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Corps of Extraordinary Engineers and Other Stories

Season: 4

Episode: 24

Written by: Psychomeltdown

Air date: February 1, 2009

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This was the penultimate fourth season episode before THE ULTIMATE SHOWDOWN and helps set it up to some extent. It consists of a collection of short stories rather than a single episode, which had not been seen since Season 1's HALLOWEEN SPECIAL.

Corps of Extraordinary Engineers

In the first and longest story, Dave Howery and Keira Knightley are invited to a meeting of the Corps of Extraordinary Engineers, only to find Kilngirl from the is also there. The two nearly come to blows, but Mattep74 arrives and tries to capture the engineers to work for his army of Dogs of War. Mattep74 takes Keira hostage, but Dave and Kilngirl work together to defeat him and get her back.

For Want of a Woman

The second story sees Psychomeltdown believe that Alyson Hannigan (from the Hub) has been kidnapped by a Mr Carr and he confronts him, only to find Alyson was trying to get a place in the All-Multiverse Travelling Troupe. Psycho's actions cost her the place and she ends up hating him even more.

Flight of the Bumblebee

Yet another teleporter accident by G.Bone ends up creating a Giant Evil Cyborg Bee. With the rest of the crew unwilling to help, G.Bone has to hunt it down himself with only the aid of Bobo.

GBW's Best Friend

GBW comes to the Hub to have dinner with his best friend - who turns out to be Mirror GBW of the Mirror Ship, exactly the same as the primary version.


By establishing friendly relations between Dave and Kilngirl and the two GBWs, this helps set up the alliance from the next and final two-parter, THE ULTIMATE SHOWDOWN.


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Behind the Scenes

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Easter Eggs

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