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Rocket Rangers

Season: 4

Episode: 10

Written by: Dave Howery

Air date: October 8, 2008

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As the ASB war progresses Ian makes a deal with Doctor What, in exchange for erasing his and his crew's bar tab, the AH.commers will have to infiltrate worlds that have been altered by the ASBs and introduce change.

Doctor What and half the crew arrive to a world ruled by the Nazi Empire. There they meet a band of freedom fighters called the Rocket Rangers. Together the crew and the Rocket Rangers manage to make a fool of Adolph Hitler III and steal sensitive material, causing enough trouble for the Nazi that their shaky empire begins to fracture.

The other half of the crew under Grey Wolf were sent to a mediaeval world - we only see the results at the end of the episode, and they ain't good.


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Behind the Scenes

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Easter Eggs

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