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Brazilian Timelines and Scenarios

Brazil-centered TLs

TLs in which the country makes appearances

  • TL-191: After the End by David Bar Elias - Brazil becomes one of the major global powers after the Second Great War and is one of the leaders of the Independence Movement (IM). It also becomes the birthplace of modern green/enviromentalist politics.
  • The Chaos TL by Max Sinister - Brazil aka Braseal changes owners several times early in its colonial history (England/Sweden), but then becomes a part of the New Roman Empire, which uses the place as a penal colony from people from Europe, Africa, India and Atlantis (the Americas). Later given independence, has to fight a civil war about the question of slavery. Even later their whole royal family gets killed in a terrorist Socialist attack, after which the German technocracy installs a new “integralist” junta. Speaks a creole of too many languages to mention, but with a strong French tendency.
  • In Jared's Decades of Darkness, something is definitely happening there… as in, the *US meddles in a Brazilian Civil War between monarchists/slaveholders and republicans/slavery opponents (and so does Germany, on the other side). Even later, they split up Brazil into three parts… yeah, just because the cliche is avoided, South America isn't necessarily better off.
  • Know of any other timelines set here? ;-) Feel free to add them! :-)

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