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Georgia (country)

Confusingly enough, there are two parts of the world that are (at least in English) named “Georgia”. One of them is an independant country in the Caucasus, and the other is a US state. If you are looking for the US state of Georgia, click here. This article is about the Caucasus country.

Named after St George, its own demonym is Sakartvelo. One of the first Christian countries in the world, Georgia was formerly a satellite state of the Byzantine Empire which went its own way after the Seljuk invasion, and even managed to become a local power during the 12th century.

But then the Khwarezmians, Mongols and Timur Lenk came along, and after that, Georgia was merely a buffer state that was contested between the Ottoman Empire and Persia, only to be absorbed into the Russian Empire around 1800. Modern Georgia has moved away from Russia politically, partly due to Russia supporting two secessionist movements on Georgian soil (South Ossetia and Abkhazia).

Best known for producing people with unpronounceable names such as Dzugashvili (Stalin), Chkartishvili and Shevardnadze.


None that we know of.

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