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A Revised History of the Future : Notes on Culture

Why don't you talk about sports?

Not talking about sports is a major oversight of mine, and one I'd like to try fixing at some point. However, it's kinda hard to talk about the future of sports when I'm not much of a sports fan. ^_^()

If you would like to know more about the future of sports in the world of this timelime, please take a look at A Revised History of Sports by offtopic/o.a.musimon et. al., a collaborative timeline covering the history of sports within the world of A Revised History of the Future.

How influential is India over music globally?

Actually, there is a lot of Indian influence: Indian pop is popular worldwide, while Muika-Indio and Déplacez are basically fusions of Latin and Indian music. It just happened that the most notable musical group of the century happened to come from the West, and there are plenty of globally popular groups based out of India, Southeast Asia, and Japan.

Who is the main exporter of culture as of 2080? Is America still dominant, or have the scales shifted a bit?

India is the world's top exporter of culture. Indian cinema, literature, and pop music is globally popular and influential. After that are the United States, Latin America, and to some degrees South East Asia and Europe.

Is English still the universal language as of 2080?

Yes, considering two of the world's three largest economies (India and the United States) both use English as a working language (USA out of tradition, India as an auxiliary language used really only for work/business/political purposes). However, it'd be foolish to ignore the importance of Spanish, Mandarin, and Hindi.

Why did the film studios try to make a deal with the Lucas family to make the Star Wars remake? Assuming US copyright laws stay the same, Star Wars will have entered the public domain by 2087, meaning permission from Lucas' family wouldn't be needed.

Actually, that's why the deal to make the film happens when it does: the Lucas family's rights over the film expired in 2072, allowing for the Universal/Disney deal to be signed in 2075. The film is in production for about a decade before release in 2087. There are efforts before 2072 to remake Star Wars, but every attempt had to go through the Lucas family first and thus was shot down for one reason or another.

You mentioned genie pets, are people using transhumanist technology in the same ways on themselves? Like making themselves furries. In the future where transhumanism is more advanced things like this could be more extreme still and more popular. They are probably still a small subculture but do they exist and what is the response to this sort of modification (and presumeably this level of modification is illegal in children.

Probably, yes, although it is a very small subculture and NOT mainstream.

What other social issues have risen to the prominence of gay marriage etc by the 2090s?

Genies v. Purity was the BIG social movement of the century post-Gay rights (~2030s onward). As you pointed out, genetic enhancement was only one element - technological enhancement saw social opposition as well, just not on the same level. In the United States, I've managed to skip over the ethnic shift from Non-Hispanic White to Hispanic White majority and all the social changes that brings with it (growth in Catholicism, for one). Some of the social movements we're familiar with today are still ongoing in some parts of the world - Gay rights and women's rights aren't universal. Lastly, of course, there's the AI Rights movement that's emerged in the 2080s and 2090s.

Atop of that, the modern concept of “the worker” has changed thanks to the advent of 3D Printing early in the century and led to a shift in mentality over what, exactly, “capitalism” is and means.

Detailing all this stuff is something I'm interested in doing if I ever go back and expand the timeline (and that's a BIG if considering how large this already is).

Who won out in the piracy and copyright wars? Was America's copyright term extended when Winnie and Mickey were about to go public? Did the net stay free?

Net Neutrality won, and Copyright was not extended again. Otherwise, the Star Wars remake would never have been made! I didn't go into it, although I think I did imply that this was the case. What it came down to is that by the time Congress picked up the issue again, the copyright holders had become so weakened by the march of progress their demands to continue extending copyright by that time sounded ridiculous even to the politicians. Net Neutrality was maintained through the Whitman and Burkowski administrations the same way traditional copyright was extended beyond comprehension in the past: extensive lobbying by massive corporations that benefited from Net Neutrality (Apple, Google, Microsoft, Amazon, etc.)

It also helped that by the time the issue came up again Congress was split (the Senate was Dems, the House GOP) and when Burkowski was elected the Dems took both houses.

With the advent of (possible) machine sentience, is there anyone drawing attention the the hundredth anniversary of The Terminator (1984)?

There's definite scaremongering of that sort going on, but after 100 years not everyone has heard of The Terminator.

Since there has been a Star Wars remake at some point, do you think it is possible that there will be a Mass Effect remake as well (without the semi-terrible ending)? What other video games could potentially get remade at this point in history?

Oh, there have been plenty of remakes throughout the 21st Century. I can guarantee Mass Effect has been remade…more than once. Were those remakes better than the original? Well, I suppose that's up to the player to decide.

Are video games being used for propaganda during the Equatorial War? I imagine that the UC and its allies will be quite far behind in this respect as they have vastly less experience developing software. On the other hand, the Allies (ISTO, USA, Europe, China) probably have very respected software houses willing to work with them.

Yes they were!

Don't underestimate United Congo, though. Nsungu used videogames to chilling effect to stir up anti-immigrant hatred in the 2070s. A videogame is a VERY effective propaganda tool.

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