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Othniel's Election Reform Bill


Othniel (YSP) was very outspoken about the need for election reform during his term as Member of Parliament. After the proposed Election Reform Bill of 2006 failed, he decided to pursue those reforms more unilaterally. Unfortunately, while well intentioned, this second attempt at election reform also failed to reach a floor vote.


On August 20, 2006, Othniel (YSP) proposed that the next parliamentary elections be held on December 16, 2006. This proposal was seconded by Prime Minister Midgard (E) and Douglas (AHPP). Shortly after, Othniel amended his original proposal and also called for the establishment of an eight-month term limit and the scheduling of a second election in April of 2007, thereby staggering the terms of Members of Parliament and resulting in tri-annual elections.

Text of Legislation


The Parliament shall schedule the next parliamentary elections to be held on December 16, 2006, at which time one-half of the Parliament shall be up for election. A second election shall be held in April of 2007, with a third to be held one year following the first elections of August 2006.


No Member of Parliament shall serve for more than eight months, or two terms in office.


This bill was not voted upon and thus is not law.

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