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2005 Turtledove Award Winners

2005 was the first year of the Turtledove Awards on the new board. It saw 12 awards handed out. The awards were organized fairly late, in February. Categories were still relatively few and fairly basic. No distinctions were made yet between “New” and “Continuing” categories. This year introduced the very first version of the long-popular makeshift “Harry Turtledove Oscar statuettes” plaque. (An earlier, unused version of the award plaque can be seen here).

I. Timelines

Best Prehistoric Timeline
Wetter, Warmer Earth by Historico - award plaque

Best Ancient Timeline
Ancient Egypt Survives to the Present Day by robertp6165 - award plaque
Roman Timeline by Dominusnovus - award plaque

Best Medieval Timeline
The Prince of Peace by Faeelin - award plaque

Best 1400-1700 Timeline
La Serenissima Eterna by Faeelin - award plaque

Best 18th Century Timeline
Divided North America by Paul Spring - award plaque

Best 19th Century Timeline
Decades of Darkness by Jared (then known as Kaiser Wilhelm III) - award plaque

Best Early 20th Century Timeline
Fire Eagle, Snow Bear by Macsporan et al - award plaque

World War II Period
How Germany Won by Federation X - award plaque

Best ASB Work
AH.Com The Movie by Psychomeltdown - award plaque

Best Timeline Based on Published Fiction
Draka Timeline by Straha - award plaque

II. Artwork

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