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A P-rant is a rant in Political Chat made by MrP or one of his imitators such as Thande. P-rants are most commonly aimed at the British Education System and its inability to teach pupils anything useful whatsoever about history, geography or (when Thande is P-ranting) the sciences. See also: Campaign to Overthrow and Undermine the Teaching of Glib History.

Another form of P-rant is at the expense of Family Guy. For reasons lost in the mists of some-time-last-year-when-P-watched-one-of-the-series-on-DVD-and-didn't-laugh-once, P hates Family Guy, and is baffled that it's attained cult status. His and P Minor's disgust at the show's writers has led to more than one scene in Englishman in which they are brutally and painfully slain.

He was recently joined in this by Thande once the latter found out that Family Guy had stolen half his Wars jokes, even though this means that Thande is religiously divided from most of his Doncaster friends, who bizarrely think the show is rather good, and also all the French people in his lab. P has theorised that the French like “Fam-illee Goye” because they were all driven insane from the trauma of WW1, and has promised to correct it in his timeline.

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