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Pronounced “storm” Member from (semi)rural Massachusetts, where nothing much really happens, so he decided to join the Board. He is most commonly seen in Maps and Graphics, but does appear in PolChat to converse in politics and share some new Polandball comics from the subreddit. A self-taught master of the art of Paint.NET, he hopes to learn Inkscape because apparently people will give you ALL the likes for that.

Famous Maps

ST15RM has been involved in numerous map projects, such as improving the QBAM, creating the MBAM and VT-BAM, helping member hadaril on the Next-Gen OTL WorldA series, and numerous other map projects. He pretty much single-handedly created the 2K-BAM. He also created ST15RM's Handy Dandy Basemap Size Comparison, or SHDBSC, which shows the relative sizes of every basemap in one graphic


ST15RM is also “working” on a new color scheme called SECCS, short for ST15RM's Easy Country Coloring Scheme. It is it's own thing, and is far from being done. Much like all Color Scheme creators, he procrastinates a lot.

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