civilization of their own called the ''Siraya Confederacy'' unifying most of Taiwan. The Atayal people, for example, known for their impressive defensive fortifications, while the Bunun excelling in ironworking...
  3. Confederate victory in ACW: Impact on ideology?

    So I know there are various ACW-related threads, but I would like to focus more impact that Confederate victory gives on the ideological aspects. For the question of how CSA won, let's assume "order 191 isn't lost" pod for the sake of scenario. For starters, these are my two cents. 1...
  4. Gnomepilled

    Revenge of the North : A contrarian Confederate victory TL
    Threadmarks: Faq

    FAQ What is this? Because I'm tired of every Confederate victory tl being the same I decided to make my own So it's a lost cause thread? No Do you support any of the politics featured here? No What is the POD? A more aggressive United States. I'm just skipping the boring stuff. I'll just say...
  5. CountofDooku

    Emperor Norton of America
    Threadmarks: Chapter One: Two State Solution and Pacific Coast Dissatisfaction

    Chapter One: Two State Solution and Pacific Coast Dissatisfaction With communications and travel restricted between the Pacific West Coast and the Atlantic East Coast with the capital of Washington ideas of a separate West Coast Republic, a Pacific Republic dated back as far as Jefferson. When...
  6. Ana Luciana II

    Thoughts on the Population Reductions in Timeline 191?

    A major criticism of TL191 is that the population reductions, the Confederate genocide of the Black Southern population, is implausible. Because conducting the genocide of 30% of your population, a population disproportionately represented among your menial workforce, is implausible. It’s a...
  7. Under the Stainless Banner - a Southern Victory TL
    Threadmarks: Chapter I: The War of Southern Secession, 1861-1862.

    With other projects on hiatus, I was inspired to write my own Southern victory TL detailing a Confederate victory in the American Civil War. I chose the same PoD as Turtledove, the infamous Order 191, but things diverge from there. To make certain I wouldn't inadvertently rip off Turtledove's...
  8. ParasaurEwan

    What would happen to Lincoln and the Notth after a southern victory?

    If the South had won (assuming by it's own), what would happen to Lincoln if he was taken into the slaver custody in the victory? What would happen to the USA that remains?
  9. GameBawesome

    WI/AHC: An even more chaotic American Civil War

    (Based off multiple things, 1) This thread I made, 2) A post I made in this thread. 3) This second thread I made, 4) This image I made.) We all know the factions of American Civil War. It was fought between the North - The United States of America and the South- the Confederate States of...
  10. 'Blood-Stained South' - A Confederate Victory Timeline
    Threadmarks: First Draft of Timeline

    This is the first draft of the timeline and is out of date. An updated version can be found further down...
  11. New Alternate History Video-South achieves Independence in the Civil War

    Hi Everyone! Just wanted to share an Alternate History video that I recently created. It is a brand new channel and my first video. I teach American History at the High school and college levels. I was interested in giving this a try, and would really appreciate you giving it a view. I plan on...
  12. How long would the Confederacy survive?

    A Confederate victory is one of the most famous alternate history scenarios one can think of. Countless words have been written/typed thinking of how they could've defeated the Union and secured their independence. But assuming they were successful, that raises the long would an...
  13. Oba Cahokia

    How does the existence of a surviving Confederacy effect Europe or Global Geopolitics in General?

    So I heard it was a bit of cliche for the CSA to join the Allies and for the US to join the Central Powers in WW1 but one of things I keep hearing is "the world would be radical different". How exactly does the Confederacy effect the political of the globe in not just North America and the...
  14. BlazingRoman

    Questions regarding the idea of a black republic in the American South formed from a slave revolt

    I've been thinking a lot about the idea of a confederate victory timeline where the Confederacy gets overthrown by a massive slave revolt and replaced by a black republic like in Haiti. Tried to look up if there was anyone who's had this specific idea, couldn't really find much resembling it...
  15. Oba Cahokia

    What is life like for American Indian, Freedman, Indian Freedman and Enslaved African Americans in a Confederate Oklahoma?

    What would life look like for these for groups what would be present day Oklahoma? Do American Indians get a seat in the national legislature? Do Freedman and Indian Freedman get left alone and stay in their own little corner of the state? Do enslaved people revolt in these areas? What happens...
  16. GameBawesome

    Railroads after a Confederate Victory

    To give a great oversimplification, after the Civil War or between 1870s to 1890s, the United States entered an industrial era, where new railways expanded across the nation, creating a new and more connected network across teh nation With a POD I've been using for most of my CSA Victory asks...
  17. Oba Cahokia

    WI: The Founding Fathers created the Confederate Constitution without the Slavery part and the addition of a Supreme Court?

    How different would American History would be if the Founding Fathers somehow ended up with the creation of the Confederate Constitution but without the unable to ban slavery and a Supreme Court?
  18. Oba Cahokia

    What if a surviving CSA built the Nicaragua Canal and the US built the Panama Canal

    If a surviving CSA built the Nicaragua Canal and the US still built Panama Canal. How different would North America be and How would this effect Global Economy and Politics.
  19. In The Ruins Of The High Castle: A MITHC Story
    Threadmarks: Keep It To Yourself

    This story is based off material in the book, TV series, and my own ideas. I will be expanding on how the Axis fell as the story continues. Munich suburbs, German Federal Republic "So Emily," her mother said, passing her a plate of lamb. "I hear there's someone at school whose caught your...
  20. Oba Cahokia

    Who Would the CSA go after first, Cuba or Northern Mexico?

    I'm thinking about doing a Socialist Confederacy TL and I came up with a idea for it. I just wanted to know your guys' opinion.