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A Revised History of the Future : Glossary

This is a list of important terms and phrases used in A Revised History of the Future.

Anti-Satellite Weapon

Also known as an ASAT, an anti-satellite weapon is a weapon intended to destroy an orbiting satellite. There are several types: anti-satellite ballistic missiles, often launched from the surface to destroy a spacecraft; anti-satellite laser, a laser fired from either the surface or another spacecraft for the purpose of either blinding or disabling a satellite; and anti-satellite spacecraft, either manned or unmanned vehicles that uses mounted weapons (lasers, missiles, or ballistics) to disable or destroy satellites (or other spacecraft).

Biological Uplift

The act of “uplifting”, “advancing”, or “humanizing” another species through manipulating their genome.

Cultural Uplift

The act of “uplifting”, “advancing”, or “humanizing” another species through introducing elements of human culture or technology.

Cuzco Declaration

Foundational document of the Union of South American Nations.


Term referring to a human with cybernetic enhancement or prosthetics.


Currency of the European Union.

European Constitutional Treaty

The first, failed, attempt to create a constitution for the European Union. Its failure in 2005 delayed the adoption of a permanent sitting European Council President for years.

The Great Recession

A major global economic recession that struck in 2008 and caused a persistently weak economy until the late 2020s.

Human Genome Project

An effort by late 20th Century and early 21st Century scientists to sequence and decode the human genome. Their success would later lead to the direct genetic manipulation, or “designing”, of human DNA for profit, cosmetic and medical purposes

Hurricane Katrina

A major Category 5 hurricane that struck the US Gulf Coast in August 2005, leveling the city of New Orleans.

Indian Ocean Earthquake

A major earthquake that struck Sumatra in December 2004, creating a tsunami that caused widespread death and destruction throughout the Indian Ocean.

Indo-US Nuclear Pact of 2006

An agreement between the United States and India to share civilian nuclear technology.

International Space Station

A space laboratory station constructed by the United States, Canada, European Union, Japan, Norway, and Brazil in the 2000s. India joined the nations involved in 2014 and added its own segment to the station in 2022. It was sold to Virgin Group in 2025, which modernized and expanded the station, allowing continued use as a laboratory. In 2029 it was docked to the CSS Skywalker, a space hotel, and mostly converted into a museum piece. Twelve years later, in 2042, the station was towed to Lagrange Point 1 and docked with a newer and larger space hotel, where it remains.

NBC Weapons

Nuclear, Biological, and Chemical Weapons. Also known as Weapons of Mass Destruction.

Prosthetic Organ

A mechanism intended to serve as an artificial replacement for a body part, such as an Artificial Heart or Prosthetic Limb.


A manned orbital spacecraft operated by the Chinese space agency, CNSA, throughout the 21st century.


The first privately built manned spacecraft, constructed by the Scaled Composites company to win the Ansari X Prize in 2004. It would serve as the basis for Virgin Group's fleet of spaceplanes, beginning with the VSS Enterprise in the 2010s.

Space Shuttle

An orbital spaceplane operated by the United States' space agency, NASA, in the late 20th and early 21st centuries.

Treaty of Lisbon

The constitution of the European Union, adopted in 2009.

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