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A Revised History of the Future : Notes on the Map

Wait, besides an expansionist Congo there haven't been any appreciable border changes as of 2080?

Not really. The only other border change I could've included in the list but decided against was a slightly expanded Kazakhstan, which seized the Uzbekstani side of the Aral Desert during a war in the 2050s (I think). The thing is, despite all the things that have happened, the period between 2001 and 2080 are relatively stable compared to the 20th Century - all the major wars have been internal conflicts and the few interstate wars have resulted in almost no change to the status quo.

Africa, being the most unstable region during this time, sees the most actual border changes. Otherwise, the big story is the expansion of supranational unions and their growth in power (you'll notice I've mentioned the EU, UNASUR, and ASEAN far more often than any of their member-states). The other major shift, and I'm drawing up a couple maps to show it, is in the spheres of influence. Which countries are, or are seen, as clients of which powers has changed rather dramatically since 2001 thanks to the rise of new world powers.

To be honest, I'm a bit surprised as well to see so little change…but, given the events of the timeline, why would they?

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