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German state (German: Hessen) most well known for having provided mercenaries to other powers in the 18th century, most famously to Britain in the American Revolution. In Cold Wars scenarios well known for the Fulda Gap, a term completely unknown to Hessians, I can assure you. Other then that, Frankfurt is the financial capital of Germany, styling itself the “world's smallest metropolis”.

Also known for hessian cloth and the Hessian boot, renamed the Wellington boot in the UK, although the modern Wellington boot has nothing to do with the original Wellington boot, so perhaps we should leave it there.


In Culture

The latter of the above mentioned AH.commers still often use Hessian mercenaries in various NPC threads where the alter-personalities of members clash, for example during Nekromans' Anglistani insurrection against Viceroy Flocculencio, when Hessian mercenaries occupied East Anglia in Anglistan.

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