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Doncaster (“Donny”) is strictly speaking not a city, but a town. It has been applying unsuccessfully to the Crown to be upgraded to city status since about 1250 AD. It remains a town, despite having a population of around 300,000.

Doncaster is the undisputed capital of one part of eastern South Yorkshire and home to Thande. Famously at one point it was the town with the highest teenage pregnancy rate in Western Europe. Doncaster is renowned for powerful trains such as the Mallard, and Jeremy Clarkson.

The town is currently under the authoritarian rule of Mayor Martin Winter, who makes African dictators look positively squeaky-clean when it comes to corruption. Of course his stranglehold on power is absolute, because Doncaster is a Labour one-party state - the last time it elected any Conservatives or Liberals to any significant position of power was 1959. Doncaster also spent part of 2007 underwater.

Despite having been founded by the Romans as Danum and remaining a major trading centre ever since, it never, hardly ever appears in AH timelines.

Doncaster is also the site of the Cat Vatican the present occupant of which is his Holiness the Cat Pope Tiberius XIV.

Recently, due to MrP's writing of Pour le coeur leading to the breakdown of the laws of nature, Doncaster's Mayor Martin Winter left the Labour Party and founded his own Independent Labour Party with his Gang of Three. PlC may also be responsible for the promotion of Donny Rovers (a football team which used to be the British version of the Chicago Cubs) all the way up to the Championship League. Even more recently, the mayoral election was won in a shock victory by a very minor party, the English Democrats.

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