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The Fallen Prince

A timeline written by maverick. You can read it here.

It holds the distinction of being one of the few of maverick's TLs that survived his ill-advised attempt at deleting and moving the threads containing said TLs.


What if Napoleon had died at the Battle of Aspern-Essling ?


  • Napoleon I, Emperor of the French
  • Marshal Jean Lannes
  • Joseph I, Emperor of the French
  • Louis I Bonaparte, Emperor of the French
  • Archduke Charles of Austria, Commander of the Allied forces of the Fifth coalition
  • Carlos V, King of Spain
  • Francisco Espoz y Miño, Spanish Caudillo
  • Baldomero Espartero, Spanish Caudillo
  • Emperor Constantine I of Russia
  • Emperor Michael II of Russia
  • King Ernest Augustus of Great Britain and Ireland
  • Henry Clay, two time President of the United States
  • Daniel Webster, President of the United States
  • Samuel Houston, President of the United States
  • Prince Metternich, the coachman of Europe
  • Prince Gorchakov, narrator and secondary character
  • Emperor Franz Karl of Austria
  • Prince Esterhazy, Austrian Chancellor
  • King Pedro of Portugal

Interesting Events

  • War of the Fifth coalition as a partial victory for the Coalition
  • Napoleon succeeded by his brothers Joseph and Louis upon his death
  • War of 1812 avoided; persistent US-British tentions until a war in 1837
  • Carlos V becomes King of Spain, surviving progessive government and eventual civil war
  • Surviving Spanish colonial Empire in America until 1840
  • Bourbon Empire of Mexico
  • Failed Revolutions of 1815
  • European war in 1835
  • Revolutions of 1839 (Social+Nationalist+Liberal)
  • Northern war in the Baltic and Decembrist Revolution in Russia
  • Earlier independence for Greece
  • No Indian Removal, Indian war in the 1830s instead
  • The Five tribes remain in the south
  • Short-lived US-Mexico war (Mexican victory)
  • Greater Argentina; alternate independence wars in south america (1840s)
  • Divided Brazil
  • Alternative Switzerland, influenced by Austria and the Catholic cantons

The Interesting Results

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