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Georgia (US State)

Confusingly enough, there are two parts of the world that are (at least in English) named “Georgia”. One of them is an independent country in the Caucasus, and the other is a US state. If you are looking for the Caucasus country, click here. This article is about the US state of Georgia.

This state was founded as a colony in the early 1700s for freed prisoners. Named for King George II. A large portion of the northern part of the state, including Atlanta, was burned by General Sherman during the ACW. It should be noted that only the northern half of the state is populated. This populated area is known as Atlanta, and is the result of that city's continued expansion. The city-state of Atlanta is comprised of Savannah, Columbus, and a few other lesser cities. This northern half of the state is where all of the industry, corportions, wealthy, and literate people are located. The other southern half of Georgia is a massive swampland, inhabited only by alligators, the Cherokee Remnant, and a few surviving Confederate rednecks. In this inhospitable swampland, the border between Georgia and Florida becomes blurred.


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