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La Serenissima Eterna

An old timeline, created by Faeelin way back in the days of the Old Board. It is a medieval/early modern timeline centered around Venice and the Byzantine Empire.

Originally, it emerged from a TL called “Mustafa the Pretender, The Ottomans stillborn, and italia: the last gasp of byzantium”

Archived text version

La Serenissima Eterna Archived Version - Due to the gradual shutting down of the Old Board archives in 2014, we've created an archived version of the timeline on our wiki. Click the page to read the archived version.


It won the Best 1400-1700 Timeline category at the 2005 Turtledove Awards. It was one of only two Old Board era timelines to ever win a Turtledove (both of these timelines occured in the award's first year).

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