1. kasumigenx

    Henry the Young King(1155-1199)
    Threadmarks: The Annulment of Henry the Young King’s marriage

    On 1183, Henry, the Young King of England would start the process of annulling the marriage with Margaret of France in favor Gisele of Swabia as Margaret of France is in forbidden affinity as Eleanor of Aquitaine was once married to Louis VII, as his marriage with Margaret of France produced no...
  2. Vercigentorix

    Dutch puppet state; What if the Dutch government and Royal Family don`t go into exile in 1940?

    Let`s say the Netherlands finds itself in Denmark's shoes. Would there be a peace treaty since the nazis were at war with the Netherlands but not with Denmark? What is the fate of the Dutch East Indies? In a scenario where this leads to the United States remaining a non-belligerent, what is the...
  3. Ryker of Terra

    Non-purged Red Army vs Wehrmacht?

    So the way I understand it, Soviet armed forces were seeing some serious innovation as regards military theory during the 1920s-30s. Not only was the Red Army rapidly modernizing, Soviet commanders were also theorizing how to best make use of it, and they came up with Deep Operation/Deep Battle...
  4. WI: Hitler Assassinated in Paris in May 1941

    We all know of the famous July 20 Plot, the failed attempt to kill Hitler and use Valkyrie to stage a coup, as well as the assassination attempts by Elser and Bavaud. There are other lesser known attempts too and this one piqued my interest: An attempt to assassinate Hitler was planned for July...
  5. WI Soviet Armored Hovercraft?

    Proposed in 1937 by Vladimir Israilevich Levko's team, the (somewhat) armored hovertank was supposed to mount a 7.62mm machine gun and float at speeds of 60-80kmph topping off at 120kmph on flat terrain. For reasons unknown (probably Kremlin politics, lack of technical ability, capacity or w/e)...
  6. D day US UK nukes vs Nazis after successful Barbarossa

    can US UK Nazis after successful Barbarossa : conquest upto AA line bombing all Soviet industry can a later D day still succeed with nukes after a Nazi freed up eastern front ? can Nazis develop Nukes with resources of eastern europe and freed up eastern front but an unwilling heisenberg...
  7. US UK liberate Eastern Europe before soviets without lend lease

    can US and UK prevent Soviets from taking Eastern Europe before soviets by decreasing lend lease and liberate Eastern Europe ?
  8. Barbarossa without lend lease and with Japanese invasion of Siberia

    how much can Barbarossa succeed (push to A-A line) without lend lease and with Japanese invasion of Siberia will soviet have a famine and bad supply lines without lend lease food and truks? will soviets be spread thin with Japanese invasion of Siberia ?
  9. AltoRegnant

    WI: No Great Purge

    The great purge, especially of armed forces, seems like the greatest blunder of the early soviet union. It killed countless innocents and culled trained military personnel, because ol' Joe Steel was worried about a coup. Given that it seems to have led to humiliation against Finland and probably...
  10. The_Persian_Cat

    AHC/WI: Ottoman Otranto?

    Hey all. So, from July 1480-September 1481, the Ottoman Empire captured and occupied the Italian city of Otranto, then part of the Principality of Taranto. Otranto was intended to be a beachhead for an Ottoman conquest of the Italian peninsula; having taken Constantinople, Sultan Mehmed II...
  11. Reverse Barbarossa: How far do the Soviets reach?

    In 1941, the Russians launch a full-scale invasion of Germany just before they could kickstart Barbarossa. How far can the Soviets reach before if they're ever stopped?
  12. SunKing105

    WI: Barbarossa happens on May 15?

    On December 18, 1940, Hitler issued Directive No. 21, ordering German forces to attack the USSR in Operation Barbarossa. In March 1941 it was later postponed on June 22, and we know what happened eventually. What if Hitler stuck to the original date of May 15? With the German forces having been...
  13. AHC: Recreate this Map of American Barbarossa

    Not sure if I’m doing this right, but here goes: during WW2, someone made a map of the US with Operation Barbarossa superimposed over it. Each area had an equivalent city— New York City as Kaunas, Louisville as Kursk, St. Louis as Stalingrad, Mobile as Odessa, etc. The challenge would be to...
  14. German-Polish alliance in 1939 after the Ribbentrop-Molotov pact

    What if during the Ribbentrop-Molotov agreement, the Abwher would invite some polish agents to witness it, undercover of course and see the secret agreement about the splitting of Poland. This might be seen as a sign of good will from Germany's side and turn the polish government against the...
  15. AHC: Western Allies conclude ceasefire with Nazi Germany

    Is there any possible way for the United States and United Kingdom to conclude a ceasefire with Nazi Germany - or are both countries irrevocably committed to defeating Nazi Germany, whatever the consequences? For this hypothetical, the United States has to join the war against Nazi Germany at...
  16. Trotsky in Command

    Stalin had the ability to find Zhukov, recognize his abilities, and put him in charge. He didn't however take decisive action until it was almost too late, and this delayed response cost Russia dearly. Plus his purges had deeply weakened the armed forces. What does a leader of the USSR who had...
  17. AHC: Whatever Rudolf Hess was Attempting to do Succeeds

    Was Hess truly a crazy person, or at least duped into taking his flight by Allied intelligence? Or was he part of a secret plan that genuinely did involve members of the British government, who simply dropped the ball? Perhaps their really was a group waiting for him in the Dungavel house, but...
  18. WI - Barbarossa repelled

    Let's assume Stalin orders the Red Army to be on full alert on 1941.06.22 and doesn't prevent them from shooting back until the frontier is near Minsk already. How does the war play out, how long do the Nazi's last, but most importantly, what are its ramifications for the Cold War?
  19. FernandoPerla

    Succesful Operation Barbarossa

    What if Germany managed to take Leningrad, Moscow and Stalingrad in 1941-42?
  20. VadisDeProfundis

    AHC/WI: Successful Barbarossa, Defeated Axis

    With a PoD after the Nazi invasion of Poland, have the Wehrmacht successfully invade and even defeat the USSR, but have the Axis Powers eventually be defeated, before 1950 and without any atomic bombs. What would such a world look like? Would Russia and Eastern Europe have been governed...