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American member of the board from Pennsylvania. Joined in February 2013. Has some stories written on the site.

Banned by CalBear]] in 2013 for war crime denial. After apologising, let back, but had the occassional infraction since then. Banned again and permanently by Ian in September 2017, for religious bigotry towards Catholics that didn't fit his very particular vision of Catholicism. (Basically, No True Scotsman writ large, and made all the worse by the member's previous bad track record.)


He has written several stories, set with German soldiers, Starfleet officers, and others. He has worked jointly on Their Own Accord with Usili.


The series of stories written in the perspective of Oberschütze Dietrich Krantz, in the Heer, during World War II. The list below is laid out in chronological and posted order.

Die Stellung

Soldaten auf einem Fluß

Die Beißende Kälte

Das Totenfeld

Herzen aus Eisen

Venen von Stahl

Drei Wochen


Eis, Blut, und Schnee

*On Hiatus as of 12.25.14

My Way

A story set with Martin Farrell, a volunteer soldier fighting with the New California Republic Army in the Mojave in alternative look on the setting of Fallout: New Vegas It can be read here:

My Way

A Silent Night

A short story set in the perspective of a British soldier in World War I, during the legendary 1914 Christmas Truce. It can be read here:

A Silent Night

Star Trek: Changing of the Guard

A story set in the perspective of a Starfleet security officer Alfred Kingsley, aboard the starship USS Swordfish, after Wolf 359. The story can be read here:

Star Trek: Changing of the Guard

*Cancelled as of 11/2/14

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