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The Boring Bureaucrat Party

The Boring Bureaucrat Party (AKA The Serious Party) is an AHCOMGOV Party that was created by GENSECBBP Communist Wizard on April 22nd, 2009 (21:41 PM EST). The Party was created immediately after the April 2009 Funny Hat Revolution collapsed. It was created in this thread.

The Party's main aim is for a serious AH.Com Government. The Manifesto of the Party is the first one to focus fully on serious elements of the AHCOMGOV, though small in-jokes (such as a dry bureaucratic style) can be seen.

The Party's motto is Cincta rufa.

Party Members

Currently there are 5.

  • Communist Wizard: GENSECBPP. Leader, founder.
  • Mr.Cactus: The GENSECBBP's… secretary.
  • Paper Mario: Party Spokesman. Basically the celebrity who helps a party.
  • crackersncheese: Party Management.
  • Zimmerwald1915: Party Management | Control Commissioner (whip).

Party Jargon

Communist Wizard, in his posts, makes various abbreviations and such (as such is the style of the greatest bureaucracy of all time, the USSR). As that can become confusing, we shall list them here.

BBP: Boring Bureaucrat Party

AHCOMGOV: AH.Com Government

GENSEC or GENSECBBP: General Secretary. Typically refers to the General Secretary of the BBP.

BBPMAN: BBP Manifesto

FFBFP: Fascist Fascist Bastard Fascist Party.

MCSP: The Mimimum Cartographic Standards Plan.


AHCOMPARL: AH.Com Parliament


The BBPMAN is posted in the BBP Thread linked to above. But it shall be posted here.

General Aims

  • Government Reform. AHCOMGOV should be reformed to make it more accessible to everyone. We have to cut out the clutter, the red tape, and etc.
  • AHCOMGOV Seriousness: The BBP will strive to make AHCOMGOV serious and useful. The BBP will limit the silliness and instead focus on reforming AH.Com and making it a better place.

In-Depth Manifesto

  • Minimum Cartographic Standards Plan (MCSP): All maps of the standard world map must be in PNG format. Most other maps, unless required/heavily photoshopped/etc. should also be saved in PNG or similar format. Borders of the pencil drawn variety should be 90% 1 pixel width. Offenders will be punished by putting their maps on the Index of Forbidden Maps, maps everyone should ignore/not comment on.
  • 5 Month Programme For The Development of ASB and FH: (5MP) AH.COM GOVERNMENT (AHCOMGOV) officials and others will be required to clean up the area. There will be a nominating thread for good threads, and AHCOMGOV officials will attempt to do service by making and participating in good discussion and threads.
  • AHCOMGOV Party Elections: In our drive to be serious, we must understand the fact that this is the government of a web-site. Things happen very quickly here. Thus, we wish to lower the time between AHCOMGOV elections to six (6) months or even three (3) months.
  • AHCOMGOV Debates: Again, seriousness is key to our party. We should have serious debates on the running of AH.COM between AHCOMGOV officials and aspiring parties. It would be best before election time so the losers of these debates (most probably non-serious parties with agendas such as yuri) will suffer heavily in the polls.
  • AHCOMGOV Clutter Termination Project: The BBP will seek to terminate the clutter currently infesting regions of AHCOMGOV. Clear out the annoying vaguely worded text and replace with clear and simple statements. Simplify the system. Long and contracted stuff is not needed when we can say 'Majority of Parliament passes a bill, 2/3 majority to repeal'.
  • AHCOMGOV Landsraad Reform/Termination Programme: The Landsraad, and by extension, the entire Peerage system will be reformed and simplified. Being given a title should be easy, as the world is large, and everybody can get a locale. However, if the Landsraad/Peers are being too elitists and stubborn, the Landraad and Peerage System will simply be terminated.
  • AHCOMPAP: AH.COM Public Awareness Programme: Knowledge of AH.COM must be spread. We must do our best to do this. Exporting it to other forums, putting it in signatures would be good.
  • AHCOMGOV Seriousness/Silliness:
 On the other side of the sad is the happy! 

- Fleep. Yet it seems the silliness has taken over Parliament (AHCOMPARL). To prevent important, serious, bills from being overlooked by funny hat factory dueling monkey bills, we will segregate the two. We will have Parody AHCOMPARL and Official Parliament threads.

Role in AHCOMGOV Politics

The BBP is small, but it has a large rivalry with the FFBFP, who has branded the party “Communist”. The BBP is otherwise part of the “Other” Parties.

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