German-Polish alliance in 1939 after the Ribbentrop-Molotov pact

What if during the Ribbentrop-Molotov agreement, the Abwher would invite some polish agents to witness it, undercover of course and see the secret agreement about the splitting of Poland. This might be seen as a sign of good will from Germany's side and turn the polish government against the Soviets, more than it already is. Could they be convinced to join Germany in invading the SU in the spring of 1940, and keep the western allies neutral?
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Problem is , it requires Nazi's to be non Nazi's. When you regard Poland as the rightful property of the Aryan Race, illegally infested with Slav's and Jews who need purging, it sort of gets in the way. Mein Kampf makes in clear Hitler was all about erasing Poland, some of the things that were planned such as eliminating all Polish culture, Poles to be basically kept as uneducated slaves only till Aryan numbers increased etc.
Not necessarily non nazis, but a more insidious and catious Adolf, trying to avoid a 2 war front and especially a war against the western allies at this point. At least until he secures the resources of the east. After that, Poland would be a puppet state at best.