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The Raising of R'lyeh Bill of 2009

The Raising of R'lyeh Bill was introduced to Parliament by MP maverick (E) on August 24, 2009. Its purpose was to add to the growing list of AHcom territories by raising the lost City of R'lyeh from the sea. Maverick hinted that if the bill passed, a Raising of Atlantis Act would follow “to create further opportunities for beaches and real estate”.

Like the Discussion Bill introduced immediately afterward, the R'lyeh Bill was lost in the flurry of debate and discussion in Parliament surrounding Presidential Titles (which was never made into a Bill) and Direct Democracy (which would later be reintroduced and passed). Communist Wizard (BBP) immediately condemned it on grounds of “meme-spewing”, and others later objected that annexing territories had always been a power of the President, not the Parliament. Stalin's Pipe Organs (PRSP) believed annexations should be put on hold until the issue of territorial reform was addressed. In the end, the bill failed with not enough votes after one week.

Text of the bill

Seeing as how the resources of Antartica are not fully put to use and how the Ah.comtropa institute's activities will result in the loss of valuable beaches and ports.

Be it proclaimed that the lost City of R'lyeh shall be raised from the bottom of the sea

Be it further proclaimed that the government is thus creating a semi-autonomous Territory of R'lyeh under the administration of Doctor What and the oversight of the Territorial Governor of Antartica, the Lord Sargon.

Be it further proclaimed that the uninhabited…err…burroughs of R'lyeh shall be developed for real estate, and oil exploration.

Be it further proclaimed that any supernatural property shall be put into quaraintine under the supervision of the Ministry of Dark Rituals.

Be it further proclaimed that fishermen new englanders should not approach the ghastly, ghoulish towers not make loud noises that could awaken anyone who might me lie peacefully.


Voted Aye

maverick (E), Douglas (E), Paladin (E) (3)

Voted Nay

Jimbrock (FFF), Benkarnell (ESP), Iori (DISPPR), Communist Wizard (BBP), Stalin's Pipe Organs (PRSP) (5)

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