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The Not So Great Crusade

Season: 4

Episode: 11

Written by: Dave Howery

Air date: October 13, 2008

Trivia: The second part of a two-parter, following on from ROCKET RANGERS. However, rather than continuing the story, this instead looks at the adventures of the other half of the crew while the first half were fighting the Nazis.

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The AH.commers Dave Howery, Grey Wolf, Thande, Michael, GBW and DMA go to an ASB-controlled timeline which is kept in a permanent state of mediaeval stasis. However, they find a region in France where the 'Promethean Society', led by Lord Robert, is heretically experimenting with technology - and several other French armies are about to destroy them.

The AH.commers help Lord Robert in the defence of his castle, primarily through Dave and Thande inventing various weapons and monstrosities, and delay the assaults long enough for DMA to bring a Spanish relief force. Although not without getting hilariously lost enroute.

The episode ends with Ian thanking Doc for the successful operations against the ASBs in this and the preceding episode, but hinting at a dark future after Doc has left.


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Behind the Scenes

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Easter Eggs

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