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Campaign to Overthrow and Undermine the teaching of Glib History

Or COUGH. A society that was first named by Sgt Detritus but had previously been going as an informal concern in Political Chat, led by Thande and MrP. The Society stands against the lack of concrete history teaching in the British (and other) educational systems in favour of woolly modern concepts such as analysis of sources and social history, which are of sod-all use without first knowing all the kings and dates and battles to put them in context.

The COUGH has picked up a number of other members recently, such as RPW@Cy, Grand_Panjandrum and Wanderlust.

Nekromans has created a more general umbrella international organisation for subjects other than history, entitled SARS (the Society for the Amendment of Rotten Schools). Thus SARS is spread by the COUGHers, also known as the SARS Vectors.

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